how to make a fancy dessert with rasmalai

Rasmalai is a traditional Indian dessert made with milk and sugar that has been soaked in a mixture of spices, cardamom being the most common. Traditionally it is served as a sweet pudding or custard, but can also

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How to make a fancy dessert with rasmalai

Rasmalai recipeDiscover ways to make simple & tender rasmalai at residence. This detailed put up will educate you the right way to make good juicy & tender rasmalai at residence that not solely tastes scrumptious but additionally melts in your mouth. Rasmalai is a Bengali delicacy that could be very in style among the many Indian Candy Lovers. Ras malai – Ras actually interprets to “juice” and malai to “cream”.

Rasmalai is a traditional Indian festive dessert made with milk, an acidic ingredient, sugar and saffron. It’s eaten throughout India and is usually purchased from the halwai or the candy outlets.

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Making rasmalai at house is just like making rasgulla. Each of those are simple however fairly tough to make them completely tender and juicy.

It’s a three step course of – Curdling the milk to make chena or paneer, then boiling the chena dics in sugar syrup & lastly resting them in thickened milk or rabri.

These flattened puffed discs – Rasmalai absorb the creamy milk and switch scrumptious. Lastly they’re chilled after which garnished with nuts. These juicy delights are a soften within the mouth and are cherished by everybody.

On this put up I’ve shared 2 methods to make rasmalai – the standard manner and the brief minimize methodology utilizing the tinned or prepared made rasgullas & condensed milk. The second methodology simply takes about 10 minutes and are nice to make if you happen to lengthy for a fast dessert anytime. Please scroll down for the second methodology.

Now again to the making conventional rasmalai.

3 key tips to make tender rasmalai

  • Making tender chena
  • Correct kneading
  • Boiling the rasmalai dics for the correct quantity of time on a proper flame or warmth.

You can even verify this Assortment of 100 diwali recipes for the festive season.

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Methodology 1

Preparation for rasmalai recipe

1. Making rabri. Pour 3 cups milk to a heavy backside pot. Convey it to a boil on a medium flame. Add saffron/ kesar and maintain stirring each jiffy to stop burning.

2. Subsequent pour sugar. I used natural sugar. You should use white sugar as nicely.

3. Alter the flame as desired to fit your comfort. Don’t use excessive flame milk might overflow the pot. Hold stirring each 2 to three minutes, transferring apart the malai/cream that comes on high. Flip off when it will get condensed to half the amount.

Chill half of this within the fridge. Hold the remainder in the identical pot.

Make chenna for rasmalai

4. Whereas the rabri is getting completed, carry 5 cups milk to a boil in one other pot for making chenna/paneer. In case you are utilizing non-homogenized milk then take off the milk from the range and permit to relaxation for five minutes. Then add the vinegar.

If utilizing homogenized milk, add the curd or lemon juice or vinegar as soon as the milk involves a boil.

5. Hold stirring till the milk curdles utterly. If wanted add extra lemon juice or vinegar. Change off the range.

6. While you see it has curdled utterly, instantly add ice cubes or ice chilly water. This is essential to maintain the chenna tender.

7. Drain it up in a skinny clear muslin fabric.

8. Wrap up the paneer within the fabric bringing collectively all the perimeters. Put the material below working water, ensuring the paneer is wrapped nicely within the fabric. Rinse it nicely below the working water to take away the odor of lemon or vinegar.

Tie up the paneer within the fabric like proven within the image. Squeeze off the surplus water. Cling it up on a hook for 45 minutes to 1 hour for the whey to utterly drain.

9. At this step you have to have chenna that’s simply moist with no dripping water and never sticky. Knead it nicely till you get clean, grain free and non-sticky chena. You should not knead to the extent that chenna begins to launch grease or fat.

Please verify the photographs I’ve shared within the intro to know the proper texture.

How one can make rasmalai

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10. Divide it to 12 equal parts. Make balls and flatten them gently. You can even make rasgulla or chum chum. For those who discover the perimeters cracked up, gently smoothen them. Cowl and set them apart.

11. Convey 3 1/2 cups water to a boil with 1 cup sugar. Use refined white sugar.

12. When the syrup begins to boil, add cardamom powder.

13. Subsequent when the syrup begins to boil quickly, add flattened discs of chenna. Cowl instantly and cook dinner on a reasonably excessive flame for precisely 9 minutes.

14. The discs would have doubled in dimension. Hold it lined and take off the pot from the range. Relaxation for atleast 20 minutes.

15. Take out one after the other and funky. Gently squeeze them in between your palms to take away the absorbed sugar syrup. You can even do it with a spatula and spoon.

16. Add them to the nice and cozy rabri.

17. Add chopped pistachios, almonds and cashews. You can even simmer for only one to 2 minutes on a low flame for the milk to be absorbed by the discs. Don’t overcook at this stage, they might break.

Pour the chilled rabri to this and serve rasmalai chilled.

