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Banga Soup | Niger-Delta style palm nut soup

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How to make banga soup

Banga soup is just one of the most effective beneficial soups you can make with hand nut. All it takes is a selection of flavor flavors, a selection of meat as well as fish, as well as completing it off with a touch of beletete to boost this soup. It’s a simple dish that supplies fantastic outcomes!.

Palm nut soup served in a black bowl

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Banga soup

Soups as well as stews are a considerable part of the African food, as well as we have a lot of it in addition to this Banga soup dish like Turkey Stew, Ayamase stew, Stewed Spinach (Efo riro), Egusi Soup, poultry pepper soup, as well as far more.

Palm-nut soup with or without fresh fish

Banga Soup can be prepared making use of fresh catfish (fresh fish Banga soup) or dried/smoked fish.

In this dish, I selected dried out fish as well as stockfish, however you can absolutely make use of fresh catfish if that’s your choice. In either case, this soup is extremely tasty with or without fresh catfish. You can also go a little additional by including okra.

Banga Soup with meat served in a white bowl

Components: What goes inside my Banga soup?

  • Beef: I made use of beef in this dish however you can make use of a selection of meat of your selection like tripe, cow leg, or any kind of various other beef component of your selection.
  • Onion: A necessary fragrant that improves the taste of the beans. You can make use of any kind of selection – white, yellow, or red.
  • Cameroon Pepper: This is made use of to include a little warm to the soup. You can make use of chili pepper or red chili flakes if you do not have Cameroon pepper as well as if you desire much less warm, simply avoid it.
  • Fish And Shellfish: Fresh Shrimps, crayfish, catfish, stockfish (dried out cod), completely dry fish, periwinkles. These are some fish and shellfish alternatives that you can make use of. Nonetheless, in this dish, I made use of crayfish, stockfish, as well as dried out fish.
  • Habanero or scotch hood: Either will certainly function
  • Palm-nut fruit concentrate: I made use of the tinned variation. Nonetheless, you can make use of the fresh hand nut fruit if you have accessibility to it.
  • Banga flavor: A combination mix of Ataiko as well as Irugeje in a completely dry mill. Conveniently readily available in African shops.
  • Banga flavor leaves( Beletete fallen leaves): You can replace with dried out basil, bitter fallen leave or dried out scent fallen leaves
  • Oburunbebe stick: You can obtain this from African shops or below on amazon.com
  • Dried Out Fish: cleaned as well as taken in warm water.
  • Salt: Include salt as well as spices powder or spices dices to taste.
  • Water/stock: The hand nut concentrate is fairly thick, water is required to loosen it up a little bit. I additionally included the recouped beef supply to increase the preference of the soup. If you do not have any kind of supply you can include a bit even more spices powder (supply dice).

Tips for Making One of the most tasty Banga Soup

  1. Period as well as flavor to your degree. This is the enjoyable as well as innovative component of food preparation this soup. Banga requires a handful of flavor as well as spices so make certain to taste as you go as well as readjust the tastes as you such as.
  2. An excellent completing: I constantly complete this soup with beletete. It includes splendor as well as makes the tastes come active. If you do not have that, do not hesitate to make use of bitter fallen leaves or scent fallen leaves.
  3. Make sufficient for the following day: A lot of soups taste much better on the 2nd day, consisting of Banga, so make certain to make sufficient to have

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Do not opt for dull Banga Soup! Make it ideal as well as you’ll have everybody pleading for secs … as well as thirds …

Watch Exactly How To Make Banga Soup Below:

What is Banga Soup?

Banga soup is a scrumptious soup made from hand nut fruit, a selection of seasonings, as well as a selection of meat as well as fish. It is a prominent soup in the Niger Delta component of Nigeria, especially the Urhobo ethnic team.

Banga is additionally famously referred to as Hand nut soup as well as it’s not just preferred in Nigeria, it’s additionally a special in Ghana as well as Cameroon.

In Ghana, hand nut soup is called abenkwan In Cameroon, it’s referred to as Mbanga. While in Nigeria, it is called Banga soup, with alternative names such as ofe akwu, oghwo amiedi, or izuwo ibiedi depending upon the people, the active ingredients made use of, as well as the setting of prep work.

Banga soup is made use of to come with various other recipes such as fufu, banku, eba, battered yam, rice, steamed plantains, and so on

Is Banga soup great for you?

If you’re asking yourself if Banga soup benefits you, the solution is yes! Banga soup is nourishing!!.

  • It is abundant in minerals
  • It consists of unsaturated fat.
  • Aids in the therapy of vitamin A shortage
  • Abundant in vitamin k,
  • Rich in anti-oxidants
  • Consists of lots of nutrients that sustain excellent mind feature
  • as well as far more! …

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According to study, Hand oil has actually been medically revealed to safeguard the heart as well as capillary from plaques as well as ischemic injuries. Hand oil taken in as a nutritional fat as a component of a healthy and balanced well balanced diet plan does not have step-by-step danger for cardio illness. Find out more below

If you are attracted away by the high-calorie material, I will certainly desire you to reassess your position as well as not lose out on this tasty soup.

a close in picture of Palmut soup in a black bowl.

Exactly How To Make Banga Making Use Of Fresh Hand Bit Fruit

    • Steam the hand bit fruit for half an hour up until it ends up being soft.
    • Transfer the nuts right into a mortar as well as extra pound carefully, seeing to it you do not damage the nuts.
    • Put some warm water over the pounded nuts, press as well as make use of a screen to stress out the remove – do this a number of times up until you obtain all the remove from the nut.
  • Put the remove in a pot as well as boil up until it enlarges as well as the oil climbs to the top. After that proceed with the continuing to be procedure in this dish listed below.

You can get a few of the active ingredients I made use of in this dish listed below:

  • Palm-nut concentrate
  • Oburunbebe stick


  1. I have actually made use of the tinned hand nut concentrate in this dish. This makes the procedure of making bangs a little simpler as well as faster than the typical approach which needs making the hand nut remove on your own. Nonetheless, I have actually supplied a note on exactly how to make Banga making use of the fresh hand nut fruit listed below.
  2. You can steam your meat for basically than half an hour, depending upon the meat kind you make use of. Harder meat cut will certainly prepare longer while softer meat cut will certainly prepare much shorter.

Various other tasty soups as well as stews you will certainly enjoy:

  • Ogbono soup: Thick as well as passionate soup made with Ogbono seeds (wild mango seeds) filled with meats as well as fish simmered in a light tasty brew.
  • Okra Soup: A well-liked soup!
  • West African Hen Peanut Soup: If you like Peanut Buttery you’re mosting likely to enjoy this peanut butter soup dish. This soup is not just simple to make however unbelievably tasty!
  • Hen Pepper soup: This simple to create poultry pepper soup is filled with spicy, strong, as well as passionate tastes. It’s so simple to make as well as you can barely fail placing this with each other.
  • Goat meat pepper soup: Passionate African soup made with Goat meat cutlets or pieces, pepper soup flavor as well as various other gorgeous dressings
  • The very best Egusi soup dish: Believe Me on this. It’s the most effective!
  • Nigerian Hen Stew: This dish was made with a little spin from the typical. Inspect it out!

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