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how to make breakfast chinese porridge

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How to make breakfast chinese porridge

Congee, one kind of rice gruel is among one of the most preferred staple food in great deals of Oriental nations, occasionally likewise worked as morning meal.

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Congee can straight be worked as a dish with various other stir-fry recipes in summer season days. We generally consume congee throughout the summer season. However occasionally we include various other grains as well as beans, like millet, mung beans as well as red beans.

As a nationwide recipe, congee can be rather various in various areas of China. For instance, in western components, one of the most preferred the rice grain generally still have some solidity as well as divided from the slim difficult. We generally prepare a huge pot as well as offer the entire family members with various other cool recipes or mix french fries. Nonetheless, congee in Cantonese food has a various meaning. Cantonese congee is steamed with a fairly bigger quantity of water for a longer time till the rice grain as well as the water is well integrated. Not pure water is embraced, individuals likewise make use of supply to prepare congee. Often, meat, fish and shellfish as well as veggies are included as well as the congee can be offered separately.

how to make congee|chinasichuanfood.com

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Congee can be prepared in a huge soup pot or, for a less complicated method, in a rice stove or immediate pot. The majority of the immediate pot as well as rice stove has a congee setting. Clay pot is commonly made use of to make Cantonese rice familycuisine.netee can be likewise made with remaining rice, which can significantly reduce the moment.

Chef’s Note

  1. Icing up the rice grain prior to food preparation can secure the food preparation procedure as well as make the congee much softer with damaged grains. One more useful suggestion is to saturate the grains prior to food preparation, likewise can accelerate the procedure. Both techniques function great individually. Or you can ice up the rice after taking in the previous as well as make the procedure also quicker.
  2. Blending some oil can aid to divide the grains as well as avoid them from sticky to the base.
  3. The rice can be included the pot with cool water or boiling water.
  4. Along with level as well as suit well with virtually every little thing white congee, we can include environment-friendly veggies, fish and shellfish, poultry or mushrooms to bring the congee vivid as well as mouthwatering.


  • 1 mug rice
  • 10-12 mugs water or supply


Clean the rice beforehand and after that saturate with tidy water for half an hour. Combine with 1/2 tbsp of veggie food preparation oil or sesame oil. Allot for 15 mins. You can ice up the rice in the previous day after saturating.

Bring the water to a steaming in a pot and after that include the drenched rice. Warmth till steaming once more as well as reduce the fire as well as proceed food preparation for half an hour.

how to make congee|chinasichuanfood.com

how to make congee|chinasichuanfood.com

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If you desire the rice to be well damaged, mix the gruel throughout food preparation in one instructions in the last 5 mins.

how to make congee|chinasichuanfood.com

The congee can be offered straight as simple white congee.

Optional for mouthwatering congee

  1. Sprinkle salt, white pepper as well as shredded ginger shreds.
  2. Include century eggs as well as proceed food preparation for 5 mins over sluggish fire.
  3. Show up the fire as well as make the congee highly steaming and after that put the marinaded pork pieces. Switch off fire as well as mix the congee a little. Allow the pork to be prepared with the continuing to be warmth of the congee. After that we obtain the tenderest meat.
  4. Offer with cut Zha-cai as well as cut scallions. You can likewise make use of deep-fried shallot, toasted peanuts as well as kimchi as garnishes.

Various other tips for mouthwatering congee

  1. Minced beef + cut celery
  2. Poultry bust + shiitake mushroom

how to make congee|chinasichuanfood.com

how to make congee|chinasichuanfood.com

how to make congee|chinasichuanfood.com

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