How to make a moon cake

A moon cake is a traditional Chinese pastry made with glutinous rice, lotus seed paste, eggs, honey or sugar and other ingredients. It is traditionally eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival in China.

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How to make a moon cake

Mooncake is the indispensable Chinese language dessert served throughout the mid-autumn pageant which falls on the fifteenth of August of the Chinese language lunar calendar.

That is the right time for me to share with you the mooncake recipe that I’ve simply made.

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The fashion and goal of this festive dessert have developed significantly within the modern-day. Numerous cake outlets and eating places produce mooncakes with totally different varieties and designs, packed in deluxe containers with elegant ornament.

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Overpriced mooncakes

It has additionally turn into a fad to buy mooncake 月餅 as a present amongst family members, buddies, and enterprise associates to rejoice the Mid-Autumn Pageant.

Consequently, the worth of mooncakes has escalated yearly as a result of excessive demand. The promoting value is many folds in comparison with the price of the substances. Subsequently, I assumed that is near absurdity and set off me to I ought to develop a easy recipe that everybody can observe to make it at dwelling.

Apart from, since mooncake has turn into too business at this time, so in case you are utilizing your home made mooncake as a present, they may worth your sincerity, exhausting work, and energy.

Making mooncakes does require some ability, and tedious in case you begin from scratch. Subsequently, this mooncake recipe is about tips on how to make the normal Cantonese fashion mooncakes by utilizing the ready-made filling, with simplified steps to avoid wasting time.

It may be accomplished inside an hour. So let’s get began.

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The reason is lengthy as a result of I wish to cowl all features that will have an effect on the outcomes, however the precise work is sort of simple.

Essential: You want a kitchen scale to measure all of the substances precisely. Apart from that, the recipe has a big margin of error.

1. Getting ready the dough

The primary a part of this mooncake recipe is to organize the dough. There are solely 4 substances required – golden syrup, lye water, vegetable oil, and plain flour.

Listed below are the steps on tips on how to make it:

  • Measure the quantity of golden syrup, lye water, and vegetable oil precisely with a kitchen scale. Combine nicely.
  • Sieve the flour. Add abruptly to the above combination.
  • Use a fork or a stainless-steel wire whisk to mix all of the substances. It’s exhausting to combine initially, however after just a few stirs, the liquid will begin to moist the flour to kind a sticky mass. Ultimately, it can turn into a tender dough that picks up all of the flour within the mixing bowl.
  • Cowl the dough with cling wrap. Refrigerate for thirty minutes to let the dough chill out. It’s extra manageable to work with a relaxed dough which is extra elastic. Consequently, it won’t break or crack simply throughout shaping and wrapping.

Now let’s check out every ingredient intimately.

Golden syrup

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Golden syrup is an inverted sugar. Inverted sugar is a mix of two easy sugars, i.e., glucose and fructose, versus the common sugar, which is sucrose. It’s ready by boiling the common sugar with an acid akin to lemon juice till it turns into a thick amber-colored syrup.

I’ve seen some mooncake recipe use honey, not golden syrup. You should use honey because the substitute, and omit the lye water as honey isn’t acidic. (Lye water neutralize the sourness of golden syrup). Nevertheless, the pastry might not be as tender as these made with golden syrup, and the colour of the pastry is on the lighter facet. It additionally tends to be barely sweeter than mooncake that made with golden syrup with the same amount.

The aim of the golden syrup

Why can we use golden syrup as a substitute of the common sugar to make mooncake? There are just a few causes:

  • It retains extra moisture and due to this fact produces a extra tender pastry than with common sugar.
  • It additionally helps to scale back the speed of staling of starch, thereby extending the shelf lifetime of the mooncake.
  • It helps to reabsorb the oil from the filling of the mooncake again to the pastry, due to this fact additional soften the pastry.

Vegetable oil

I want to make use of vegetable oil with a impartial taste, akin to corn oil, peanut oil, canola oil, and palm oil. Some folks want lard, nevertheless it has turn into unpopular lately as there’s a concern in regards to the well being problem. Furthermore, there’s a massive inhabitants right here who don’t eat pork. Pork-free merchandise are the development now as a result of everybody in our neighborhood can get pleasure from it.

