how to make a 7 layer salad recipe

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How to make a 7 layer salad recipe

There’s not a funeral service, child shower or church meal in the south that does not have a typical 7 layer salad beautifying its table. Typically made by a 70-something called Mable, it’s an attractive as well as tasty side recipe with its very own special clothing you will not intend to miss out on.

Seven layer salad in a clear bowl on a plaid napkin.

7 layer salad opts for monogrammed Pyrex recipes like peanut butter as well as jelly.

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That suggests it’s a dinner specialty-and forever reason-because it’s tasty. The technique is to make your own in a high glass dish or perhaps a trifle recipe to ensure that everybody can see the layers.

What remains in a 7 layer salad?

That is one of the most marvelous component due to the fact that truly you can make it with any kind of veggies you carry hand. I discover this variation to be one of the most “authentic” as well as stays with:

– iceberg lettuce

– cheese

– tough boiled eggs

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– peas

– tomatoes

– environment-friendly onions

– bacon, as well as clothing

I saw a variation that had cauliflower rice in it a while back. Ha! I attempt you to offer that to a southerly guy as well as see exactly how they like it.

‘Ain’ t no cauliflower rice in this variation (though I have actually seen numerous variations that have cauliflower florets in them).

You can include various components to your very own 7 layer salad variation if you would love to, however take care just how much you wander off.

Making your 7 layer salad ahead of time

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Since the components in this variation are rather long lasting (as in, not fragile) you can quickly make this salad one to 2 days ahead of time as well as “seal” the veggies in with the clothing layer ahead, cover it in cling wrap as well as cool it. I made my own 2 days in advance and after that offered it as well as it was equally as crunchy as when I made it.

What dish will hold the salad?

I make use of a 4-quart glass dish. This is my fave:

Just how to blend your 7 layer salad for offering

The solution to that is, you do not. In some locations, the entire dish could be thrown prior to offering however that’s outrageous in my neck of the timbers.

We make use of a spoon with a long deal with as well as urge individuals to dig deep, obtain a little of every little thing in one inside story as well as blend it on their plates.

Given that the clothing gets on the top, they’ll obtain sufficient to combine with their veggies. It functions, I guarantee!

As well as talking the clothing, it’s a mix of mayo, sour lotion as well as sugar however do not panic-it’s not wonderful. It’s type of remarkable what that little of sugar carries out in there. Magic, I inform ya.

If you would love to be much more passionate, look into this listing of various other imaginative 7 layer salads.

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4 pictures of the steps to making the seven layer salad first picture is iceberg lettuce the second picture is peas over the iceberg lettuce the third picture is of shredded cheese as the next later and the last picture is of a completed seven layer salad in a clear bowl


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