how to make an aquarium cake

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How to make an aquarium cake

If you love the ocean, you have GOT to have this DIY Aquarium Cake and these fish cupcakes in your life! Simple cake decorating tutorial at the link! This is the perfect kid party cake.Great for Pinning Image Pin It Button My kids are stressed with anything as well as every little thing undersea, similar to me. We appreciate mosting likely to fish tanks, have a pair freshwater containers as well as a deep sea container at our home, stroll the fish aisles at the animal shop simply for enjoyable … you might state we are fish “fin-addicts” (you understand, like enthusiasts … of course, I’m so amusing.)

Currently, I have every one of these remarkable points I wish to show you regarding just how this undersea dependency caused my kids’ ocean-themed birthday celebration event, however that’s a blog post for an additional day. Today I wish to share just how we brought this love to their birthday celebration cake!

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I truly intended to be ingenious with this cake. We had a huge group to feed as well as I intended to ensure my children had their very own unique “birthday boy” items. As you will certainly see below, I made the fundamental cake for our visitors after that provided the kids each a fish cupcake that established nicely right into the fish tank cake When it was event time, we basic stuck candle lights in their cupcakes, they blew them out, after that we drew them off the top as well as reached reducing really fundamental form items for the partygoers. Currently, I can enhance enjoyable cakes in enjoyable forms, however my cake-serving abilities are not so excellent, so fundamental is finest!

Taking a look at this cake, you might be assuming, “There is no way I could make that.” I wish to ensure you that it is not fairly as hard as it might look! The advantage regarding fish tanks is that your base layer of icing does not need to be flawlessly level; it can be bumpy like water. If you adhere to the detailed guidelines, this cake needs to be basic. Currently, there are a couple of locations that might call for even more “skills”, however you can maintain those components fundamental as well as not include the additional touches I did as well as you’ll be gold.

What You Required

  • Cake plate/board
  • 2 rectangle-shaped cakes
  • 2 cupcakes with linings (I made bonus simply in situation)
  • Icing (you can make your very own, however I conserve time by acquiring some from our supermarket’s bakeshop; I do not advise tinned icing)
  • Something round, like a mug or cookie cutter, a little larger than the top of the cupcakes
  • Topping Spatula
  • Food coloring (I made use of all-natural tinting for heaven layer, made from steamed red cabbage, as well as gel dyes for the remainder)
  • Graham biscuits, smashed
  • Colored embellishing gel (I made use of black as well as white as well as would certainly have made use of red had I had any kind of)
  • Sweet rocks
  • Sweet fish (I made use of 3 orange as well as one yellow in overall)
  • Frosting bags
  • Frosting couplers
  • Frosting fallen leave pointer, celebrity pointer, as well as rounded pointer
  • Sweet peach ring
  • Round cracker/cookie
  • Sweet eyes
  • Delicious chocolate chip items


1. First you will certainly wish to ensure the cake as well as cupcakes are totally cooled down.

2. Spread out a slim layer of icing onto the cake board or plate. This will certainly protect against the cake from gliding about.

Aquarium and Fish Cupcakes Step 1 3. Meticulously reduce the cakes to ensure they rest level. Location one inverted on the cake board/plate.

Aquarium Cake and Fish Cupcakes Step 2 4. Take the various other cake as well as utilize the mug or cookie cutter to get rid of round forms. I did 2 of these as we had 2 cupcakes (one for every of my kids.)

Aquarium Cake and Fish Cupcakes Step 3 5. Include a layer of icing to the top of the complete cake on the board after that put the cake with openings ahead.

Aquarium Cake and Fish Cupcakes Step 4 6. Spread on a “crumb layer” of icing. A crumb layer is the slim layer of icing that will certainly grab every one of the loosened crumbs on the cake. It is very important due to the fact that it will certainly assist protect against crumbs from revealing on your leading layer. Allow this layer rest a while to set … over night if you can (I did not directly wait that long, as my designing was pressed out to the day of the event.)

7. Currently it’s time to truly get going on this cake! Color several of the icing a light blue shade as well as scoop a lot in addition to the cake. Begin spreading out throughout the top of the cake as well as down over the sides till every little thing is covered. I likewise included some around the within the openings I made, however I did not frost all-time low of the openings. Return through the side of the topping spatula as well as meticulously scratch the icing so it looks level. It does not need to be best. It is intended to resemble water, nevertheless.

Aquarium Cake and Fish Cupcakes Step 5 8. While the icing is still damp, spray some squashed up graham biscuit under side of the top of the cake. Tiny pinches at once functions finest. Touch down on the crumbs a little bit if required to ensure they stay with the icing as well as do not all diminish.

Aquarium Cake and Fish Cupcakes Step 6 9. Time to truly enhance! Utilize some tinted embellishing gel to laugh at coral reefs styles. I made one that looks type of like a tree. You can simply include squiggles or something extra complex!

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Aquarium Cake and Fish Cupcakes Step 7 10. Include some sweet rocks along the graham biscuit sand. Lower delicately so they remain in location as well as do not roll off or retreat the graham biscuits.

11. Stick a couple of sweet fish occasionally. If you desire, go the additional action as well as include gel to provide makes! I made use of orange fish as well as provided white as well as black designing gel red stripes to make them resemble clownfish.

