how to make a 5 minite fast dessert

The best way to make a 5 minute fast dessert is with the help of a boxed pudding mix. This recipe is for chocolate pudding, but you can use any flavor that you prefer.

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How to make a 5 minite fast dessert

Last Updated on December 17, 2020

This easy brownie “mug cake” (I actually make it in a ramekin sized bowl because it makes just one tiny delicious serving) is so dang rich and moist you won’t believe that’s it’s made in the microwave in less than 40 seconds! There are so many possibilities!

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Topped with vanilla ice cream and/or peanut butter makes it even more decadent. Just don’t be afraid to experiment! It’s the perfect dessert for one because you know you won’t over do it by eating an entire pan of brownies.

A brownie mug cake a day keeps the frownies away.

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The BEST easy mug cake microwave recipe - Brownie for one!! An easy single serving chocolate dessert in a mug or cup! Quick dessert recipe anyone can do. Vegan and dairy free.

If you have a major sweet tooth like me, you might want to double the brownie mug cake recipe, especially if you plan on sharing.

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It’s hard to tell in the pictures, but the bowl that I used for this is about the size of a small ramekin. It doesn’t make much, but it really is quite rich and filling, especially if you top it with ice cream or peanut butter.

Mmmmm. You can’t beat an easy chocolate dessert recipe that only takes just a few minutes! And, I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not have an entire pan of leftovers— I’d eat every single one! Probably in one day.

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