how to make a pound cake more moist

This cake is very easy to make and tastes absolutely amazing. It is light, fluffy, and has a moist texture that melts in your mouth.

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How to make a pound cake more moist

Basic Pound Cake – A whole information on methods to make good, and scrumptious Pound Cake! Suggestions + Tips and Troubleshooting information.

This can be a complete submit with step-by-step directions on methods to make a Basic Pound Cake!

I’ll be sharing suggestions and strategies, pound cake troubleshooting concepts in addition to cheat codes that can assist you make good, moist pound truffles. This basic pound cake is very easy and fool-proof, you possibly can nail it even in the event you’re a baking novice!

This can be a lengthy submit, so you possibly can zip straight right down to the recipe under in the event you like. However in the event you’re searching for suggestions and methods to PERFECT your pound cake, then you definitely’re in the appropriate place!

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So let’s begin at the start.

Why is it referred to as a pound cake?

Pound truffles first originated in Europe. They’ve been round since as early because the 1700s, and the time period historically referred to a cake that weighed 4 kilos. That’s as a result of a basic pound cake consisted of 1 pound of every of the next FOUR components,

  • Butter
  • Sugar
  • Eggs
  • Flour

As you possibly can discover, a basic pound cake doesn’t depend on any leavening brokers to provide the cake any elevate, or any additional liquid to make the cake moist. The result’s a dense cake, that was additionally considerably dry (particularly when over-baked).

As pound truffles have grow to be extra common all through historical past and all through completely different components of the world, completely different variations of the basic pound cake have emerged, which might be lighter and extra moist. Every area (or nation) has their very own model of a basic pound cake, incorporating completely different ratios of the primary components, and typically together with additional liquid and baking powder too.

A moist pound cake recipe was the primary cake that I discovered to bake as properly! 🙂 For this pound cake troubleshooting submit, I baked all types of variations of a pound cake. You may see the outcomes under, and I’ll provide help to troubleshoot some frequent pound cake errors as properly!

Tricks to comply with for the BEST basic pound cake

Begin with good components

Effectively, that’s a given, but it surely’s very true with pound truffles. Fairly than utilizing generic components, try to use model identify components.


In terms of sugar, ensure that to get cane sugar as a result of it has a finer grain than different white sugars (if it doesn’t say cane sugar, then it’s in all probability beet sugar). If you may get your palms on pure cane caster sugar (tremendous advantageous sugar) that’s even higher!


With butter, use a GOOD high quality butter. Not margarine, not spreadable butter, however basic butter. I favor to make use of unsalted butter, however you should utilize salted butter as properly. Nevertheless, because of the increased water content material in salted butter, there’s a better probability for inconsistent outcomes when utilizing salted butter as properly.


Use natural, free-range eggs at any time when attainable. Nevertheless, keep away from utilizing actually recent eggs. Shocker proper?

I favor to make use of eggs which might be about 1 week outdated and right here’s why. The egg whites in recent eggs are tighter and thicker whereas in older eggs, the egg whites are thinner and looser. These older eggs combine into the cake batter extra simply and readily, leading to a pound cake that’s lighter in mouthfeel and crumb texture. One more reason is that recent eggs are heavier than older eggs – so 8 recent giant eggs can be manner heavier than 1 lb, whereas 8 older giant eggs can be nearer to 1 lb.


I like to make use of unbleached all goal flour. It is because it’s extra extensively out there.

However you can too use cake flour as a substitute. That is lighter, and has much less gluten than all goal flour. Leading to pound cake that rises a bit of extra, and has a extra tender crumb.

When you select to go together with pastry flour, you possibly can substitute cake flour for AP flour at a 1:1 ratio – BY WEIGHT (not quantity).

At all times WEIGH your components, moderately than counting on cups.

I’m a HUGE advocate of utilizing a reasonable kitchen scale for all of your baking wants. Baking does want some precision and an affordable weighing scale will guarantee constant baking outcomes each time, which can prevent a lot extra money and time in the long term from failed recipes and wasted components.

For instance, when measuring flour with a cup, you possibly can probably stand up to 50% extra flour than you meant. OR, in the event you select to make use of cake flour in your basic pound cake as a substitute – 1 cup of cake flour is lighter than AP flour, so you’ll find yourself with LESS cake flour than wanted in your recipe in the event you use a cup to measure.

When measuring sugar with a cup, 1 cup of normal sugar will weigh LESS than 1 cup of tremendous advantageous sugar. So once more, for this reason a measuring scale can be actually helpful. Or you would simply find yourself with a sickly candy pound cake due to an excessive amount of sugar.

When you do use cups nonetheless…

It’s vital to fluff up the flour and sugar within the container, after which scoop the flour and sugar into the measuring cup to the purpose of overflowing. Then, utilizing a flat knife, stage off the surplus flour/sugar. It will nonetheless be troublesome to ensure constant outcomes this fashion, nonetheless.

