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Making homemade artisanal dill pickles is easy and economical. These are perfect for summertime, but they are also great to have on hand throughout the year.

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How to make artisanal dill pickles

Making pickles at home couldn’t be simpler! Here are easy recipes for quick refrigerator homemade pickles to get you started.

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Are you a pickle fan? Well you’re in luck, because making pickles at home couldn’t be easier! Why make homemade pickles? They’re infinitely tastier than pickles from the grocery store. And, you’ll have a sense of accomplishment that doesn’t come from grabbing a jar of pickles off the shelf at the store. Here are our favorite easy homemade pickles: all of them are either refrigerator pickles or quick pickles. Keep reading for the recipes.

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What are refrigerator pickles?

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First off, what are refrigerator pickles? Refrigerator pickles are vegetables that are pickled in a vinegar solution and simply refrigerated for 1 hour: no canning required! They last for 1 month in the refrigerator, instead of a year or more on the shelf like traditional canned pickles.

No special canning equipment is needed and there’s no boiling involved, which makes the entire process fast and simple. Refrigerator pickles last 1 month in the fridge, versus indefinitely at room temp with unopened canned pickles. But they’re so deliciously crunchy, you’ll eat them much faster than that!

What are quick pickles?

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Quick pickles are vegetables that are pickled in a vinegar, water, and salt solution and stored in the refrigerator. Sometimes, the term “quick pickles” means something that doesn’t even make it into a jar. You might make our Quick Pickled Red Onions to go on a pizza or tacos. Or this Korean ramen recipe is served with quick pickled cucumbers.

And now…the best homemade pickles recipes!


Last updated: July 2020

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