Methodology 2 – Simple rasmalai in 10 minutes

Utilizing prepared made rasgulla and milkmaid.


  • 12 rasgullas
  • 1 tin milk maid condensed milk (392 grams)
  • 2 cups milk
  • ⅛ Tsp. Inexperienced cardamom powder / elaichi
  • Few saffron strands
  • Chopped Pistachios and almonds for garnish


1. You should use any prepared made rasgulla. Squeeze the syrup out of the balls. Don’t press them too laborious, they may break. Ensure that the syrup is extracted from the balls else they won’t take up the milk. Set these apart.

2. Pour milk and condensed milk in a pan and produce it to a boil.

3. Add saffron and cardamom powder. Simmer it for round 5 to six minutes in order that the milk blends nicely with milkmaid. Alternately, You’ll be able to soften the saffron in little scorching milk and add too.

4. Cut back the flame to medium. Add the rasgulla to the condensed milk.

5. Cowl with a lid and simmer for a min or two. Overcooking can break them.

6. Simple rasmalai utilizing rasgulla is prepared in lower than 10 familycuisine.netish with nuts. You may add the chopped nuts at step 4 too.

Be aware: It is going to be ample even if you happen to use ¾ th can of condensed milk (392 gms) and 1.5 cups of milk. We’ve a candy tooth, so I take advantage of up the whole can and we benefit from the creamy milk too. So regulate to fit your want.

How one can make tremendous tender chena?

Boiling & curdling milk appropriately will give to the tremendous tender chena. If the chena shouldn’t be tender then rasmalai is not going to flip tender however as an alternative will flip laborious.

Step one is to carry the milk to a boil & then curdle it to make tender chena. Effectively there are 2 strategies to curdle milk to make tender chena.

Methodology 1Utilizing homogenized &/or pasteurized milk: This primary methodology is to curdle the milk instantly after the milk involves a boil while milk continues to be on the range.

Curdle first by including the acidic ingredient & then flip off the range. Instantly pour ice chilly water or add ice cubes to cease it from cooking additional.

This ice chilly water or ice cubes will maintain your chena tremendous tender because it stops additional cooking. This methodology is finest in case you are utilizing pasteurized or/& homogenized milk.

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This methodology has persistently yielded me tender chena. Don’t observe this methodology in case you are utilizing non-homogenized milk or buffalo milk.

For those who observe this methodology utilizing non-homogenized milk then you’ll find yourself with rubbery & laborious chena.

Methodology 2Utilizing non-homogenized milk (not packet milk, however contemporary from milkman): This methodology is to carry the milk to a boil. Flip off the range and relaxation for about 5 to 10 minutes to chill down the milk barely. Then curdle the milk by including the acidic ingredient.

This methodology will work in case your milk is unprocessed & is pure with none components.

This methodology is not going to work in case you are utilizing pasteurized & homogenized milk. Infact the milk is not going to curdle in any respect except you proceed to boil the milk.

However again in India that is the tactic most individuals observe as they use non-homogenized milk. I’ve seen my mum following this methodology to make the softest paneer.


Now my tip is to carry the milk to a boil, then flip off the range and check out including the acidic ingredient. If the milk doesn’t curdle then put it again on the range and proceed to boil till the milk curdles.

However bear in mind to make use of ice chilly water or ice cubes to cease the cooking additional after the whole milk has curdled. This will provide you with the tender chena.


1. Why does my rasmalai flip laborious?

Exhausting chena, over kneading the chena, boiling the chena discs for too lengthy will end in laborious & dense rasmalai.

2. Why do my rasmalai or chena discs break or dissolve in sugar syrup?

An excessive amount of whey within the chena will dissolve them within the syrup whereas boiling.

3. How lengthy do I want to hold the chena to empty whey?

This relies of the sort of milk used. If utilizing non-homogenized milk 45 to 60 minutes is simply ok. If utilizing homogenized then it relies upon once more on the sort of milk.

Some might take as much as 6 hours. So don’t go by the point go by the feel which I’ve defined beneath.

4. What’s the proper texture of chena after draining?

When the chena continues to be moist but has no dripping whey in it then it’s good for kneading. Here’s a image with particulars.

I think about chena to be good if it passes this take a look at. Take a small portion of the chena and smear it to a clean floor like your kitchen countertop or chopping board.

Chena have to be non-sticky & grainy or crumbly. Very sticky chena signifies an excessive amount of moisture . So cling it for longer.

Too grainy, dry or very crumbly chena signifies over drained. On this case you may knead with a moist hand. You can even dip your hand in whey as many instances as required and knead.

5. How lengthy to knead chena for tender rasmalai?

The primary function of kneading chena is to make it clean and tender with out being grainy. So don’t go by the clock, knead it till you get a tender, crumb free and clean texture.

Over on a regular basis it takes to knead is determined by how grainy your paneer is. Extra acidic ingredient could make your chena extra grainy. So simply knead till your chena is crumb free and tender.

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Simple rasmalai recipe

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