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how to make banana ice cream in a food processor

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How to make banana ice cream in a food processor
Bowl of strawberry, matcha, peanut butter, and salted caramel Banana Nice Cream

In the procedure of performing our blender or food processor testimonial, we bumped into the obstacle of banana gelato (additionally called “nice cream”), which can be challenging if you do not understand what you’re doing! Believe beefy gelato, drippy gelato, blender or food processor exhaustion, as well as whatever in between.

We found out a great deal at the same time, which we have actually distilled below in this ULTIMATE Overview to Banana Gelato, plus 10 very easy as well as scrumptious tastes to attempt!

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Chopping bananas to make Banana Ice Cream

What behaves Lotion?

Banana gelato, additionally described as “nice cream,” is an incredibly simple, plant-based variation of gelato made with a base of simply 1 active ingredient: bananas!

It’s normally made in either a blender or food processor or food mill depending upon the tools offered as well as your concerns (overall time, hands-on time, amount, and so on). We share the advantages and disadvantages of each technique listed below!

Plate of sliced banana chunks for adding to the freezer for Banana Nice Cream

Tips for Success

  • Usage ripe, erratic bananas for ideal flavor/sweetness
  • Peel as well as cut right into 1/2-inch pieces rather than big portions, which can be harder to mix
  • Freeze in a solitary layer to avoid big globs (parchment paper on a flat pan is our preferred method to avoid adhering to the frying pan!)
  • If you’re having problem mixing, allow the banana thaw for a couple of mins. This will certainly permit it to soften as well as end up being simpler to mix. Conversely, you can include 1 Tablespoon (15 ml) each time of dairy-free milk to urge mixing. Yet take care with this technique as it’s the fastest method to obtain drippy banana gelato.
  • For real “ice cream” structure vs. soft offer, just spread out right into a Tupperware or loaf frying pan as well as freeze for 2-3 hrs After that scoop with a gelato inside story! If also solid, allow thaw 15-30 mins to soften.
Food processor of frozen banana chunks for making Banana Ice Cream

Food mill vs. High-Speed Mixer

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Making use of either a mixer or a blender or food processor will certainly help making banana gelato.

For ideal structure, we favor a blender or food processor, however, for an easier-to-master technique, a mixer is the method to go!

Partially chopped frozen bananas for making Banana Nice Cream in a food processor


  • Normally takes a bit longer (5 mins vs 2-3 mins in a blender or food processor).
  • Needs periodic childcare. Or else, reasonably hands-off
  • Not rather as smooth— can be a little bit harder to completely mix as well as make sure there is no chunkiness.
Spoon with a scoop of Banana Ice Cream in a food processor

Blender Or Food Processor

  • Quick! High-speed blender or food processors (specifically a Vitamix) with a meddle can make banana wonderful lotion in 2-3 mins, or depending upon the electric motor power as well as ability, also 1 min!
  • Needs childcare as well as making use of the meddle during.
  • Can be exacerbating to the electric motor, as well as can in some cases need picking up breaks
  • Can make bigger amounts
Frozen banana chunks in a blender for making Banana Ice Cream

We have actually had success with both the Vitamix 5200 as well as Kitchenaid KSB8270FP Pro Line Collection. See our complete blender or food processor testimonial below.

Banana Nice Cream in a Vitamix blender


The taste choices for banana gelato are unlimited! For many tastes, you can just include the tastes after the bananas have actually currently been become “nice cream”:

  1. Vanilla (1 tsp vanilla remove)
  2. Eco-friendly Desire (1 tsp spirulina + 1-2 tsp matcha)
  3. Delicious Chocolate (2 Tablespoon cacao or cacao powder)
  4. Delicious Chocolate Nut Butter (2 Tablespoon cacao butter + 2 Tablespoon nut butter)
  5. Peanut Butter (2-3 Tablespoon peanut butter or various other nut butter or selection)
  6. Delicious Chocolate Tahini (see this dish)
  7. Cookie Dough (see this dish)

But also for the complying with tastes, include the fruit at the very same time as the bananas:

  1. Strawberry (1 mug icy strawberries)
  2. Berry (1 mug icy combined berries)
  3. Sea Salt Sugar (4-6 drenched matched days + healthy and balanced pinch sea salt)
Ingredients for making flavor variations of Banana Nice Cream


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If you have actually ever before been to a gelato store where you reach pick your garnishes, you understand there are many various choices! The very same uses below.

A few of our preferred covering concepts consist of:

  • Chopped fresh fruit (such as kiwi, banana, or berries)
  • Cacao nibs
  • Nut butter
  • Shredded coconut
  • Seed biking blends
Bowls of Banana Nice Cream in different flavors

We wish you enjoy this gelato! It’s: CreamyFluffySweetFruityRefreshing& & Delicious!

It’s ideal at any time you’re yearning a much healthier treat (or when you require to consume added bananas)! It would certainly additionally be enjoyable as a homemade gelato bar, enabling everybody to personalize with various tastes as well as garnishes.

Extra Banana Treat Recipes

  • Vegan Peanut Butter Banana Dessert
  • Vegan Banana Lotion Pie
  • Raw Vegan Banana Lotion Pie
  • 5-Minute Raw Banana Split

If you attempt this dish, allow us understand! Leave a remark, price it, as well as do not fail to remember to identify a picture #minimalistbaker on Instagram. Thanks, good friends!

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Bowl of strawberry banana ice cream with bananas and strawberries on top

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