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how to make banana ice cream without blender

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How to make banana ice cream without blender

Banana gelato, likewise called great lotion, is my preferred healthy and balanced gelato since it fasts and also simple to prepare, with just 1 cornerstone needed. Today I’m mosting likely to reveal you exactly how to make it, without a gelato manufacturer!

banana ice cream flavors in a glass

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When you ice up a banana, it ends up being amazingly velvety, which is why it makes dishes like my Peanut Butter Banana Shake and also Strawberry Banana Healthy smoothie so milkshake-like.

Just How to Freeze Bananas

Prior to you ice up bananas for gelato, it is necessary that you peel them initial (or the peel can be stuck for life), and after that cut them right into coins. I reduce each banana piece regarding 1/2-inch thick, yet it’s trivial to be accurate.

Reducing the banana right into little items assists it damage down much faster when you mix it, offering you a thick & & velvety gelato, without making your mixer job also hard.

bananas sliced and on a pan to freeze

Once the bananas are cut, organize them in a solitary layer on a huge flat pan covered with parchment paper. You do not desire them to ice up adhered to the frying pan, so it is necessary that there is an obstacle like parchment paper or a silicone floor covering. I can typically fit around 4 to 5 big bananas onto a solitary frying pan.

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Freeze the bananas overnight, after that move them to a closed container to save for longer. (By doing this they will not get the preferences or scents from your fridge freezer.) Icing up the chopped banana on a frying pan initially makes certain that they will not stick in a huge glob, so they will certainly be less complicated to mix for shakes or gelato.

banana ice cream in food processor

Just How to Make It

Making banana gelato is as simple as including the icy chopped bananas to the dish of mixer fitted with an “S” blade, and after that pushing a switch. You do not need to include anything else, yet you might require to quit and also scuff the equipment down one or two times to see to it every little thing maintains relocating and also mixing.

Ordinary banana gelato has a fantastic appearance, yet it isn’t super-sweet if your taste are utilized to standard gelato. (If you do not usually utilize sugar, it’s plenty wonderful on its very own.)

For something a little sweeter, you can include a touch of syrup or honey to the mixer to mix in addition to the bananas, or attempt among the taste mixes listed below.

chocolate strawberry and peanut butter banana ice cream

Taste Variants

If you intend to jazz up the taste of your banana gelato, attempt among the complying with alternatives. Bear in mind that these dimensions are simply ideas, so make certain to taste it as you go and also readjust the flavor up until it tastes excellent to you.

  • Peanut Butter + Banana (Include 1 tbsp natural peanut butter per icy banana; this is my preferred variation! I have actually been making peanut butter banana gelato for many years.)
  • Strawberry Banana Gelato (Include 1/2 mug icy strawberries + 1 tbsp of syrup per icy banana; you can likewise change the syrup with 2 matched days + 2 tbsps water.)
  • Dual Delicious Chocolate Banana Gelato (Include 1 tbsp bitter cacao powder + 1 tbsp syrup per banana + a spray of mini chocolate chips; additionally you can likewise include a sprinkle of vanilla and also 1 tbsp of almond butter for included creaminess.)
  • Delicious Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Gelato (Include 1 tbsp peanut butter + 1 tbsp cacao powder + 1 tbsp syrup)

The mixes are unlimited, so do not hesitate to likewise assimilate any type of various other active ingredients you like, such as raspberries, blueberries, cinnamon, pumpkin, and also much more.

Can you Freeze It?

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Banana Gelato has a “soft serve” uniformity quickly after you make it, and also you can offer it as soon as possible like that. Nonetheless, if you intend to make it in advance or if you desire a scoop-able uniformity much more like standard gelato, move the gelato to a recipe that you can position in the fridge freezer.

banana ice cream frozen and scooped

I locate that banana gelato is the simplest to scoop after it’s remained in the fridge freezer for regarding 2 hrs. If you freeze it over night, it will certainly be much harder in appearance, and also you’ll require to allow it remain on the counter at space temperature level for 15 to 20 mins to allow it thaw and also soften up once more.

You can ice up ready banana gelato in a closed container for approximately 3 months. Make certain it’s snugly covered to avoid fridge freezer melt.

Banana Gelato Nourishment (for 1 banana): Calories: 121, Fat: 1g, Carbohydrates: 31g, Fiber: 4g, Healthy Protein: 1g

Dish Notes:

  • I usually utilize 1 icy banana each when making this healthy and balanced gelato, yet I have actually located that my 12-cup mixer manages 2 to 3 bananas much better than simply one by itself. You can utilize a tiny mixer when making this gelato for just one individual, or you can make a bigger set and also freeze it for later on.
  • This dish is a taste-as-you-go sort of procedure, so do not quit changing the taste up until it tastes excellent for you! You can constantly position the gelato back in the fridge freezer if it obtains also soft from over-processing.

If you attempt this dish, please leave a remark listed below allowing me recognize exactly how you like it. As well as if you attempt an additional taste mix, I would certainly enjoy to read about it! We can all take advantage of your experience.

Visitor Comments: Have you attempted banana gelato yet? I initially began making it over one decade back, throughout a quick “raw food phase” that I was experimenting with, and also it’s stuck to me since!

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