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how to make boiled peanuts without soaking | Family Cuisine

Boiled peanuts are a Southern tradition. It's a fun and tasty way to enjoy the fall and winter months, but it can be difficult to find boiled peanuts in stores. To make your own boiled peanuts, you'll need:

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How to make boiled peanuts without soaking

Boil Raw Peanuts in Instant Pot very easily, thanks to cooking under pressure 😉 Often I like to eat some boiled peanuts along with my Chai but I only have store bought shelled raw peanuts at home, but no problem I can make that happen in my Instant pot.

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Like I mention in the video, Cooking time varies depending on the age of peanuts, yes age and also the size! If the peanuts you bought from store are fresh they take less time to cook but if the peanuts are from old stock(aged) then it will take longer time to cook. Also smaller peanuts take less time to cook than larger peanuts.

I highly suggest soaking the peanuts at least for couple of hours for easier and faster cooking, although it is not necessary but recommended. If I have time I like to soak them overnight and rinse them well before cooking.

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You can eat boiled peanuts as is like a snack or use in salads. They are very nutritious, healthy, filling and super tasty.!

Some seasonings you can do for boiled peanuts are salt, red chili powder, lime/lemon juice, curry powder, chaat masala etc. You can make these boiled peanuts in bulk and freeze them and use it whenever needed.

You can make boiled peanuts in a regular pressure cooker too, just cook for 4 to 5 whistles.

Boil Raw Peanuts in Instant Pot

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