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how to make boiled peanuts shelled | Family Cuisine

Boiled peanuts can be made in a variety of ways, but one of the easiest is to remove the shells while they're still hot.

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How to make boiled peanuts shelled

Boiled peanuts without shell – learn how to cook raw peanuts ( without shell) in the instant pot. This buttery, soft peanuts can be enjoyed as is or add them to your chaats, salad, Buddha bowl or rice dishes.

boiled raw peanuts cooked in the instant pot held in a large spoon

While the shelled Boiled peanuts is a favorite snack among many, they are not easily peanuts is something most of us have in our pantry. While we are used to eating roasted peanuts, boiled peanuts are equally delicious.

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In India boiled peanuts are commonly used in many recipes. At home, I always like to make a big batch and use them for the whole week.

I love cooking the peanuts in the instant pot, as it has zero monitoring time. If you don’t have instant pot, you can cook them directly in the stove top or traditional pressure cooker.

Ingredients note:

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raw peanuts – we will be using raw peanuts without shell. Just make sure they are raw not the roasted kind). These are easily available in most grocery stores. I get mine in the Indian store.

Step by Step Photo Instructions:

1 – Wash and soak the peanuts in plenty of water for 4 hours.

2 – After four hours of soaking, drain all the water from the peanuts and rinse them.

3 – Add the soaked peanuts in to the steel container of the instant pot, add water and salt.

4 – Close the Instant pot lid and adjust the vent to the sealing position. Select pressure cooker/manual mode and adjust the time to 30 minutes.

5 – Once the time is up, let the pressure release naturally. Drain the water and use them as needed.

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6 – Peanuts should be soft and buttery ( but not mushy). If the peanuts are little hard, cook them for few more minutes.

saoked peanuts cooked in the instant pot for 30 minutes

Please note : The time it takes to cook the peanuts may vary depending on the age/quality of the peanuts. Mine cooked perfectly in 30 minutes. You may need little less or more time. If the peanuts are not cooked even after 30 minutes, cook them for another 10 minutes and do natural pressure release.

Serving Suggestions:

  • Boiled Peanuts can be enjoyed as it is with a cup of coffee or tea.
  • Add them to chaats (Indian savory snacks) or salads
  • Add them to the curries or rice dishes for extra protein
  • At home we also enjoy them as a side with dal and sambar.
boiled peanuts served in a white plate

Recipes which use boiled peanuts-

Corn Chaat

Peanut Sundal

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