How to make a cup of tea

Tea is a drink that has been enjoyed for centuries and in many cultures. The first tea ever discovered was in China and the drink was used as medicine. The history of tea goes back to 2737 BC when Emperor Shen Nung, who

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Making an ideal pot of tea is all within the particulars. Study the correct technique to make tea with my step-by-step directions.

Pouring tea into a cup with a strainer.

A Correct Cup of Tea

As a licensed Tea Sommelier, I’ve discovered that in the case of making a correct cup of tea, it’s all within the particulars.

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All it’s essential to do to make a cup of tea is sizzling water and tea. However if you wish to make a correct cup of tea, there are a few further steps you must take. It’ll elevate your tea expertise and make your tea style higher!

What You’ll Want

  • Free teaWhen it’s simply tea and water, I at all times select free tea over tea sachets or tea luggage. (See why.)
  • Filtered waterHigher water makes higher tea.
  • Teapot with infuserUse a teapot with a big infuser. It makes it simpler for the tea leaves to unfurl and steep.
  • Electrical kettle with temperature settingA should for all tea drinkers. Not all tea must be brewed in boiling sizzling water and with this kettle, you possibly can change the water temperature.

Steps to Make Tea

6 photos showing steps to make tea.

Right here’s a fast overview of the steps to make tea correctly. For full directions to make black tea, scroll right down to see the recipe.

  1. Boil water.Various kinds of tea require completely different water temperature to brew. Examine the tea packaging to see the really helpful water temperature.
  2. Heat up teapot.This step is a element that takes your tea to the following stage and nearly nobody does it. However they need to. Take among the boiled water and fill half the teapot and provides it just a few swirls then throw out the water. We’re warming the teapot in order that when the recent water for tea goes in, the water temperature received’t drop an excessive amount of.
  3. Put tea into teapot and add sizzling water.
  4. Cowl teapot and steep tea.Set the timer in your cellphone to steep it to the correct quantity of time. The steep time is completely different for every form of tea so examine the tea package deal to see what’s really helpful. Normally it’s not more than 5 minutes.
  5. Pressure tea solids and pour sizzling tea into tea cups.

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If you wish to have one other cup, pour extra sizzling water into the teapot (utilizing the identical tea leaves) and set the timer once more. For the second steep, add 1-2 extra minutes.

Tea Sommelier’s Tip: Don’t depart tea leaves sitting in water after the steep time because it makes the tea actually bitter. To keep away from this, use a tea infuser inside a teapot in order that the tea leaves are separated from the water after the primary pour or make simply sufficient tea and pour out each final drop so there isn’t any water sitting within the teapot.

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Notes & Suggestions

  • Use Filtered waterClear, filtered water received’t add another style to your tea.
  • Set the proper water temperatureWater temperature is just a little tough. Some tea require simply boiled water whereas different teas are just a little extra delicate to sizzling water (particularly inexperienced tea) so that you’ll want to ensure the water temperature is appropriate. An electrical kettle with temperature setting is essential to creating a correct cup.
  • Steep for the correct quantity of timeOversteeping tea results in a bitter cup. That is the time to make use of the timer in your smartphone. Observe the steep time suggestions on the tea package deal, however roughly it’s: black tea for 4-5 minutes, inexperienced and oolong for 3 minutes, and white tea for 4 minutes. The one tea that ought to steep for longer than 5 minutes is natural tea.
  • Use free teaTea in tea luggage are the leftover damaged bits, or “tea dust,” collected after tea has been processed. That doesn’t sound too interesting does it? Good high quality tea is a rolled entire tea leaf. Because the tea steeps, it can unfurl within the water and you must be capable of see your complete leaf.
  • Heat the teapotAn essential step to creating certain the tea brews correctly in sizzling water.

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