how to make asian dessert with pandan leaf

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How to make asian dessert with pandan leaf

There is a secret ingredient in this coconut panna cotta – coconut milk!

The coconut panna cotta I had at a local cafe changed my perception towards this dessert recently. Although I do not fancy about sweet desserts, this panna cotta capture my attention, and I indulged to its unique flavor and delicate texture immediately.

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The traditional panna cotta tastes and looks pleasing with various types of berries and syrups. However, this luscious panna cotta I had blends seamlessly into the creamy texture of cream with the subtle and aromatic pandan flavor.

You may notice that most of the repertoire of my recipes are mostly savory dishes, with only a few desserts and cakes.

But what attracts me by this coconut panna cotta is the unique combination of flavor. I love to create new recipes and explore various options to blend in Asian flavor to western desserts.


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Coconut panna cotta infused with pandan flavor

When I was back to my kitchen, I had made a few variants of coconut panna cotta settle with one that I like. This panna cotta incorporates more Asian flavor into it, with not just pandan, but groundnuts and coconut milk too.

After all the tweaks on the originals recipe, I wonder it is still qualified to call it panna cotta.

All I know panna cotta is a luscious dessert made with cream which is popular throughout Italy, and frequently served along with fruits and rose syrup which provides the delicate and lovely floral flavor.

Is it still consider panna cotta with all the tweaks?

And the dictionary defines it as a chilled dessert made with cream. Milk is simmered with sugar and flavorings and set with gelatin. I also know that panna cotta means cooked cream in Italy.

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Since my recipe fits into the definition, I will officially include coconut panna cotta into the menu of my cafe.

11 Tips to be successful in making coconut panna cotta

  • Panna cotta looks great if you unmold it on a plate. Chill the panna cotta for at least half a day before you attempt to it.
  • Lightly oil the inner surface of the ramekin help to make the delicate dessert slide out from the milk. Oil should be minimum to avoid affecting the taste of the panna cotta. Use a clean finger to do it is the best.
  • If the panna cotta is unable to slide out, dip the ramekin into the hot water bath for another five seconds and repeat the process.
  • Add the gelatin in warm milk, not cold milk. Gelatin will form lumps in cold milk and water.
  • Do not boil the gelatin. Boil gelatin will never thicken. The best way is to add the bloomed gelatin into the mixture cool to below 130 °F (55°C).
  • Blend the pandan leave to and boil it to extract the flavor. Brewing the whole cut pieces of leaves without blending it is not an efficient way to extract the flavor.
  • Substitute fresh coconut with coconut milk in can or cartons is fine. Natural coconut milk contains about 25% of fat. Check the content of the coconut milk (or coconut cream) on the supermarket shelf is around this percentage. Otherwise, it is probably a diluted version.
  • Panna cotta can be kept chilled for up to three days. The texture will turn rubbery and harder beyond three days. (Panna cotta should be wobbly and velvety smooth, not rubbery.)
  • Groundnut is my choice, but crushed walnut works well too.
  • Some recipes use toasted shredded coconut meat as the topping instead of nuts. You may want to try if you do not want to use any nuts.
  • You may serve it with creme Anglaise, but I like the flavor combination of chocolate and pandan.

What made this recipe special?

The panda panna cotta has a custard-like texture with light green color. It is a head turner in a party with its unique decoration with pandan leaves, the crushed groundnuts, and the unusual color.

Coconut panna cotta is utterly simple to prepare. It takes you less than twenty minutes to make, and half a day in the refrigerator to let it set before serving.

The roasted groundnuts offer a nice contrast to creamy panna cotta. You may want to substitute with other nuts like toasted almonds, but I will stick with for dust with the hope to infuse more Asian elements in it.

You can enjoy this coconut panna cotta with fresh berries, baked fruit compote, creme Anglaise or your favorite jam. I prefer to dazzle some chocolate sauce on it, as paired perfectly with the coconut flavor.

This recipe is a great interplay of Asian flavor with the creamy texture of custard. You can make ahead some coconut panna cotta for your next party. Your guest will stare at it wide-eyed and ask for more for this creamy Asian flavored dessert.

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coconut panna cotta
coconut panna cotta

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