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How to make amazing burger pickles

Who doesn’t love a classic cheeseburger? Check out this recipe for a perfectly cooked burger with homemade dill pickles, mayo and lots of cheese!

Who doesn’t love a good cheeseburger? In this case, I went classic. A classic done right. First off, you need some good ground beef. Has to be 20% fat. No compromises here.

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Next comes the cheese. I’m not at all against traditional American cheese with this sort of burger, but I went for yellow cheddar. It’s just my preference. Then we have lettuce, tomato, grilled onions, ketchup and a couple of homemade condiments.

I personally think making the pickles and mayo from scratch bring this cheeseburger to another level. They are just so good. Plus pickling and mayo-making skills are good ones to have, so why not practice with this cheeseburger?

classic-cheeseburger-with-homemade-dill-pickles, mayo plus pickles 2

Now that cheddar ended up completely enrobing my cheeseburger! But hey, what’s wrong with that? I promise the burger under there is grilled to perfection. It’s juicy, flavorful and still a little pink, just how I like it. Top it off with a sesame seed bun and dig in!

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