how to make a vintage lace wedding cake

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How to make a vintage lace wedding cake

Okay – I understood today that I’m waaaay behind on sharing cakes. I simply experienced all my folders and also I have concerning 3 weeks well worth of cakes to publish! WOW!

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Yet because I guaranteed this Classic Shoelace Wedding celebration Cake nearly 2 weeks back (and also a follower on Facebook asked for it initially), I believed I would certainly begin right here!

This Classic Shoelace Cake may be among my most favored of perpetuity. Okay, fine – I recognize I claim that a whole lot, however truly … I did like this cake.

And also it was additional unique due to the fact that my close friend Kristen was right here to view and also aid me make it! Squeeeeal!

So I began with 6″, 9″ and also 12″ round cakes. They were vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream filling and frosting.

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Side note… it was presented on a stump at the wedding… very rustic and pretty! I just wish I had known ahead of time (I totally dropped the ball and didn’t think to ask… oops) and I’d have better coordinated the board – but it was still really neat and fit perfectly into her rustic outdoor wedding and reception!

Back to the cake… so after I filled and frosted the cakes, I covered them in homemade marshmallow fondant (MMF).

Now – the good stuff! I made the lace medallions and pearls on this cake with lace molds/presses and silicone pearl molds.

Specifically, I used these 4 molds that I got from Amazon and

  • 10mm First Impressions Silicone Pearl Mold
  • Lace 3 Floral #1
  • Lace 4 Flora Swag
  • Lace 4 Scroll #1

The molds are time-consuming, but are not at all hard to use once you get the hang of them, and I simple ” glued” them onto the MMF with sugar glue (Tylose plus water).

For the roses… those were not easy. I initially ordered some pre-made from Etsy, but I was sorely disappointed in the quality and they weren’t as large as I needed, so I decided I’d make more of them myself.

Side note #2… the wedding was very rustic and lovely as previously stated… you can see the bulap on the table – there was also lace and burlap on many of the tables… and there were Mason Jars for the beverage (ie., picnic) table… see?

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Very, very pretty stuff!

Okay, back to the roses. I followed videos on YouTube (Part 1 and Part 2 – both by Francesca) to make the roses and I was pretty happy with them. I still need lots more practice before I perfect my sugar roses, but now I know I can do them if I need to again!

Anywho – when I got all finished, I dusted all the pearls and lace with Antique Silk Luster Dust – to give it a nice shimmer and make them POP on the cake (although it’s not all that obvious in pictures!).

And that’s that!!

Did I miss any details? Do you have any questions about this cake? Please leave them in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer and help out!


This cake is linked up at Creative Thursday!

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