how to make a backdrop for a dessert table

A backdrop for a dessert table can be as simple as a few pieces of white paper, but it's the preparation that really makes the difference. You'll need to have all your ingredients ready before you start, including sugar and flour. For

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How to make a backdrop for a dessert table

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Learn how to make 8 amazing party table backdrop ideas that you can use for a birthday or other celebration.

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These DIY table backdrop ideas can be used for party tables or as backgrounds for photo booths. Simply by using plastic tablecloths, balloons, streamers or flowers, a backdrop can be created that is fun and easy to use for any color scheme.

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Have you ever wondered how those awesome looking party table backdrops were made?

Have you ever wished you could make one yourself, but are concerned that you don’t have the money to splash out on one?

I am definitely someone who can put my hand up both times there. I always knew that a party table backdrop would totally be the star decoration, but I always made excuses that it was too hard, or too expensive or too time consuming.

Does this sound familiar to you?

I am guilty as charged until I realized that this just wasn’t the case.

Now I will NEVER have a food table without a backdrop behind it.


Well for the simple reasons that a party table backdrop is:

  • Simple to organize
  • Completely budget friendly
  • Won’t consume a lot of time
  • And it WILL look totally amazeballs.

I think that is enough reason to be getting on with don’t you?

If you have never used a party table backdrop, now is the time to completely change that. These ideas are all easy to replicate and once you have made one you will never look back.

Are you ready?

How To Make A Backdrop For A Party

1. Plastic Tablecloth Party Backdrop

Source: Smart Party Planning

This is my absolutely favorite party backdrop to make. Not only is is so easy to do, but it is also super cheap! It’s made from plastic tablecloth’s, so it is perfect in all kinds of weather.

Plus, it looks fantastic with any party theme you are holding as all you need to do is change the tablecloth colors you use.

I have used it SO many times and it has never failed me.

Tablecloth backdrop Princess Party

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2. Paper Plate Photo Backdrop

Source: Dukes & Duchesses

This is an awesome tutorial for a bright and cheerful table backdrop.

When you can literally make this backdrop from packets of plates you pick up form the dollar store, this is one backdrop that you will repeat over and over.

Simply change the color plates to suit the theme of your party and bingo.

This is how you make a party table backdrop that can suit every single occasion.

Paper plate photo backdrop

3. Wrapping Paper Garland and Backdrop

Source: Dukes & Duchesses

How easy is it to get your hands on some wrapping paper? Simple isn’t it!

Well if you can grab yourself some wrapping paper and you know how to use scissors, then you can totally make this party table background.

Simply change the wrapping paper to suit the theme of your party and BINGO.

wrapping paper backdrop

4. Confetti Photo Booth Backdrop

Source: DIY Candy

This is one of those party backdrop ideas that is super fun to make, and the end result is simple but very effective.

The kids can be involved with making it, and they will love the entire process.

Confetti Photo Booth Backdrop

5. Chalkboard Party Table Backdrop

Source: Lemon Thistle

I love this party table background and I think it would look pretty sensational when completed.

It could easily be used at a back to school or winter themed party.

If you are prepared to put in a bit of time, this backdrop won’t disappoint.

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chalkboard party backdrop

6. Floral Peg Backdrop

Source: Hello Splendid

This party table backdrop is simple but elegant and you can make it as small or as large as you wish.

This would be the perfect table backdrop at elegant birthday’s or baptisms.

Floral Peg Backdrop

7. Paper Flower Backdrop

Source: Tikkido

This paper flower table backdrop is the perfect type of backdrop to use for a relaxed feminine affair. There is also a fantastic video tutorial that will show you exactly how to make a backdrop to look like something out of a magazine.

An alternative is also given if you feel you don’t want to actually make the actual flowers.

Paper Flower Backdrop

8. DIY Awning & Table Backdrop

Source: The Life Jolie

This DIY awning and table backdrop is one of those backdrops that would drop jaws. Ok, so this is probably the hardest backdrop here and it will take a bit of handy work to put together, but I think you will agree that the result is definitely worthwhile.

There are so many ways that you could use this backdrop. For a candy, ice cream or lemonade stall. Or you could use it as a backdrop to a shop, a garage or even a barn. Use the main structure and be creative with the decor to completely change up the look.

This is a party table backdrop that you can have a whole lot of creative fun with.

DIY Awning & Table Backdrop

With these simple party backdrop ideas, there really is no reason why you can’t create an amazing backdrop at your next celebration.

If you are not feeling confident enough to go the whole hog with this, then just put a “little something” up on the wall behind the food table. It could be as simple as a few paper fans, a tissue paper garland or a party banner.

Having something behind the table will just bring a bit more excitement to the eye.

Otherwise I hope that you will be able to use some of this inspiration and try out one of these table backdrops for the first time.

If you do, I’d love for you to share your experiences below.Party Table Backdrop IdeasLet’s keep in touch. Did you love the party table backdrop ideas? Sign up to the weekly newsletter and you will be kept up to date with other easy party, recipe and decoration ideas. You will also have access to a whole heap of free printable’s.

8 of The Best Easy Party Table Backdrop Ideas

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