Lye water (kansui/枧水 )

Lye water is alkaline and due to this fact neutralize the bitter style as a result of presence of acid within the golden syrup. By doing so, we will rip the good thing about the golden syrup that creates a tender pastry with out the bitter style.

Lye water darkens the colour of the pastry. Improve the quantity of lye water if the colour of the mooncake is just too pale after baking for twenty minutes.

Home made lye water

For the reason that goal of lye water is to neutralize the acid, which means different alkaline substances will do the trick if lye water is unavailable. I don’t counsel you achieve this, as lye water is available within the Chinese language neighborhood. Nevertheless, within the occasion you may’t discover this merchandise, you should utilize baking soda and water because the substitute.

To take action, bake one portion of baking soda at 175°C/350°F for thirty minutes. Then add 4 parts of water to dissolve the baking soda. Use this liquid because the substitute for lye water.

Cake flour

Cake flour is right for making mooncake. It has adequate gluten to kind the dough however isn’t an excessive amount of that can harden the tender pastry.

For the reason that quantity of water varies amongst totally different manufacturers of golden syrup, the quantity of flour required to kind the tender dough isn’t the identical. Due to this, I’ll add ninety-five p.c of the flour to the oil and golden syrup combination, then add the rest slowly to the correct consistency, if needed.

2. Put together the filling

The lotus paste

You’ll be able to both buy the ready-made lotus paste or make your personal.

If you’re prepared to spend a while making the lotus paste filling, make your personal is the perfect since you may management the sweetness, softness, and texture. I want to move to my bakery specialty store to get the ready-made one to avoid wasting time.


Lotus paste isn’t out there in each a part of the world, however it’s the mostly used filling for mooncakes. You may also use crimson bean paste to exchange lotus paste for the normal Cantonese mooncake out there on-line at Amazon.

Egg yolk

I’ve learn some recipe with sophisticated steps to creating mooncake, however I promise my recipe is straightforward 🙂 Have a look at this equation:

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Pastry + Salted Egg Yoke + Lotus Paste = Cantonese fashion mooncake.

I’m utilizing the salted egg contemporary from the market since they’ve every thing that I want. You should buy the salted egg yolk (with the egg white eliminated) on-line too.

Listed below are the steps:

  • Clear the salted egg, then crack it open.
  • Take away the egg yolk.
  • Wash the egg yolk with water to take away the egg white sticking to the yolk. We solely want the yolk.
  • Use a bit of material or kitchen paper towel to pat dry.
  • Wrap the yolk with the lotus paste

Though I want to wrap the egg yolk with the lotus paste with out pre-cook the egg yolk, I’ve carried out a easy take a look at to validate two strategies to prepare dinner the egg yolk as instructed by some mooncake recipes.

  • 1. Steam the egg yolk with a tablespoon of wine for 5 minutes. Accordingly, the aim of the wine is to take away the uncooked egg yolk scent.
  • 2. Soak the yolk with oil, then bake it for 5 minutes. Drizzle some cooking oil to the egg yolk, combine nicely and put aside for an hour. This step is to let the egg yolk take up the oil. Place the egg yolk on the baking tray and bake at 175°C till the floor of the egg yolk begins to show to lighter shade and oil bubbles surrounded the yolks. It should take about 5 minutes of baking to occur. For the reason that mooncake is baked at excessive temperature, the egg yolk can be heated up, and the oil will mix the yolk with the filling. The egg yolk will detach from the lotus paste if the paste you employ accommodates too little oil.

The outcome :

The outcome clearly confirmed that the baked egg yolk separated from the filling. It might be as a result of I overbaked it, which leads to shrinkage of the yolk. The steamed egg yolk appears overcooked somewhat, whereas the perfect result’s from the one which was simply clear with water and pat dry.

For sure, I’ll neither bake nor steam the egg yolk, which doesn’t present any important advantages. The salted egg yolk can be cooked as these are mini-sized mooncakes.

3. To assemble the mooncake

Measure the substances

The ratio of pastry to filling is important. mooncake ought to have a skinny layer of pastry with loads of fillings. The ratio ought to be one a part of pastry to 2 components of fillings. A skillful chef can use even much less pastry to encase the filling.

