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Making a pasta sauce with sour cream is easy. It's also delicious and versatile. You can use it as the base for spaghetti sauce, stir-fry sauce, or even in place of cream in many recipes.

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How to make a pasta sauce with sour cream

Looking to cook a quick and delicious meal? Try this cheesy pasta in sour cream sauce!

I “love me some pasta” whenever I’m strapped for time and it’s lunch time! pasta is really easy to cook and if you find the right sauce to pair it with, you’ll have yourself a perfectly delicious quick meal!

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I’ve tried cooking many sauces over the years, but somehow the ones that have the most cheese are also the most delicious!

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For this recipe, you’ll need only few ingredients and even fewer patience. Seriously, while the pasta boils, I assure you the sauce will be ready.

Here’s how to cook a yummy cheesy pasta dish from scratch:

cheesy pasta with sour cream sauce

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