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In order to make blueberry sauce from frozen blueberries, you will need a blender or food processor. In the blender, add 1/2 cup of frozen blueberries and 3 tablespoons of sugar. Blend until smooth. Add 1/4

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How to make blueberry sauce from frozen blueberries

Homemade blueberry sauce is a recipe that will dress up all your favorite desserts and brunches!

Blueberry sauce is so easy to make and can quickly be made with fresh or frozen berries! It’s simply heavenly spooned over homemade ice cream or cheesecake!

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Homemade Blueberry Sauce in a jar with spoonful beside it

Best Blueberry Sauce

Blueberry sauce is the perfect way to enjoy those fresh summer berries!

We love to swirl it into the batter of a vanilla bundt cake or drizzle cream and blueberry sauce over pancakes, waffles or a bowl of hot oatmeal.

It’s delicious made with fresh or frozen berries and takes just minutes to prepare!

blueberries in a bowl with sugar beside it to make Homemade Blueberry Sauce


Homemade blueberry sauce can easily be modified and played around with to make it your own!

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BERRIES No blueberries on hand? That’s fine, substitute almost any fresh or frozen fruit available, from peaches to blackberries. We definitely want to give a shout-out to the humble strawberry though, since they taste awesome in this sauce! It may be necessary to make adjustments to the sauce thickness, but that’s easily done, and we’ll cover that later on in this post!

CORNSTARCH Arrowroot, tapioca or even psyllium husks are excellent substitute thickeners for sauce. Just be aware it may need more or less water, and be prepared to adjust cooking times as necessary. But hey, flexibility is what home cooking is all about, right?

SUGAR Substitute stevia powder, or just plain raw sugar or honey. Maple syrup is a good option too! Make blueberry sauce more or less sweet to taste or base the decision on what it’s being served with!

EXTRAS Try mixing in lemon juice or lemon zest for a tart sauce, add in chia seeds for extra health (these work as a thickener, too) or try a mix of different berries. Why not make a blueberry/raspberry sauce?

blueberrys in pan before cooking to make Homemade Blueberry Sauce

How to Make Blueberry Sauce

It’s a snap to make this bubbly and delicious blueberry sauce, and it’s super fun too!

For fresh blueberries:

  1. Combine all ingredients in a saucepan (per recipe below). (Make sure water is cold, or cornstarch may clump)
  2. Simmer until thickened.
  3. Cool before serving.

For frozen blueberries:

  • Cook blueberries and sugar in a pan until they begin to defrost.
  • Combine water and cornstarch and add into the defrosted blueberries while stirring.

Homemade Blueberry Sauce in the pan


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If the blueberry sauce is too thin:

  1. Make a slurry with cold water and cornstarch (or another favorite thickener.)
  2. Add it in a little at a time while simmering until sauce reaches desired thickness.

If the sauce is too thick:

  1. Add water a little at a time while simmering until sauce is the preferred consistency.
  2. Adjust sugar to taste.


Refrigerator storage:

Blueberry sauce keeps in the refrigerator for up to one week. After that, it’s time to make a new batch anyway, because it’s sure to disappear. Any container with a tight seal will do!

Freezer storage:

If cooking for one person or if batch cooking is the order of the day, go ahead and freeze some of this delicious blueberry sauce!

  • It will keep indefinitely but tastes the best if used within two months.
  • Use zippered freezer bags with the date on them, or any tightly sealed container with no air. Leave an inch at the top for expansion if using a glass container.

It tastes terrific cold, or warmed up on the stovetop or in the microwave. If reheating, test to see if it needs a little extra sugar, water, or lemon juice added.

What to Serve Blueberry Sauce With

It’s not hard to figure out what to use this amazing and versatile sauce for!

  • Crepes – 6 simple ingredients
  • Pancakes – quick & easy
  • French toast – perfect for brunch
  • Homemade Ice cream – no ice cream maker needed
  • Homemade Waffles – fluffy & crispy
  • Cheesecake – with 4 ingredient filling

Did your family love this Blueberry Sauce? Be sure to leave a rating and a comment below!

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