how to make a fake cake with styrofoam

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Looking for the ideal method to make a screen cake? Requiring to hide a dummy cake in a tiered cake?

The good news is, making use of buttercream is a simple as well as natural-looking method to hide a dummy cake. This post will certainly inform you what you require to recognize on exactly how to cover a dummy cake with buttercream.

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Generally, buttercream is a simple icing to collaborate with. It is usually very easy to make as well as very easy to collaborate with. It is a great choice to utilize on dummy cakes to make them look actual.

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What is Dummy Cake?

A dummy cake is a frozen item of Styrofoam that is created to resemble a genuine cake. Dummy cakes are made use of in bakeshop screens as well as photoshoots.

They can additionally be made use of in multi-tiered cakes for wedding celebrations as well as unique occasions. Some individuals might desire the appearance of a five-tier cake, yet just desire 2 rates of actual cake. It some situations, making use of a dummy cake in rates as opposed to actual cake can conserve cash.

What is Dummy Cake?

Dummy cakes can additionally be made use of to make all rates yet the leading rate of the wedding celebration cake. The leading rate can after that be reduced by the couple et cetera of the visitors can be offered items of sheet cakes. This is a simple as well as effective method to obtain a sophisticated rate cake yet after that have the ability to conveniently offer the visitors breezes.

Dummy cakes are additionally terrific to exercise on. They enable you to exercise icing methods without needing to utilize a genuine cake.

What You Will Certainly Require for Dummy Cake


To make a dummy cake covered in buttercream icing, you will certainly require:

  • Turntable
  • Cake board
  • Tilted spatula
  • Buttercream (crusting buttercream advised)
  • Cake smoother
  • Styrofoam cake
  • Dowel pole (if making numerous rates)
  • Air duct tape
  • Fining sand block
  • Big Dish
  • Electric Mixer
  • Rubber spatula

Active Ingredients

To make crusting buttercream, you will certainly require:

  • 1 stick saltless butter, softened as well as reduced right into 1/2- inch dices
  • 1 1/2 mugs strong veggie reducing
  • 1 1/2 tbsps vanilla remove
  • 1 bag sorted confectioners’ sugar (2 extra pounds)
  • ⅛ to 1/2 mug entire milk (to preferred uniformity)

Dummy Cake: Detailed Directions

Action One: Lotion Butter, Reducing as well as Vanilla

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Making use of an electrical mixer, lotion butter, reducing as well as vanilla up until smooth. It will certainly take around 3 to 5 mins to get to a smooth uniformity.

Action 2: Include Confectioners’ Sugar

Slowly include confectioners’ sugar to the mix at reduced rate. Make use of a rubber spatula to scuff the sides of the dish to totally include the confectioners’ sugar right into the mix. The mix will certainly be thick now.

What You Will Need for Dummy Cake

Action 3: Include Milk

Include 1/8 mug of milk to blend up until smooth. You might include even more milk to get to preferred uniformity. Establish frosting apart.

Action 4: Smooth Styrofoam Cake

Making use of a fining sand block, carefully sand the Styrofoam cake, removing any kind of harsh places.

Action 5: Area Cake Table to Transform Table

Area the cake table on the turntable. You might utilize a couple of items of tape to protect the cake table if you are stressed over it coming off.

Action 6: Area Styrofoam Cake on Turntable

Making use of a couple of items of tape, position the Styrofoam cake on the cake table. The tape will certainly enable the cake to firmly remain in location, as the Styrofoam cake will conveniently walk around otherwise protected to the cake table given that it is so light.

Action 7: Frost the Styrofoam Cake

Make use of a tilted spatula to frost the dummy cake. Rotate the turntable to equally frost the cake.

Dummy Cake: Step by Step Instructions

Action 7: Smooth the Cake

Once the cake is totally frosted, utilize a cake smoother to ravel any kind of blemishes on the cake.

Action 8: Enhance Your Cake

If preferred, you might enhance your frozen dummy cake. If you are wishing to include numerous rates, you might utilize a dowel pole as well as thoroughly stick it via the lower Styrofoam cake and afterwards carefully include the following cake ahead.

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Making use of a dummy cake is a wonderful method to include rates to a cake when you desire the appearance of a huge cake yet do not have a great deal of individuals to offer.

Dummy Cake: Step by Step Instructions Decorate your Cake


It is advised to utilize crusting buttercream since it rests well on cakes as well as develops a great surface area for enhancing. Considering that crusting buttercream develops a strong base, it is a great selection for dummy cakes that might be made use of for a long period of time. Nevertheless, you might utilize your preferred buttercream dish also to frost the Styrofoam cake.

Styrofoam cakes might be located at cake designing shops or online. They can can be found in rectangular shapes, squares as well as rounded forms.

Dummy cakes frosted with buttercream might be saved in screens for a number of months. It is best to prevent saving a frozen dummy cake in straight sunshine, as it might trigger the icing to obtain a yellow color as well as might also trigger the icing to thaw in heat.

Dummy Cake: Step by Step Instructions Tips and Tricks

After a time, the buttercream icing might start to fracture. Once it starts to fracture, you might have the ability to simply frost the location that is splitting. Nevertheless, if the splitting is throughout, you might require to do away with all the icing.

If you desire to have actually a tinted buttercream icing, you might include food tinting to reach your preferred color. Gel food coloring is advised for buttercream icing; nonetheless, any kind of food coloring will certainly function.

If you wish to recycle your dummy cake for one more job, you have the ability to. Just remove the icing as well as completely clean the Styrofoam cake. Permit the cake to air completely dry as well as do not frost up until the dummy cake is totally dry.

An Easy Means to Make A Dummy Cake

Making use of buttercream icing is a simple method to enhance a dummy cake. Buttercream icing will certainly offer the cake a practical look as well as it will certainly have the ability to stand up for a long period of time.

Whether you are making a cake for a screen or to include rates to a wedding event cake, making use of a dummy cake frosted with buttercream icing is a wonderful concept. If you attempted this icing, please share your experience making it.

Please comment as well as share if you appreciated this post or have any kind of comments concerning this dish!

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