how to make a space themed cake

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How to make a space themed cake

Complete Mirror Luster Galaxy Cake dish with vibrant galaxy cake pop worlds, a galaxy cake, a galaxy vanilla buttercream, as well as a galaxy mirror polish. Outside a glossy as well as vibrant galaxy mirror polish as well as inside a galaxy cake with 4 various worlds. See the video clip listed below.

Overhead shot of the finished Mirror Glaze Galaxy Cake on white background

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Cake Pop Planets

Ok, allowed’s delve into the dish. We begin with the cake pop worlds. I picked the Sunlight, Planet, Uranus, as well as Neptune for my Mirror Luster Galaxy Cake since their shades are the most beautiful ones to me. We have yellow as well as red for the Sunlight. Eco-friendly as well as blue (as well as white if wanted) for the Planet. Teal as well as white for Uranus as well as purple with white for Neptune.

I made use of the complying with shades: yellow, red, environment-friendly, navy blue, purple, white, as well as Aztec blue (blue tone).

Include as much coloring as defined on the bundle till you get to the shade you prefer. You can utilize gel or paste food coloring. I included a little bit of white to every shade to illuminate the shade of the batter.

I advise making use of a silicone cake pop mold and mildew for cooking the worlds. Spoon the tinted batter at the same time in the mold and mildew as well as offer it a couple of swirls. Fill till extremely somewhat loaded.

Overhead shot of unbaked cake pops batter in cake pop molds

Galaxy Cake

I chose to make a white cake since it is extremely brilliant as well as best for tinting as well as it has a fantastic vanilla taste. The dishes of the cake stands out as well as the cake are uncomplicated to make certain to have complete concentrate on the designing today.

Different the batter right into 4 bowls, 2 huge ones, as well as 2 tiny ones. Include black as well as white to both huge ones. Pink right into a tiny one as well as Aztec blue in the various other tiny one. Brighten with white if required.

At the same time, spoon regarding 1/4 of the tinted batter right into 2 8″ baking pans just until the bottom is fully covered. Divide planets in both pans and place them in the batter. Spoon remaining batter on top of planets. Swirl carefully to draw a pattern.

 Baked cake pop worlds in cooking frying pan in addition to unbaked tinted cake batter

Galaxy Vanilla Buttercream

The vanilla buttercream is also pretty straightforward. You just need to mix butter with powdered sugar, then add vanilla, milk, and salt. The salt will cut down the sweetness a bit.

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Divide buttercream into 4 bowls and color with black, blue, white, and pink. Spoon colored buttercream alternately into a piping bag.

 Vibrant mirror polish leaking off the baked cake onto a tray beneath

Place the bottom cake layer with a cake board underneath on a turner. Then pipe buttercream on top of the bottom layer and smooth with a big offset spatula. Place the edge of the spatula horizontal on top of buttercream and spin cake around until it is leveled. Place top layer on top and frost the cake.

Pipe buttercream on top and the sides. To level the buttercream on the sides, plant the spatula next to one side uprightly and spin the cake around. Take care that you keep the same angle while spinning the cake around.

Smooth the edges by leveling the top again and push frosting very slightly and carefully to the edges. Then level the edges from the sides again and repeat until edges are smoothed.

Freeze cake for 1 hour until buttercream is very firm. This makes sure that your frosting isn’t melting away while glazing the cake.

Galaxy Mirror Glaze

This is now the most exciting part of making a Mirror Glaze Galaxy Cake. It is super, super thrilling.

How will be the consistency? How will be the pattern? These are questions what will be running through your head when you make your first time a mirror glaze. But keep cool. Watch the video. I show how to glaze the cake that it turns out really beautiful. Just follow the steps in the recipe and the video.

You did a great job so far. You will rock the mirror glaze too!

For the mirror glaze I used the following colors: black, navy blue, Aztec blue, purple, pink, white. I also used black pearl dust.

Strain and divide mirror glaze in 5 bowls. 2 big bowls and 3 small bowls. Add Aztec blue and navy blue in the ratio 3:1 in one of the two big bowls. Add black and navy blue in same amounts in the second big bowl until you reach a very dark blue tone.

Add pink, purple, and a bit of Aztec blue (teal tone) to the 3 small bowls. Add a bit of white if anything is too intense to lighten up the colors.

 Completed cake revealed from a 45degree angle on an intense history

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Line a cookie or baking sheet with parchment paper. Place a vase upside down in the middle of the sheet and place the cold cake on top.

The glaze needs to be 90°F / 32°C that it is not too thin and not too thick. Use a candy thermometer. When your glaze is too hot, let it stand until it cools down a bit. This will go very fast. Otherwise, the glaze doesn’t stick to your cake and is too runny. When the glaze is too cold, it is too sticky, and you can’t pour it over your cake. In this case, warm it up in the microwave for a few seconds.

Pour the blue from the first big bowl into the very dark space blue in the second big bowl. Give it a few gentle swirls but don’t mix up the colors. Pour over cake beginning on the top and then let drip over the sides until the cake is fully glazed.

Drip with a spoon a few lines of teal, purple, and pink on top. Go with the lines of the light and dark blue pattern. Smooth colors carefully by brushing with the big offset spatula over the top of the cake. Go with the lines on the cake.

Sprinkle a bit of black pearl dust and white food coloring on top with a brush. The galaxy cake will be even more beautiful.

 Pieces of ended up cake with fork on brilliant history

Congratulations! You are a proud owner of an amazing looking homemade Mirror Glaze Galaxy Cake. You did a great job. Woohoo. Let’s do the happy galaxy dance.

Looking back, it was exhausting, on some points overwhelming, super exciting, thrilling, we had a lot of fun, and it was just a special, not everyday project.

This Mirror Glaze Galaxy Cake is truly out of this world. It is

  • very special
  • so so so beautiful
  • fun and exciting
  • damn delicious

Happy galaxy cake baking!

If you make this Mirror Glaze Galaxy Cake recipe, leave a comment, rate it and tag a photo #alsothecrumbsplease on Instagram! Would love to see your snap!

 Cut Mirror Luster Galaxy Cake revealed from a 45degree angle

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