how to make a proper cup of tea with milk

A proper cup of tea with milk is a simple process that can be done by anyone. All you need is tea, milk, and sugar. The first step is to boil some water in a kettle on the stove. Once it starts boiling

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How to make a proper cup of tea with milk

Taking a dash of care when making tea brings great rewards of flavour. Follow our six point plan for a great tasting cuppa.

A perfect cup of English Tea Shop English breakfast tea and a slice of cake. Perfect!

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Tea is a drink of amazing versatile-ness. From a strong mug of robust “builder’s tea” served “NATO standard” (milk, two sugars) to refined china cups of delicate Earl Grey, there isn’t a situation where a cup of tea is out of place. The place where tea really hits the spot for Ed is in the middle of the night when he is sailing; there’s nothing like a large mug of piping hot, sweet, milky tea when surrounded by the sea and the stars. But it’s a common gripe that too few people know how to make a really good cup.

Organic, fairtrade English Tea Shop English breakfast and Earl Grey teabags.

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The English Tea Shop sell a full range of teas, from herbal to green, white and a choice of two black teas – Earl Grey, and English Breakfast. The English Breakfast is grown in Sri Lanka, with a full bodied flavour that’s not overly tannic. Perfect as the name says for breakfast, but good at any time of day with a dash of milk and something like a slice of lemon cake.

The Earl Grey is delicately flavoured, and not overpowered by bergamot; I can imagine enjoying a china cup, maybe with a slice of lemon. Their teas are both organic and free trade, so tick all those boxes, which is something I really appreciate. These come in individually wrapped sachets, so keep their freshness and are also perfect for taking on your travels.

Other teas in the range are loose and supplied in pretty tins.

Brewing a perfect pot with English Tea Shop English breakfast teabags.

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For the perfect cup of either tea, follow these tips. Talking of which, I think it’s time to pop the kettle on.

Accompaniments for your afternoon tea could include

  • Blackberry & apple jam
  • Lemon Almond Polenta Cake
  • Extra Fruity Jam Tarts
  • Wholemeal Victoria Sandwich
  • or 12 Flavours of cupcakes from one batch

Organic, Fairtrade English Tea Shop English breakfast and Earl Grey teabagsReview commissioned by the English Tea Shop. All opinions are our own.

Available from a variety of stockists including WH Smith, Debenhams as well as Amazon

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