how to make a wedding cake pinata

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How to make a wedding cake pinata

You men I am SO thrilled to ultimately share this do it yourself with you! Since our wedding event article is survive Ruffled, I can ultimately splash the beans on all the information behind our wedding event cake, which was not a cake in all yet instead a PIÑATA!! Seeking means to reduce expenses, neither Sam neither I were that excited concerning getting an expensive wedding event cake, though we did wish to locate a method to maintain the custom. After seeing this wedding event cake piñata around the wedding event net last summer season as we intended our last special day information, it was a no brainer for us to recreate this outstanding suggestion as well as, naturally, do it yourself it!

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Obviously, our piñata wedding event cake was a blockbuster. (Word play here absolutely planned.) Damaging it open with each other as well as viewing our visitors rush for all the rewards inside was among the highlights of the entire evening. I’m still in shock concerning just how well the piñata appeared (approved after lots of hrs of reducing as well as gluing!) as well as just how flawlessly it operated hanging from the rafters of the barn at WoodsEdge Ranch.


  • Cardboard Boxes
  • Covering Up Tape
  • Colored crepe paper (mine is from Papermart)
  • Edge scissors
  • Routine scissors
  • Pencil
  • Craft adhesive
  • Glue weapon & & adhesive sticks
  • Stapler
  • Solid rope or a zip connection

Begin by reducing 4 circles from your cardboard box: one little, one tool as well as 2 big (precise very same dimension). I mapped my circles utilizing 3 bowls in various dimensions. The dimensions do not need to be precise to anything as long as the 3 circle grad concerning the very same quantity from one dimension to the following. When your circles are eliminated, pile your little, tool as well as one big circle on top of each various other as well as, utilizing your pencil, trace the little circle onto the tool circle as well as the tool circle onto the big circle.

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Remove a rounded opening in the the tool as well as big cardboard circles ensuring to leave at the very least 1/2 ″ of room from the pencil circle completely around. These openings will certainly enable you to place sweet in your piñata from the leading as well as allow it fall under all-time low. Next off, reduced the flaps off your box as well as make use of the facility panels to be the wall surfaces of your cake. If your box is as well high, cut the panels to be around 10 ″ high. Bend the panels right into a circle, taping the lower side to the big circle without an opening as you go as well as end up by taping with each other the joint of the panel.

All-time low of your piñata ought to appear like this! Next off, tape the big circle with the opening to the top of this cake layer.

Repeat the procedure with your center rate, taping a broad panel of cardboard to the tool circle. Usage great deals of tape to affix the center rate down rate.

Following, flex a smaller sized panel right into a little, large tube form as well as tape the seam closed. This will certainly be your leading rate. Usage great deals of tape to affix the leading rate to the tool rate, leaving the leading open for sweet!

Following, trim concerning a zillion 1.5 ″ strips of white crepe paper as well as utilize your edge scissors to cut throughout each strip, cutting as much as the facility of the strip. You can layer a couple of strips at once to make the procedure a little bit quicker. When you’re stockpiled on strips, adhesive a huge sheet of crepe paper to the base of the cake.

Following, beginning with the lower adhesive layer by layer of edge. Caution: this is mosting likely to be fairly time consuming. It possibly took me a total amount of 4 or 5 hrs to adhesive on all the edge, so ensure to offer on your own a lot of time for this action.

Glueing the sides as well as edges are the hardest. You can reduce your strips right into much shorter items to assist walk around those bothersome contours. I additionally occasionally reduced little notches in the non-fringe part of the strips as well as glued those on top of each various other when I saw the strips were tightening. And also if all else falls short, simply include even more layers.

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Make certain to quit including layers as soon as you obtain near to the top of the 3rd rate. Currently, include your sweet as well as event prefers!! Our piñata consisted of radiance sticks, wacky sunglasses, confetti poppers, stick-on mustaches, non-chocolate sweet (really did not desire it to thaw!), as well as bubbles.

Prior to you tape the little circle to close the top, you’ll wish to include a rope or zip connection to it in order to hang your piñata. You can do this by jabbing 2 openings right into the little circle and after that linking the rope or attaching the zip connection with those openings producing a loophole. The closer the loophole is the cardboard circle (as in not having excessive slack), the tougher the piñata will certainly be when it’s put up. Likewise ensure the openings aren’t as well near to each various other so they do not tear as well as turn into one big opening under the weight of the piñata. Currently, proceed as well as tape on the little circle extremely safely. Cover the leading with strong sheets of white crepe paper (you might desire a pair layers for a tidy coating) as well as include any kind of last edge layers sideways of the rate.

The last touch are the crepe paper blossoms. There are a lot of guide online for just how to make paper blossoms that look like all kind of actual blossoms, yet I’ll reveal you just how I made mine.

Cut 6 ″ squares from your cells. (I made use of 3 tones of pink as well as one orange.) Layer 5 squares on top of each various other as well as fold them accordion design.

Staple in the facility a couple of times. If you’re utilizing the very same thick crepe paper as me, make use of the greatest stapler as well as staples you have!

Following, utilize your scissors to round the sides of your accordion strips. This makes beautiful flowers. Carefully peel off each layer as much as the facility one by one, creating a blossom!

Lastly, strategy your style as well as, utilizing an adhesive weapon, adhesive your paper blossoms onto your cake! I additionally eleventh hour included little eco-friendly crepe paper leaves in between the blossoms, which you can see listed below.

Unique many thanks to Redfield Digital photography for flawlessly recording this impressive minute we’ll always remember! Do not neglect you can locate much more wedding event information on our Ruffled article, as well as make certain to have a look at our various other wedding event do it yourself: Shoelace Wedding Celebration Dreamcatchers.

Tranquility, love & & neon, Marisa

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