how to make a boxing gloves cake

I love boxing and I love cake. So, this is a recipe for how to make a boxing gloves cake that has the best of both worlds.

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How to make a boxing gloves cake

One among my workmates requested me to make her son a boxing glove cake for his 18th birthday. I’ve not finished something prefer it earlier than so thought it will be a enjoyable new endeavour. I hoped I might have time to place a flowery tutorial along with some fairly dSLR photographs, however in actuality I used to be making the cake in the dark between uni assignments and work, so a fast iPhone tutorial should suffice.

Some common factors earlier than we begin:

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  • I used Sugarflair gel colors for the cake and the icing and I swear by them.
  • For the cake, I used this recipe, which I additionally swear by.
  • I cheated and used ready-made buttercream as a result of I used to be tremendous pushed for time.

Step 1: Bake

[zephyr_columns][zephyr_column col=”2″]Boxing glove cake tutorial[/zephyr_column][zephyr_column col=”2″]For 2 gloves, you’ll must bake two muffins in bowls and one giant sq./rectangle cake. I made them crimson so the within will match the surface. [/zephyr_column][/zephyr_columns]

Step 2: Assemble/carve

[zephyr_columns][zephyr_column col=”2″]Boxing glove cake tutorial [/zephyr_column][zephyr_column col=”2″]When your muffins are cool, trim the bowl muffins so the highest of the bowl is totally flat. At this stage you need to draw a template of a boxing glove on an A4 piece of paper, minimize it out and use it as a information. You then want to stay every bowl cake on high of a rectangle utilizing a little bit buttercream. Carve a line on the within of every glove cake the place the thumb shall be. My subsequent picture exhibits the form you need. [/zephyr_column][/zephyr_columns]

Step 3: Crumb coat

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[zephyr_columns][zephyr_column col=”2″]Boxing glove cake tutorial[/zephyr_column][zephyr_column col=”2″]Whenever you’re pleased with the form, cowl your cake in a crumb coat. That is only a fancy means of claiming add a layer of buttercream and don’t fear if it will get messy. As soon as your first crumb coat is dry (a few hours at room temperature), add a second layer. You possibly can alter the form by including some further buttercream. For instance, I padded out the world the place the bowl cake joined the rectangle cake. Attempt to get the second coat as clean as you possibly can, and go away it to strive for a number of hours. [/zephyr_column][/zephyr_columns]

Step 4: Fondant

[zephyr_columns][zephyr_column col=”2″]Boxing glove cake tutorial[/zephyr_column][zephyr_column col=”2″]When your crumb coat is dry you possibly can cowl the cake with fondant. Color your fondant good and crimson, roll it out on a flat floor, and canopy! The cake on the stand on this picture has had the fondant utilized. As soon as it’s utilized, carve out some creases across the thumb space utilizing a small knife. Additionally add a little bit rectangle of fondant on the backside of the glove to kind the strap. I ran over my fondant with wheel embosser the place the gloves have stitching strains. This simply makes it a bit extra lifelike! [/zephyr_column][/zephyr_columns]

Step 5: Shine

[zephyr_columns][zephyr_column col=”2″]Boxing glove cake tutorial[/zephyr_column][zephyr_column col=”2″]Do you know you may make your fondant shiny with a layer of vodka? I combined vodka, a little bit crimson meals colouring, confectioners glaze and a drop of water. Although brushing with vodka will do the trick. Don’t fear, you possibly can’t style it. [/zephyr_column][/zephyr_columns]

Step 6: Particulars

[zephyr_columns][zephyr_column col=”2″]Boxing glove cake tutorial[/zephyr_column][zephyr_column col=”2″]After I made the cake shiny I began portray on some shadows. I used a tiny drop of meals colouring and a tiny drop of water. First I used a mixture of crimson and black to color across the curves of the glove, then I crammed within the creases with black to make them stand out. I additionally added a little bit Lonsdale emblem on the strap. For this I rolled out some white fondant, drew the define utilizing edible pen, after which colored the emblem with black gel color and a tiny paintbrush. I anticipate consuming this bit will make your enamel black for a short time! [/zephyr_column][/zephyr_columns]

Step 7: Assemble your boxing glove cake!

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Now for the enjoyable half! Stick the muffins to a board utilizing a combination of fondant and water, or simply leftover buttercream to ensure they don’t transfer round. Add any ending touches now. I made a decision so as to add a little bit marzipan medal that I painted with edible gold mud. I additionally piped on a message to make the cake extra private. Sadly I’d misplaced my small nozzle so needed to style one from a pen nib. As you possibly can see the outcome was a little bit untidy, however I really feel like the private contact is vital! Boxing gloves cake

There you may have it – a accomplished boxing glove cake!

Boxing glove cake

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