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how to make beef stew soup

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How to make beef stew soup

This Beef Stew Dish is excellent for the cooler climate! Tender beef is simmered in beef brew with potatoes, onions, celery, peas, and also carrots up until thaw in your mouth tender. It’s home cooking paradise!

I offer beef stew with half an hour supper rolls or Homemade Buttermilk Biscuits to absorb any kind of sauce in all-time low of the dish!

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Overhead shot of Beef Stew in a big white pot

Beef stew is a timeless supper staple in many families around the globe. There are soup and also stew adjustments of beef stew like my favored Easy Burger Soup and also social variants like Hungarian Stew, yet this timeless beef stew dish is a favored for me!

Exactly How To Make Beef Stew

Scorching the beef items prior to you include the supply makes such a distinction in the taste you obtain from the soup. It’s truly the only opportunity you need to obtain that scrumptious caramelization on the meat!

As the veggies and also brew simmer, you will truly begin to discover the tastes in the stew escalate. Peas prepare rapidly so I include them in the last couple of mins!

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This stew dish is likewise the excellent method to consume any kind of veggies you may require to consume. If you have actually obtained remaining baked potatoes, polished carrots or fried mushrooms, simply slice ‘em up up and throw them in!

White bowl of Beef Stew

How To Thicken Beef Stew

Beef stew will thicken a bit naturally thanks to the starches in the potatoes and the dredging of the beef, but I always like to thicken it a little bit more.

Stew can be thickened by giving the vegetables a quick mash or you can use either flour or cornstarch. My preferred method for thickening beef stew (and the method used in this beef stew recipe) is to use a cornstarch slurry.

How to Make a Slurry

A slurry is super easy to make! Combine equal parts cornstarch and water and stir. I told you it was easy!!

Pour this mixture a little bit at a time into bubbling soup or stew to thicken until you reach desired consistency. Once your stew is thickened, allow it to boil at least 1-2 minutes to ensure you cook out any starchy flavor.

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If left to sit before adding to the soup or stew, a slurry will settle within a couple of minutes so be sure to give it a stir before adding it. I sometimes mix the cornstarch with low sodium (or no sodium) broth instead of water.

White bowl of Homemade Beef Stew with a spoon

Can You Freeze Beef Stew?

Yes, you can absolutely freeze beef stew! I like to freeze it in freezer bags in single servings portions so I can take one portion out for lunches (or four out for dinner)! Defrost overnight in the refrigerator or you can defrost in the microwave (time will vary based on portion size) stirring occasionally.

What To Serve With Beef Stew

Beef stew is super perfect on it’ s very own; it is a full dish!

We normally offer it with a bread, biscuit or perhaps Garlic Crescent Rolls to absorb any kind of brew! I likewise enjoy offering it with mashed potatoes in all-time low of the dish! Also simply some smashed biscuits or crackers are all you truly require.

Overhead picture of Beef Stew in a white pot

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