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When you’re dwelling within the US, then 1 stick of butter = 4 oz / 115 g / or 0.5 cups. However for anyplace else on the planet, one of the best factor can be to measure the butter as properly utilizing a measuring scale.

Temperature of components

It’s completely vital that every one the components are at room temperature (70-75°F or 20 – 23°C).


Butter ought to be softened, however not too softened. Right here’s a crude manner of checking in case your butter is on the proper consistency – make an indentation within the butter together with your finger. If the butter is simply too arduous to make an indentation, then properly, the butter is simply too arduous. 🙂 But when the butter does make an indentation, but it surely doesn’t preserve its form, and the butter across the indentation loses form, then the butter is simply too mushy (the butter may also be too oily when it’s this mushy). If it’s simple to make an indentation but it surely additionally retains its form with out distorting any of the butter within the surrounding space, then it’s on the appropriate consistency!

Within the winter, I take away the butter from the fridge and preserve it exterior in a single day. However in the summertime, this might make the butter too mushy. So as a substitute, in the summertime, I favor to chop the butter into desk spoon sized items after which depart them out to melt for about half-hour or so. If the butter will get too mushy, then you possibly can merely stick it again within the fridge for about 10-Quarter-hour to allow them to chill just a bit bit.

Room temperature butter lotions and whips simply. That is vital as a result of the butter will incorporate air throughout creaming/whipping which is crucial for a light-weight pound cake. If it’s too chilly/arduous, or too mushy/melted, then it can not maintain air whereas being whipped.


Eggs must also be stored exterior in a single day, in order that they’re all at room temperature. This can assist the eggs retain air as properly, whereas being blended.

Flour and sugar must also be at room temperature. I often retailer flour and sugar at room temperature anyway, however in the event you retailer flour within the fridge, bear in mind to take away it from the fridge the evening earlier than.

make Pound cake – Step-by-step.

Since a basic pound cake doesn’t depend on baking powder or baking soda for the cake to rise, the method of blending the components is essential. That’s as a result of this basic pound cake depends closely on the air that’s being included through the mixing of butter and sugar, which additional will get trapped by the gluten and eggs throughout baking.

There are solely FOUR STEPS for a basic pound cake – butter, including sugar, including eggs, and including flour. Every step is equally vital. Make certain EACH INGREDIENT HAS BEEN WEIGHED and ready (and sifted), BEFORE you begin making the pound cake.

Stand mixer vs Hand mixer

I favor to make use of a stand mixer over a hand mixer for comfort. That you must cream the butter and sugar collectively for a couple of minutes to include the air, and belief me, your palms will thanks in the event you use a stand mixer as a substitute of a hand mixer.

Creaming butter and sugar

The butter must be blended for a couple of minutes (about 3 – 7 minutes, relying on the room temp. and the butter temp.) by itself first. Use the usual mixer attachment in your mixer to do that (not the whip or the dough hook), and it will make sure the incorporation of air within the butter, making it mild, fluffy and creamy. One other mistake to keep away from is working the stand mixer at excessive velocity to hurry up the method. DO NOT DO THIS! The excessive velocity can knock the air out actually quick. So run the mixer at medium velocity to let the air in slowly however absolutely!

When the butter is fluffy, then the sugar is added. Make certain to not dump all of the sugar in without delay. The burden of the sugar may cause the butter to deflate, which is NOT good. So add the sugar in a skinny, regular stream, whereas the stand mixer is working. This can assist cream the butter and sugar collectively, evenly, including extra air, moderately than knocking out the air.

The butter and sugar are creamed collectively for a couple of minutes as properly. That is for 2 causes – one, to include extra air and two, to dissolve the sugar. For this reason I favor to make use of caster sugar which dissolves a lot sooner. The sugar could not should be utterly dissolved earlier than the addition of the eggs, however they undoubtedly ought to be utterly dissolved after you add the eggs. When you’re utilizing common cane sugar, you possibly can whiz the sugar individually in a meals processor for a couple of seconds to make it finer, in the event you like.

Including eggs

The subsequent vital step is the addition of eggs. The identical precept as earlier of not weighing down the batter by including all of the eggs in without delay, applies right here too. There are TWO methods to realize this,

  1. Evenly whisk all of the eggs in a jug, after which add the eggs slowly in a stream, with a couple of breaks in between.
  2. Add the eggs one after the other, mixing each properly earlier than including the subsequent.

Each strategies work, however for comfort, I often go together with the second technique. I at all times crack an egg right into a small bowl first, and add it whereas the stand mixer is working. I combine within the eggs for about 20 – 30 seconds, till the yolk has disappeared, after which I add the subsequent egg.

