How to make a soda can stove

This is a tutorial on how to make a soda can stove. This stove will burn for about 3 hours, but it's easy to make and you can use it in many different ways. It's also durable so it won't break easily

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Diehard backpackers are all the time looking for methods to chop weight from their pack, and one of many heaviest issues they’ll carry is a cookstove. Whereas there are a great deal of ultralight, superior stoves in the marketplace, few can compete with the simplicity and supreme frugality of a standard alcohol-burning range. Whereas purchasable backpacking stoves can price $40 on up (even a easy manufactured alcohol range can set you again $20), you’ll be able to create your personal for lower than 50 cents. A DIY alcohol range additionally compares favorably to the premade selection, coming in at about 1 ounce in comparison with 2.5 ounces. And the very best half is which you can make this range your self in a day with simply primary instruments and a pair aluminum cans. After all, buyable stoves include extra options, however for the worth and energy, the DIY model is difficult to beat.

Do take into account that many backcountry areas and nationwide parks don’t permit alcohol-burning stoves as a result of they don’t have lots of the built-in security options that trendy stoves do. However, the place allowed or just as an emergency back-up in survival situations, an alcohol range is a superb addition to your gear listing. Right here’s easy methods to make one.

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Drilling machine, razor blade, piece of wood, cotton or fiberglass insulation, denatured alcohol, pliers, permanent marker, scissors, screw, shallow metal bowl and two soda cans displayed.

  1. Drill
  2. 1/sixteenth drill bit
  3. 3/sixteenth drill bit
  4. Razor blade
  5. Piece of wooden that’s 2″ thick
  6. Cotton or fiberglass insulation
  7. Denatured alcohol
  8. Pliers
  9. Everlasting marker
  10. Scissors
  11. Screw
  12. Shallow metallic bowl
  13. Two (2) 12oz soda cans

Developing the Range

Step 1: Mark and drill holes in can.

Drilling holes in can.

Mark out 16 evenly spaced holes across the backside lip of certainly one of your cans. Use a 1/16″ drill bit to bore out holes at every mark.

Step 2: Hint penny on backside of can and drill a number of extra holes.

Marking penny on can.

Use a penny to hint a circle on the underside of the identical can from Step 1.

Penny trace at Bottom of can.

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Mark and drill 5 holes inside this circle, one within the middle, and 4 evenly spaced across the middle. Use a 3/16″ drill bit for the middle gap, and a 1/16″ drill bit for the 4 round it.

Step 3: Reduce base off each cans.

Cut base of can along with wooden box and a nail drilled in it.

First, connect a utility blade to a scrap of two×4 (or actually any piece of scrap wooden that’s about 2″ thick), in order that the purpose of the blade simply barely extends past the sting of the board. Notice, you must connect the blade to the broad aspect of the board. This retains the minimize line completely stage reasonably than attempting to do it by hand.

Can partially cut along with scissor and wooden box.

Proceed to chop the bottom off each of your cans by rotating it in opposition to the sting of the utility blade. Do a number of passes earlier than separating the bottom from the can. It could assist to depress the can slightly below the minimize along with your thumb to assist the items separate. Clear up any jagged edges with scissors or sandpaper.

The bottom you drilled holes in is your range prime. The opposite base is your range backside.

Step 4: Crimp the highest half.

Can grabbed by pliers.

Use pliers to crimp across the fringe of your range’s prime, so that it’s going to match snugly inside your range backside.

Step 5: Add firestarter to base, and put range collectively.

Firestarter put in can to stove.

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Place a little bit of cotton, fiberglass insulation, or selfmade char material into the bottom of your range, after which slide the crimped prime into the bottom. In order for you, you can too apply a high-temp epoxy to make a tighter seal.

Top of can covered by lid.

Lighting the Range

Remember to take a look at your range exterior, away from flammable materials.

Step 1: Place the range in a small metallic bowl.

Should you don’t have a metallic bowl, a big upturned metallic lid additionally works. This holds extra gasoline and provides a measure of security to the hearth.

Step 2: Add gasoline to your range.

Adding fuel to the stove placed in bowl.

Pour about an oz. of alcohol (good for ~10 minutes of burning) into the middle holes on the prime of your range, and a little bit of extra gasoline into the bowl your range is sitting in. Lastly, place the penny on the middle of your range, and add a splash of gasoline to the highest it. (The gasoline within the bowl and on prime of the penny will assist prime your range.)

Step 3: Mild!

Can is lighted by using lighter stick.

Flames coming out from the holes of can.

Mild the gasoline within the bowl and on prime of the penny. After a couple of minute, the range ought to prime mechanically, and also you’ll see blue flames emanating from every of your 16 drilled holes.

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