How to make burmese dessert called tagoo

Burmese dessert called tagoo is made by cooking rice flour with coconut milk. The mixture is then poured into a mold, which is usually round or square. The dough is cooked in a pan of boiling water for about 10 minutes.

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How to make burmese dessert called tagoo

Right Here’s a Burmese treat dish with a crunchy crust as well as soft fudgy centre. Burmese Semolina Cake (Shwegyi Sanwei Makin) is full of warm coconut flavour, excellent as a fast treat or treat.

Why We Love This

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You can appreciate this typical Burmese treat warm from the stove, or cooled to area temperature level. When cooled down, it has a great company structure making it very easy to cut right into cool squares It likewise reheats well!With a straightforward active ingredient listing it’s very easy to make in your home!We like the comparison of refined coconut as well as warm semolina flavour. It’s not extremely wonderful, so it’s excellent to appreciate as a yummy treat with a warm favorite. The structure is completely various to cakes made with normal flour, even more comparable to a thick bread dessert or Chester’s Squares/ Irish Gur CakeThe very best component is the delightfully crunchy crust from the climbing butter as it cooks, amped up with a dropping of typical white poppy seeds or sesame seeds for a scrumptious nutty preference.

What is Burmese Semolina Cake?

This is a conventional treat from Burma/Myanmar. It’s commonly offered at wedding events, birthday celebrations as well as banquets, or taken pleasure in throughout Eid events at the end of Ramadan. Yet you can likewise discover it served at road food events which is just how we initially encountered it.It passes lots of names in Burma – shwe gyi mont, sanwei makhin or sanwin makhin. In various other components of the globe you’ll discover comparable semolina cakes referred to as suji cake, sooji cake or rava cake.Toasting the semolina clenched fist aids to grow the flavour. After that the batter is two times prepared – very first on the range to include all the damp active ingredients, after that rounded off in the stove. Where We Learned ThisThis tasty Burmese Semolina Cake entered into our lives in the center of a songs event in Bagan. In spite of the soaked, swamped roads from the mid-day rainstorm, everybody remained in high spirits as the songs roared from the audio speakers as well as suppliers persistently served their products.One delay promptly captured our eye. It teemed with wonderful treats of all type of colours, fresh prepared as well as waiting to be marketed. Certainly, we needed to attempt among each! They most likely cost us regarding 60 cents all up, however we really felt much richer for the experience.It was just later on we understood we would certainly came across a piece of typical Burmese semolina cake.Similar To Laotian Vun (agar agar jelly), this wonderful Eastern treat is made with coconut lotion, which establishes it aside from comparable designs of semolina cakes discovered throughout India as well as Greece.

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That evening it was fresh prepared as well as still cozy from the stove, the poppy seed scattered leading hardly covering a soft, pudding-like center. We took a bite as well as indulged in the wonderful, coconutty flavour, wishing we would certainly discover her delay once again one last time prior to we left Bagan.

What You’ll Need

  • Semolina – This dish requires rugged ground semolina which has much less possibility of ending up being as well sticky or clumpy as you prepare the batter. Semolina is a kind of flour made from durum wheat. You can generally discover it best alongside normal all objective flour at the grocery store.
  • Brownish Sugar – You can alternative to normal sugar or hand sugar if you like.
  • Coconut Lotion – Ideally, search for coconut lotion that is a high portion of coconut remove (at the very least 60%) as well as water, without the periodontals as well as fillers that can commonly be discovered in tinned coconut lotion.
  • Poppy/ Sesame Seeds – In Burma/Myanmar the typical garnish is white poppy seeds which include a refined nutty problem. We generally make use of white sesame seeds as they’re quicker available, however you can likewise make use of chia seeds or desiccated coconut if you like.

Wandercook’s Tips

  • Make It Less Complicated – The batter will certainly enlarge as it warms up – make use of a whisk to make it simpler.
  • Deep Cooking Recipe – Make use of a meal atleast 2 inches deep, as well as make certain it’s oiled with butter, coconut oil or ghee so it appears quickly. Make use of a square or rectangular shape meal (or perhaps a loaf frying pan) so it’s very easy to cut right into also parts.
  • Employee a Close Friend – This cake is very easy to make however will certainly see you mixing the blend for 10 mins approximately as it enlarges. We advise hiring a close friend to aid you mix. You can approach them with the assurance of fresh cake at the end!
  • Bubbles While Cooking – You may see a couple of bubbles climbing to the surface area while it’s cooking in the stove – that’s the butter climbing to the top, which is what provides the cake crust that added tasty problem.


  • Offer with Gelato – Leading with gelato or whipped lotion as well as toasted coconut shavings. The cake will certainly saturate everything up as it thaws, ending up being a lot more soft as well as custardy, a little bit like tres leches milk cake.
  • Fine-tune the Flavour – Include vanilla significance, combined seasoning or liqueurs to produce your very own flavour mix. For an Indian kesari impact, flavour with cardamom, saffron as well as a dropping of salt.
  • Bake in Person Portions – Split the batter uniformly right into ramekins as well as cook for 20-30 minutes, examining regularly to prevent burning.
  • Make it Sweeter – You can increase the sugar if you’re an actual craving for sweets.
  • Include Fruit – Mix with banana, cut pineapple, dried out raisins or combined fruit right into the batter prior to cooking.
  • Include Appearance – Sprinkle the leading with poppy seeds, sesame seeds, almond pieces or smashed walnuts.
  • Oiling the Cooking Recipe – We generally make use of butter, however you can make use of coconut oil, thawed butter or ghee.
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