How to make a computer cake

The cake is a very old tradition in many cultures around the world. It has been a staple of celebrations for centuries and continues to be a popular part of birthday parties, weddings, and other special occasions. In order to make your own computer

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How to make a computer cake

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A laptop computer cake for a tech-loving teen is as becoming as a crown for a royal.

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Intelligent, artistic and spectacular, this expertise cake is assured to impress your teen celebrating their birthday. Removed from the everyday cake, youngsters will love this laptop computer cake recipe as a result of it displays their character and is totally scrumptious!

How To Make A Laptop computer Birthday Cake

This epic pc birthday cake could have a fondant laptop computer centrepiece on an oblong vanilla cake, with a vibrant striped base.

Time Wanted: 20 minutes for mixing, 50 minutes within the oven and 40 minutes for adorning, plus time for the pc cake to chill.

Serves: 15.

Picture © senivpetro, below a Artistic Commons license.

You Will Want

For The Laptop computer Cake:

Butter or margarine (360g).

Caster sugar (360g).

Eggs (6).

Self-raising flour (360g).

Salt (1/4 teaspoon).

Baking powder (3/4 of a teaspoon).

Vanilla extract (1 teaspoon).

Milk (90ml).

For The Laptop computer Cake Buttercream:

Butter (100g).

Icing sugar (200g).

Vanilla extract (1/2 a teaspoon).

For Adorning The Laptop computer Cake:

Fondant (white and black).

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Gel meals colouring (any three colors – these will be blended with white fondant to create colored fondant).

Edible picture of a laptop computer keyboard (these will be made professionally after which purchased, alternatively why not have a go at making a keyboard your self out of fondant?).

Gumpaste (or extra fondant) for the lettering.

Glitter mud in gold or silver (for the lettering).

Gear For The Laptop computer Cake:

Two rectangular cake tins (25cm x 15cm).

Greaseproof paper to line the tins (or grease with additional butter).

Styrofoam sheet (25cm x 15cm).

A small, clear paintbrush.

Water (100ml).

Skewers for attaching the laptop computer (4).

Alphabet cutters.

A cake board lined with foil (30cm x 30cm).

Picture © prostooleh, below a Artistic Commons license.


For The Laptop computer Cake:

1) Preheat the oven to 170C.

2) Cream the butter and sugar in a big bowl till fluffy.

3) Combine the eggs in, separately, then sift within the flour, salt and baking powder.

4) Slowly add the milk and vanilla extract, then stir and switch equal quantities to the lined (or greased) baking trays.

5) Bake for 50 minutes, or till gentle brown and a skewer inserted comes out clear. Then permit to chill utterly.

For The Laptop computer Cake Buttercream:

1) Gently whisk the butter, vanilla and icing sugar in a big bowl till gentle and fluffy.

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Get Adorning!

1) Lower a 25cm x 15cm rectangle out of the styrofoam sheet for the laptop computer display. Then, roll a skinny layer of white fondant (half a centimetre thick) and canopy your complete display with it, easily.

2) On a sheet of black fondant, lower a 25cm x 15cm rectangle out and use a moist paintbrush to frivolously apply water to at least one aspect of the rectangle. The water will allow the black rectangle (the display) to stay to the white fondant. As soon as utilized, stick the black rectangle onto the white fondant.

3) To create a border, lower out 4 lengthy strips of black fondant (2cm vast) and use a moist paintbrush to stay them across the edges of the black rectangle, trimming them to the suitable size. Use a moist paintbrush to mix the perimeters for a clean body.

4) Use the alphabet cutters to chop out the birthday message from gumpaste. Then go over the entrance of every letter with a moist paintbrush, and sprinkle some edible glitter on for a glittery end.

5) Use a moist paintbrush to place the letters in place on the black display. Then put aside.

6) Use a big knife to degree the highest of every cake.

7) Unfold a beneficiant quantity of buttercream on high of one of many cake layers, then put the opposite on high and press gently. Unfold any extra filling across the edges, then use extra buttercream to easily cowl all seen sides of the cake.

8) Roll out a sheet of black fondant (half a centimetre thick) and easily unfold it over the entire cake, trimming off any extra.

9) Use a skewer or the top of the paintbrush to mark a horizontal line throughout the cake, 2cm down from the highest of the cake.

10) Roll a sheet of white fondant and frivolously brush with a moist paintbrush earlier than masking the highest of the cake, trimming it on the horizontal line marked within the final step.

11) Roll two lengthy, skinny sausages of colored fondant, then use a moist paintbrush to stay one across the cake on the horizontal border between the white laptop computer and the black base, and the opposite across the backside edges of the cake.

Picture © coffeekai, below a Artistic Commons license.

12) Insert 4 skewers midway into the underside of the laptop computer display (evenly spaced) then connect to the laptop computer base by inserting the skewers into it.

13) Use a moist paintbrush to place the edible keyboard on, then roll out a small white rectangle for the trackpad earlier than sticking that on too.

14) Use the top of a paintbrush so as to add additional particulars, then use strips of colored fondant to brighten the cake base and also you’re achieved!

High Ideas

To make a Mac laptop computer cake, use an edible printout of a Mac keyboard, then create a fondant Apple brand to go on the entrance of the cake. Alternatively, bake only one rectangular cake and canopy it in gentle gray frosting, then embellish to appear to be a closed laptop computer, with an Apple brand within the center!

Allergy symptoms? No drawback! For a simple eggless or vegan pc cake, use 1 tablespoon of floor flaxseeds blended with 3 tablespoons water as an alternative to one egg (scaling up for this recipe).

Be happy to make use of gluten free self elevating flour, dairy free butter and dairy free milk as allergy-safe elements.

The lettering can go on the aspect of the cake when you want, and the display might have an edible image of your teen’s face or a household picture on as a substitute!

This cake is greatest loved inside the first three days of constructing and must be saved hermetic at room temperature, or hermetic within the fridge for as much as 5 days. Don’t freeze although!

Children aged two and above are free to get pleasure from this cake, and youngsters aged 4 and above will help within the baking course of by mixing elements, sticking the fondant items on and slicing the lettering out.

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