Aquarium Cake and Fish Cupcakes Step 8 12. Include a couple of white gel topping bubbles over the fish.

13. Location the couplers right into the icing bags according to the plan guidelines after that connect the embellishing pointers. For this action, you will certainly require the fallen leave pointer as well as eco-friendly icing. Press gently, beginning with the pointer on top of the “sand” (with the “v” component of the pointer ahead; the icing will certainly eject the sides as well as the steel “v” will certainly provide you that good fold) as well as draw the icing bag up to make algae. Launch as well as draw outside at the end to make sharp pointers.

** Specialist pointer: Fold up the top of the bag completely over your hand prior to filling up. This will certainly assist maintain points a little cleanser. Fill up the bags regarding 3/4 complete after that draw the top of the bag back up as well as turn it. Press the frosting down a little by pressing after that press a little icing back right into the dish to ensure any kind of air bubbles are out.

Yellow Flavor Fish Cupcake!

Okay, so evidently I do not have all the detailed images for this set, as well as the top quality isn’t excellent (lights!) however ideally you can understand.

14. Utilize a topping spatula to spread out some yellow icing in addition to the cupcake.

Aquarium Cake and Fish Cupcakes Step 10 15. Cut a sweet peach ring in fifty percent as well as stretch/flatten simply a little bit. This will certainly be your top as well as lower fins, so the top as well as base of the frozen component of the cupcake.

16. Flatted a yellow sweet fish after that sufficed right into 3 pieces-the tail, the body, as well as the mouth.

Aquarium Cake and Fish Cupcakes Step 11 17. Stick the sweet mouth where your fish’s mouth need to be, your tail fin on the back, as well as round the edges of the body get rid of your fingers as well as stick it in the center of your cupcake for an additional fin.

18. Location a sweet eye on the icing a little over the mouth after that include some accents … I made use of a white designing gel red stripe throughout the center of the fish’s body so it appears like a yellow flavor (my favored fish!) after that included a smile as well as lines on the side as well as tail fins making use of black designing gel. Allot.

Flatterer Fish Cupcake!

19. Repeat action 13, just this time around you will certainly be making use of a beige-colored icing as well as the celebrity pointer. Press delicately, pushing the pointer near the top of the cupcake, as well as when it has a respectable quantity appearing because place, launch the stress as well as bring up to make the icing resemble spikes. Do this till the whole top of the cupcake is covered.

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Aquarium Cake and Fish Cupcakes Step 12 20. Cut your round biscuit in fifty percent after that halved once again. Locate your 2 finest items as well as utilize these as fins. Stick them right into the icing on either side of the cupcake.

Aquarium Cake and Fish Cupcakes Step 13 21. Cut off the crinkled pointer of 2 delicious chocolate chips. Touch all-time lows with each other as well as stick it right into the facility of the cupcake to make lips (see completed images over or listed below) as well as include 2 sweet eyes over it. Allot.

End Up the Fish Tank

22. I went a little additional as well as included even more designs to the cake. I made use of a rounded pointer as well as a celebrity pointer to make orange icing coverings (utilize the scalloped covering technique * listed below for these.) The round pointer was made use of to make a triangular after that I did a scallop over the top of the triangular. Take care when making these over the graham biscuit crumbs, as the crumbs might bring up as well as mistake.

Aquarium Cake and Fish Cupcakes Step 15 23. Include scalloped covering boundary around the base. I did a coral reefs shade for this. * To make coverings, you will certainly utilize the celebrity icing pointer as well as it is really comparable to just how we did the flatterer fish. Begin with the pointer near the base of the cake, press delicately so frosting starts ahead out after that bring up as well as ahead really somewhat as well as return about as well as draw back in the direction of the cake plate as well as launch. Do the following scallop right over completion of the initial as well as proceed by doing this right around. If you require even more aid with cake designing pointers, I advise taking a look at YouTube! Maybe I will do a basic cake embellishing collection in the future … would certainly you such as to see that?

Aquarium Cake and Fish Cupcakes Step 16 24. If you desire, you can include a couple of even more little accents like I did. I just included some pearls making use of white designing gel after that returned to the eco-friendly icing as well as included a bit extra algae from all-time low.

Aquarium Cake and Fish Cupcakes Step 17 25. Location the cupcakes right into the openings on the large cake as well as you prepare to go! I located these lovable fish candle lights to accompany it.

Aquarium Cake with Fish Cupcakes Light those candle lights, you await of-fish-ally the coolest event ever before!

Aquarium Cake and Fish Cupcakes Lit Candles PS, the cake was a tasty hit! My youngest was pondering slipping a little his sibling’s cupcake.

Aquarium Cake and Fish Cupcakes Sneaky Brother Love cupcakes as well as cake designing? You’ll enjoy these Chewbacca Cupcakes! Super basic as well as there’s also a video clip!

Remain tuned! I’m really feeling some even more sea animal cupcake tutorials are essential in the future! ANDS ALSO, my event blog post with some enjoyable tasks as well as even more ocean-themed tutorials coming quickly!

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That do you understand that likes all points undersea? Which sort of fish or sea animal is your fave? Show to me in the remarks listed below.

If you determine to do this task, I would certainly enjoy for you to share on my Facebook web page or email me at [email protected]!

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