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A mediterranean stir fry is a dish that is cooked in a skillet with olive oil to the point where it starts to smoke. The vegetables are then added, along with garlic and herbs, and cook until they are tender. This process can

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How to make a mediterranean stir fry

If you’re looking for the Veggie Quinoa Stir Fry with pistachios and avocado, click here.

If you’re looking for the Mediterranean Quinoa Stir Fry, read on!

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New! I added a cooking video to this page so you could see how easy it is to make this gluten-free Mediterranean Quinoa Stir Fry!

If you’re new to this website, at the bottom of every recipe page is a printable recipe with exact measurements and directions.


Summer 2020: I first made this last summer when I was playing around with quick meals for myself while my husband was traveling and my youngest at sleep away camp.

It has since become a regular in the rotation, especially in the Summer.

This simple stir fry is versatile, customizable and DELISH!

It has all our favorite flavors, comes together in 15 minutes start to finish, and requires only 1 pan.

It’s perfect whether it’s leftover night & you’re re-purposing random items in the fridge or you need a quick side dish or simple meal.

And it can be made for one or scaled up for more.

Also, it’s customizable— Make it as is or adapt to what you have in the house. The other night I added in random roasted veggies in place of spinach and used goat cheese in place feta, and it was amazing!

Anyway you make it, it is EASY, delicious and satisfying!

Original post…

Finally sharing the One Pan Wonder I’ve been loving the last few weeks!

This Mediterranean Quinoa Stir Fry has literally become a mainstay in my kitchen the past 5 weeks.

It is my personal go to dish when I need a quick dinner and I am flying solo (ie husband at work, kids at camp or out with friends, or they are all grilling meat and I want something hearty for myself).

And I’ve doubled and tripled the quantity when others are home and want to share it alongside grilled chicken or some other protein of choice.

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Personally, I just like a big bowl of it as is!

Let’s get to the details.

It is super simple. Just 6 main ingredients:

cooked quinoa

canned chickpeas

cherry or grape tomatoes

fresh baby spinach

kalamata or black olives

and feta.

And it’s seasoned with nothing more than

olive oil

kosher salt

and fresh lemon juice.

Easy mediterranean quinoa stir fry gluten free #glutenfreerecipes

If you’ve followed me a while, you know these are some of my favorite flavors and this stir fry does not disappoint!

And it comes together really quickly- as in 15 minutes beginning to end!

And all you need is one pan!

Of note, one of the reasons this dish works so for our family is that we almost always have cooked quinoa in the refrigerator so all the ingredients are pantry staples for us.

If you don’t have quinoa at the ready, you will have to make some but that takes 20 mins total.

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Back to the gluten-free Mediterranean Stir Fry …

First, you saute the tomatoes with just a little olive oil and salt until they start to blister.

The you add the chickpeas and saute a few minutes.

Then you add the spinach for a few minutes while it wilts. Then you add in the cooked quinoa and olives. Remove from heat, stir in the feta and drizzle with fresh lemon juice.

That’s it!

Super quick and it is such a flavorful and cozy dish!

Easy mediterranean quinoa stir fry gluten free #glutenfreerecipes

This is a perfect dish whether you need dinner for one or want to scale it up for more.

And it’s perfect as a simple main dish or as a side dish.

And lately, as it’s been so cold outside, it’s been my go to lunch as you might have seen on Instagram Stories…

Easy mediterranean quinoa stir fry gluten free #glutenfreerecipes

Plus, in this time when we are home and cooking so often, we’ve used the basic recipe and adapted it to what we have in the house.

Here I didn’t have spinach but had lots of random roasted vegetables, so I added them in! Roasted zucchini, eggplant and peppers.

Plus I used goat cheese in place of feta. And it was amazing!

Easy mediterranean quinoa stir fry gluten free #glutenfreerecipes

However you make it, hope you love it as much as we do!

PIN it!

Easy mediterranean quinoa stir fry gluten free #glutenfreerecipes

Scroll down for recipe and leave a comment if you try.

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