It’s vital to not let the eggs over-beat within the batter as properly. When you over-beat the eggs, the cake WILL COLLAPSE AFTER BAKING!

Some recipes name for extra egg yolks, as a substitute of utilizing complete eggs solely. YOU CAN SUBSTITUTE TWO WHOLE EGGS, with FOUR YOLKS IF YOU PREFER. This can lead to a cake that’s richer in style and extra moist. The cake could have a richer yellow shade as properly.

However keep in mind that egg whites add elevate to the cake, whereas egg yolks add richness. The rationale why some favor so as to add egg yolks is as a result of egg whites, whereas including quantity and elevate to the cake, may dry out the cake.

Incorporating flour

Make certain the flour is sifted earlier than you add it to the cake. It’s even higher in the event you can sift it AGAIN once you’re including it to the cake, however that’s not needed. That is to cut back the chance of flour lumps forming when mixing the flour.

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When you’re capable of incorporate the flour with a baking spatula – DO IT! Folding within the flour by hand (spoon), will just be sure you don’t overwork the gluten within the flour.

When you do use your stand mixer, use the bottom velocity on the stand mixer, and use it for the smallest period of time.

If the gluten is over-worked, you’ll find yourself with a more durable and dense pound cake, NOT good. One other strategy to keep away from that is to make use of cake flour as a substitute of AP flour.

Baking the Cake

ACCURATE OVEN TEMPERATURE is vital. It’ll be nice if you realize that your oven is correctly calibrated. You are able to do this by inserting an oven temp. reader in your oven, after which evaluating the temp. displayed in your oven with that of the reader. If by probability your oven just isn’t calibrated, you possibly can alter the baking temp. based mostly on how your pound cake seems on the primary try.

If the cake is simply too dry, then the oven is simply too scorching, and chances are you’ll must decrease the temp. OR take away the cake from the oven earlier. If the cake just isn’t completed by 70 minutes, then the oven temp. must be elevated, or the cake must bake longer.

Additionally ensure that to PREHEAT THE OVEN for 10 – Quarter-hour earlier than placing your cake in. This manner a secure oven temp. is assured.

Your baking pans can impact the baking occasions as properly. When you use glass cake pans or darkish metallic pans, the baking time will shorten. When you’re utilizing a light-weight baking pan, then this recipe will likely be correct, as a result of I used a light-weight baking pan as properly.

I used two 8.5 x 4.5 inch loaf pans for this basic pound cake recipe. You may adapt this to make the cake in two 9.5 x 5.5 inch loaf pans, however be conscious to test on the cake earlier, as it’s going to bake sooner.

The ultimate result’s an extremely buttery, mushy, basic pound cake! The crumb is tight and collectively, however not dense or gummy – it’s buttery and mushy and simply so addictively scrumptious!

Basic Pound Cake serving concepts

You may take pleasure in this basic pound cake in SO MANY alternative ways! Serve it as is, or high it with numerous additions to make easy however scrumptious desserts. Take a look at these artistic methods to serve this basic moist pound cake.

  • Berries and cream (raspberries, strawberries, blueberries or every other sort of berry)
  • Banana and butterscotch sauce – this may style like bananas foster, however with cake!
  • Chocolate sauce or hazelnut chocolate unfold! Who doesn’t love cake and chocolate (or Nutella) collectively?
  • Whipped cream and nuts or praline – to reinforce the nutty taste much more, you possibly can taste your cake with nut flavoring as properly (almond, toasted coconut, pistachios, or peanuts)
  • Lemon glaze or lemon curd – a refreshing and tangy twist to your buttery pound cake! Both cowl the cake with lemon glaze or pour it over cake slices. Alternatively, you possibly can serve it with lemon curd or any type of citrus curd.
  • Whipped cream and Kahlua – THIS IS MY FAVORITE! It tastes like tiramisu! A shot of kahlua (or every other candy liqueur that you just like) poured over a cake slice, after which topped with whipped cream or ice cream. An irresistible choice for the adults!

Different choices not pictured right here,

  • Grill the pound cake slices (particularly if in case you have stale pound cake), and serve them heat with grilled fruits and ice cream.
  • Minimize the cake into cubes and add them in trifles!
  • Minimize into cubes, then calmly toast them, and add them into fruit salads – they’ll be like dessert croutons!
  • Make ice cream sandwiches with the pound cake.

Making a basic pound cake is a rewarding expertise! 🙂 I hope this prolonged submit helped you perceive how a basic moist pound cake comes collectively and why every step is vital. It’ll provide help to grasp the artwork of creating basic pound truffles after which add your personal private contact to make the recipe much more versatile!

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  • Why did my crust collapse after baking my pound cake? (Wrinkly, crumbly cake crust)

Pound cake troubleshooting

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