I take advantage of 18g of pastry to 35g of filling. The load of the filling is the mixture of the lotus paste and the yolk. For the reason that weight of the yolk varies, simply put the yolk on the weighing scale and add the lotus paste as much as 35g.

Wrap the egg yolk contained in the lotus paste

To assemble the mooncake is less complicated then what’s described in many of the recipes. There isn’t any particular approach concerned. So you are able to do it your manner so long as the egg yolk is totally wrapped throughout the lotus paste.

I want to make use of my hand to form it right into a circle with the middle barely thinner than the sting.

  • Place the egg yolk on the heart. (You should use half egg yolk in case you want extra lotus paste.)
  • Wrap the egg yolk with the lotus paste.
  • Shut the highest by pushing up the paste to the highest.
  • Roll it right into a ball. Put aside.
  • When you really feel that it’s too tender to deal with, maintain it within the fridge for some time till it turns into firmer earlier than begin wrapping with the pastry.

Wrap the filling with the pastry

Wrapping the filling with the pastry is extra delicate than coping with the egg yolk and the lotus paste. high quality mooncake ought to have a skinny pastry with constant thickness.

  • One of many best methods to realize that is to roll out the pastry in between two plastic sheets or cling wraps. Roll the pastry to a circle about thrice of the dough. It’s possible you’ll discover a totally different technique of wrapping in different mooncake recipes, which is the person desire of various recipe builders.
  • Take away the cling movie on high, fold the pastry in direction of the filling.
  • Pinch away the surplus pastry the place the pastry is double folded to make sure constant thickness. You’ll be able to paste the surplus pastry on high the place the filling continues to be uncovered.
  • Roll the mooncake together with your palms to kind a ball. This motion additionally ensures the pastry has totally adhered to the filling with out gaps in between. In any other case, the filling might detach from the pastry after baking

4. Molding and baking

Shaping the mooncake

  • Roll the mooncake in a bowl full of some flour. Shake off the surplus flour. This step is to make sure the dough won’t follow the mould throughout shaping.
  • Equally, plunge the piston of the mooncake mould to the flour, and shake off the surplus.
  • Place the dough on the baking tray.
  • Put the mooncake mould on the dough and plunge the piston downward. The dough will take the form of the mould, and the sample can be printed on the floor.
  • Plunge the mould down calmly to the dough repeatedly for not less than seven to 10 instances to get an ideal form. In any other case, the mooncake will look lopsided and with a blurred sample.

Bake the mooncake

  • Bake it on the center rack, 175°C/350°F high and backside temperature for 5 to 6 minutes or till the floor begin to agency up. Some mooncake recipes use a distinct temperature however it’s all acceptable. It’s important to let it agency up earlier than eradicating them to use the egg wash. In any other case, it can find yourself with a blurred sample.
  • Take away the mooncake from the oven and brush the floor of the mooncake with egg wash.
  • Use a kitchen paper towel to take away any extra egg wash trapped within the gaps of the sample.
  • Return the mooncake to bake for an additional ten minutes or till golden brown.


When you discover that the mooncake cracks throughout baking, attempt to spray some water to the mooncake earlier than baking. It ought to be just one or two sprays from a distance in order that there can be no extreme water lands on any a part of the mooncakes.


  • Take away the cake from the oven to chill at room temperature.
  • Switch the mooncake to an hermetic container and maintain for 3 days. Throughout this era, the oil from the filling will migrate to the skinny layer of pasty, leading to a really tender and moist outer layer.


As I discussed, that is the fundamental conventional mooncake recipe. You’ll be able to add melon seed to the lotus paste, or use crimson bean paste or 5 kernels as a substitute of lotus paste because the filling.

The opposite variation is known as Snow Pores and skin Mooncake, wherein the method doesn’t contain baking in any respect. It’s solely a distinct mooncake recipe which can be mentioned individually.


When you like this mooncake recipe, chances are high you want Chinese language pastries. I might counsel you additionally strive the Taiwanese pineapple cake, which is my favourite Chinese language dessert.

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