How to make an owl cupcake cake

How to make an owl cupcake cake is a fun and easy way to decorate your child's birthday cake. This idea is perfect for any occasion, such as a party or just because.

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How to make an owl cupcake cake

Easy Owl Cupcakes

Hoot Sugary Food! These cupcakes are owl-out charming with their oreo eyes and also plumes of buttercream.

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Cinnamon Sugar Cupcakes

As well as these cinnamon sugar cupcakes do not injure either. They’re the excellent canvas to embellish with simply buttercream and also a couple of edible add to make little owls. Intend to see?

Piping Owl Cupcakes

Begin by utilizing a tiny round # 10 embellishing pointer. Pipeline concerning 5-6 large dots of buttercream around the lower side of the cupcake top. Pipeline and also draw the icing right into a slim layer. Pipeline an additional row on top of the very first row. Continue piping rows of dots right into rather of a triangular form.

Piping Owl Wings

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For the wings, make use of a # 18 pointer to pipeline icing on either side of the owl’s breast (covering the remainder of the cupcake surface area) and afterwards spray cinnamon sugar over the wings for structure.

Owl Cupcake

Currently it’s time to place the faces on. Yeah! We require some large eyes.

Oreo Minis

They’re used Oreo Minis. As well as if you have actually ever before opened up a bag of these and also divided the cookies, after that you recognize they are dappled with cookie crumbs. To repair that, you can cool the cookies and afterwards make use of a toothpick to carefully clean or remove the crumbs.

Owl Cupcake Add-Ons

Better! Usage black sweet treasures or M&M’s for the owl’s students. Simply push one right into the center of each cookie creme.

Decorating Owl Cupcakes

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To bring everything with each other, make use of the round embellishing pointer once more and also pipeline a line of frosting down the facility of the cupcake, beginning with the leading row of breast plumes towards the top of the cupcake. Push the cookie eyes in setting on either side of the piped line and also include a black sunflower seed for the beak. Pipeline a buttercream eyebrow over the top of the 2 cookie eyes and also make use of a toothpick to include structure.

Owl Cupcakes

See … so charming!!!

Big Eyed Owl Cupcakes

The eyes have it!

Owl cupcakes


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