how to make a spongebob cake with fondant

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How to make a spongebob cake with fondant

As a 29-year-old, I understand that I must have grown out of the animes I matured viewing … however I merely can not aid it.

I enjoyed SpongeBob after that, and also I like him currently. I might like him permanently. There’s something concerning his ever-optimistic individuality, and also his recognition for the little points in life that still reverberates with me.

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I’ll confess, I still view SpongeBob on Saturday early mornings. As a matter of fact, I stand up very early (prior to my hubby, that is not as huge of a follower!) to view it while I cook.

I have actually also seen SpongeBob on Broadway !! Which is a great program, I very advise seeing it.

Plainly, it was about time I made a SpongeBob cake. Thus lots of various other enjoyable concepts, a SpongeBob cake had actually gotten on my cake order of business for several years.

sliced spongebob cake made with yellow buttercream

There was a large unique on Nickelodeon for SpongeBob’s birthday celebration this July (I’m humiliated that I understand that), and also it was provided me the press I required to lastly make this cake.

I was identified to do him justice, to make him honored. I likewise intended to make him mostly out of buttercream, with as little fondant as feasible.

There’s absolutely nothing incorrect with fondant, I simply like dealing with and also consuming buttercream much more

I carried out some intriguing strategies to make it function, however I more than happy with just how he ended up!

That Resides In A Pineapple Under the Sea?

I needed to integrate pineapple right into this cake, given that SpongeBob resides in one! To do this, I included some pineapple juice right into my layer cake dish.

I likewise made a pineapple basic syrup, to see to it the taste projected in each bite.

pineapple layer cake with pineapple simple syrup

I understood I would certainly need to do a great deal of collaborate with the buttercream to obtain the decor of this cake right, so I picked not to include pineapple right into the icing.

If you intended to go for it with the pineapple style, you can include smashed, freeze-dried pineapple right into your icing.

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An additional choice would certainly be to include pineapple pieces in between the cake layers, secured in with an icing dam.

adding spongebobs pants to this cake

Nevertheless, this can create the layers to cut when they’re being frosted! That’s the major factor I picked not to make use of fresh fruit.

I understood this would certainly wind up being a high, slim cake, which can currently be tough to put together and also frost.

That’s Porous As He?

As I frosted SpongeBob, I was attempting to identify the most effective means to offer him openings.

I truly desired them to be 3 dimensional in contrast to simply including places onto the cake, or little fondant circles.

carving holes into spongebob cake with a small spoon

While stating it below seems odd, SpongeBob’s circles are in fact a special color of environment-friendly on television.

Initially, I assumed I would certainly make use of a little circle cutter to eliminate circles of buttercream. I prepared to make use of some olive-green buttercream to load inside the circles.

I waited to make his openings up until the remainder of the cake was embellished.

When the moment came, making use of environment-friendly icing simply really felt incorrect. In the long run, I made use of an entirely various method.

I warmed up a little child spoon with some warm water (and also dried it), and also made use of that to take openings in the cake.

The cake had actually been cooled over night and also the buttercream had actually crusted, so the cozy spoon functioned like an appeal!

It likewise provided me the 3D appearance I was opting for, without needing to integrate any type of environment-friendly icing.

Offering SpongeBob a Foundation

In real invertebrate kind, SpongeBob required a little assistance staying up. Because he’s developed with 6 rectangle-shaped cake layers, he isn’t one of the most steady cake form.

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I made use of 2 bubble tea straws to guarantee he remained upright while I embellished him. You likewise can make use of a wood dowel.

I favor bubble tea straws since they’re a lot simpler to reduce.

buttercream spongebob cake

I very advise including some type of main assistance right into this cake, to maintain the layers in position.

This cake needed to be cooled numerous times throughout its decor. Understanding that it was steady provided me item of mind as I took it in and also out of the refrigerator.

SpongeBob’s Squeaky Shoes

The various other item of this cake that I fought with was SpongeBob’s footwear. They required to be 3D too, however are such a special form.

The last point I intended to do was plunk 2 huge items of fondant onto the cake board. I functioned so difficult to develop him with buttercream, and also I had not been prepared to give up that right now.

slice of six layer spongebob cake

Whenever I require to make a fascinating form to include in a cake, I made use of cake scraps blended with icing.

This enables me to basically make a cake appear whatever form I require!

I conserved the cake scraps from leveling my sheet cakes, and also combined them with a mix of delicious chocolate buttercream, and also black gel food coloring.

Once the blend was totally incorporated and also equally tinted, I formed his footwear onto cut littles bubble tea straws.

The straws aid them remain upright once they’re positioned on the cake board.

After that I popped his little footwear in the fridge freezer!! Freezing them makes them less complicated to deal with and also include in the cake. It likewise aids them established and also maintain their form.

Allow Me Know What You Believe!

If you (or your youngster) likes SpongeBob as long as I do, please allow me understand what you think about this cake.

Or even better, attempt the dish and also allow me understand just how your own turns out!!

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Spongebob Squarepants cake

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