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how to make boiled peanuts dried crock pot | Family Cuisine

Boiled peanuts are a Southern delicacy that is often associated with the state of Georgia. The nuts are boiled in salt water and then left to dry in the sun for several days, giving them a crisp texture and sweet flavor.

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How to make boiled peanuts dried crock pot

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It’s so easy to make boiled peanuts in the slow cooker! All you need is a few ingredients to enjoy this simple snack!

two white bowls filled with boiled peanuts that were cooked in the Crockpot

These Crock Pot boiled peanuts are a salty snack made famous in the south-and they are ridiculously easy to make!

Reading: how to make boiled peanuts dried crock pot

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Growing up in the south, particularly in Charleston, South Carolina and Jacksonville, Florida, boiled peanuts were a staple snack for our family.

Boiled peanut stands were a common sight, and we could easily buy a paper bag or Styrofoam cup full of the salty, tender peanuts-usually hot out of the kettle.

We would sit on the front porch and eat them as the brine dripped down our arms.

three small bowls filled with crockpot boiled peanuts

Since I now live in Nashville, TN, I don’t have any roadside stands to visit, so I learned how to make a few boiled peanuts recipes at home!

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I most often make Instant Pot boiled peanuts (I also have recipes for Instant Pot Hawaiian boiled peanuts for something unique, as well as Instant Pot Cajun boiled peanuts and Crockpot Cajun boiled peanuts if you like things a little spicy!), but I realize not everyone has a pressure cooker at their disposal, so I wanted to share how to make Crock Pot boiled peanuts!

small white bowls filled with boiled peanuts in the shell, with one peanut shell cracked opened to show the tender peanuts inside

What Kind of Peanuts to Use

You need to use raw peanuts in the shell, NOT roasted peanuts, when making boiled peanuts.

When it comes to raw peanuts, there are two types: green peanuts and regular raw peanuts.

Green peanuts are fresh, raw peanuts that haven’t been dried. So they have more moisture and therefore have a shorter shelf life.

From my research, it seems it is easier to find green peanuts if you live in an area where peanuts are grown and harvested. If you have access to green peanuts in your area, feel free to use those!

In my area, I haven’t been able to find green peanuts. Instead, I use regular raw peanuts. These have been dried to make them more shelf-stable, but they haven’t been roasted. So they are raw, but not green.

I’ve been able to find these at Walmart in the nuts section. I’ve also found them at some grocery stores, such as Publix, in the fresh produce section.

If you can’t find them locally, you can order them from Amazon.

Should You Eat Boiled Peanuts Hot or Cold?

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This boils down (haha!) to personal preference. Most roadside stands serve them hot, but I eat them both ways.

After they initially cool, I store them in their brine in the refrigerator, and I don’t reheat them. I just eat them cold. I think both ways are delicious!

a bowl of boiled peanuts in the shell, with one shell cracked open to reveal two soft peanuts inside

How to Make Boiled Peanuts in the Crock Pot

To start, you’ll rinse and sort through some raw peanuts. Remove any debris or pieces of shells that need to be discarded.

Add the peanuts to the slow cooker and top with some coarse sea salt.

raw peanuts topped with coarse sea salt in a crockpot slow cooker

Next, you’ll cover the peanuts with water and cook on high for about 5-7 hours, or until the peanuts are as tender as you’d like.

peanuts boiling in a slow cooker

I recommend stirring them every so often to ensure they all get exposed to the salty brine. You may also need to add some water along the way, depending on how much evaporates.


white bowl filled with boiled peanuts

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