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how to make a traditional new england boiled dinner | Family Cuisine

This is a traditional New England boiled dinner recipe. It's easy, quick, and very filling.

Our New England boiled dinner is a classic version made with corned beef brisket, potatoes, cabbage, carrots, turnips, and pearl onions.

Sliced corned beef, cabbage wedges, carrots, turnips, pearl onions and red potatoes on a serving platter.

New England Boiled Dinner is a classic, hearty dish with a long history documented in written cookbooks as far back as the early 1800s.

Depending on the source of the recipe, there’s some variance in the ingredients, but the essentials (meat boiled with along with root vegetables) have remained the same throughout the centuries.

Also known as corned beef and cabbage, New England Boiled Dinner became popular fare for St. Patrick’s Day in America, but the origin of the connection between the recipe and the holiday remains somewhat unclear.

Our recipe is a fairly standard modern version that consists of a corned beef brisket simmered until tender and combined with potatoes, cabbage, carrots, turnips and pearl onions that have been boiled in the liquid from the beef for added flavor.

Served with horseradish cream sauce and coarse grain mustard this dish is easy to make and loaded with flavor.

The main ingredient: What is corned beef?

Corned beef is most commonly made from the brisket, an inexpensive cut of beef taken from the breast section of the cow. The term “corned” originated in 17th century England where the large grains of salt used to cure the meat were referred to as “corns.”

Modern recipes for corned beef are made by brining the beef for a week or more in a seasoned solution made from salt, pickling spices, and sodium nitrite (pink curing salt).

Once the brining is complete, the beef is braised until tender, then sliced across the grain for serving.

This recipe uses store-bought corned beef, but if you’d like to try homemade corned beef, Kevin is Cooking has a detailed recipe that even includes Instant Pot instructions!

New England Boiled Dinner arranged on a large serving platter

This recipe for corned beef and cabbage is included in our St. Patrick’s Day recipe collection. Be sure to check out that post for more Irish-inspired dishes.

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