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how to make butterscotch ice cream

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How to make butterscotch ice cream
A bowl with 3 scoops of ice cream on a blue plate.

In 2015 for my birthday celebration, my hubby talented me an antique hand-crank gelato manufacturer (like Grampie had).

I “christened” it utilizing this dish, as well as it is my outright fave. I have actually made the dish a couple of times ever since (in addition to a few other faves), as well as we simply can not obtain sufficient of it.

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Visitor Michelle

Butterscotch Gelato

I thought about making a no-churn gelato, however with the quantity of butter in butterscotch, I really did not wish to toss an additional pint of whipping cream right into the mix, or you ‘d just have the ability to consume one spoonful.

I chose making a Sicilian gelato base for the butterscotch extravaganza.

Why This Dish Functions

Sicilian gelato is essentially a sweetened, entire milk gelato base that is enlarged with starch instead of egg.

Because it’s a whole-milk base, there is much less butterfat than a base used lotion or perhaps compromise, as well as that is very important given that the butterscotch itself currently sporting activities a stick of butter.

Nearly more vital than the quantity of butterfat is the absence of eggs in the dish. Butterscotch is such a pure taste I really did not wish to muddy it in any way by presenting egg yolks.

You’ll keep in mind the dish asks for a touch of lotion cheese too. This is a method I picked up from Jeni’s Fantastic Gelato.

Lotion cheese not just includes extra body to the base, however it likewise works as a stabilizer, aiding to maintain the gelato smooth, luscious, as well as devoid of ice crystals.

Exactly how does this job? Lotion cheese currently includes stabilizers in the type of xanthan periodontal or guar periodontal, so we can “borrow” them to aid support our gelato.

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And also as your last reward, while you can spin this in a conventional gelato manufacturer, you can likewise spin it by hand-just a couple of whisks every hr or two while it’s cold. Superb!

Exactly How To Make It


Like many home made gelato, the component checklist is rather brief as well as simple:

  • butter as well as brownish sugar: the foundation of any kind of butterscotch treat. Prepare both with each other up until the sugar has actually caramelized as well as the butter has actually browned. You can utilize light or dark brownish sugar, however I choose dark brownish. You can likewise utilize salty or saltless butter, however I choose to utilize saltless and afterwards salt to preference. Also if you utilize salty butter, it is most likely you will certainly require to include some added salt
  • entire milk: supplies the quantity for the gelato. You can replace 2% milk right here, however up the corn starch by an extra tsp or you take the chance of having icy gelato.
  • corn starch: enlarges the combination to give body to catch air as well as to maintain ice crystals tiny
  • kosher salt: for taste. Salt is an indispensable taste part of butterscotch, so do not leave it out
  • lotion cheese: supplies a touch of added fat as well as splendor while not frustrating the gelato. It likewise aids maintain it scoopable directly from the fridge freezer
  • vanilla remove: complete the taste
Collage of 6 images showing how to make butterscotch and butterscotch ice cream base.
Melt butter initially, after that include the brownish sugar. Prepare as well as mix up until the sugar caramelizes as well as the butter browns. Mix corn starch as well as milk with each other to include in the base. Boil and afterwards include softened lotion cheese as well as blend up until smooth. Not envisioned: including the very first quantity of milk to the prepared butterscotch. See video clip as well as dish for additional information.

Making the gelato base is a rather simple procedure. There are in fact a variety of means to do it, however this is exactly how I made my butterscotch base:

  1. Make butterscotch by food preparation with each other brownish sugar (I utilized enroller Dixie Crystals Light Brown Sugar although I truthfully choose dark brownish sugar for butterscotch) as well as butter up until the butter has actually browned as well as the sugar has actually caramelized.
  2. Include fifty percent of the milk as well as mix over reduced warm up until all the butterscotch has actually merged the milk.
  3. Blend the corn starch right into the remainder of the milk as well as include in the pot. Offer a boil as well as allow steam for one min.
  4. Whisk in the softened lotion cheese up until smooth.
  5. Include vanilla. (I utilized enroller Adam’s Remove Dual Vanilla.)

Can I Make Gelato Without a Gelato Manufacturer?

Yes you can. I did!

I do have this gelato manufacturer, as well as I enjoy utilizing it, however I understand not every person has a gelato manufacturer.

As well as not every person has a mixer for making no spin gelato. So for today’s gelato reward, I chose to make a traditional base (Sicilian gelato) and afterwards freeze it without a gelato manufacturer.

Exactly How To

It is a lot easier than I believed to make gelato without a gelato manufacturer. Wait. What I actually must state is I can not inform the distinction in appearance in between my gelato I make in my spin as well as gelato spun “by hand.”

I hesitated the gelato would certainly wind up a little rough or icy, however it is equally as smooth as well as decadent as my typically spun as well as no-churn gelato. Magic!

All you require is time in the house. Right here’s exactly how you do it.

  1. Make as well as cool your base up until totally cool.
  2. Placed the base in a big dish as well as placed it in the fridge freezer. Establish a timer for one hr.
  3. After the hr is up, take the dish out of the fridge freezer as well as blend it extremely completely, making certain to scratch all the icy little bits around the sides right into the remainder. Blend up until it is totally smooth without swellings.
  4. Repeat Tips 2 as well as 3 at the very least 2 even more times. It could take 3 even more times depending upon your base.

Right here’s a collection with images of what my base resembled as I remained in the procedure of cold it. Mine took 3 rounds of blending as well as cold.

Collage of stages of freezing ice cream base without an ice cream churn.

Exactly How Do I Know When My Gelato Is Done?

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If you have actually ever before had soft-serve gelato or ice cream, that is the appearance you’re searching for.

After 3 or potentially 4 rounds of cold as well as extensive whisking, your base will certainly hold its form rather well as well as will certainly resemble soft offer. (See Video Clip)

And After That you’re done.

Once you reach soft-serve uniformity:

  • load the gelato in whatever container you would certainly such as
  • press cling wrap externally of the gelato (otherwise making use of a container with a tight-fitting cover)
  • freeze at the very least 4 even more hrs or over night.

Many thanks to blending in some air, the corn starch, as well as the lotion cheese, your gelato will not be rock difficult straight from the fridge freezer, however it will certainly be a little bit much easier to scoop if you allow the container remain on the counter for 5 mins or two prior to offering.

PRO SUGGESTION: If you ignore your base as well as it ices up strong prior to you have actually blended sufficient air right into it, sufficed right into pieces as well as mix it up in your mixer or mixer. After that pack right into your container as well as freeze.

A blue bowl of creamy butterscotch ice cream on a blue napkin.

Butterscotch Gelato Q & & A


If you have a question/questions regarding this or any kind of various other message, whether dish or strategy, do not be reluctant to contact us. I more than happy to aid.

You can leave a talk about the message, as well as I will certainly react within 1 day. If you require a response a lot more quickly, please email me, as well as I will certainly react within around 4 hrs (unless I’m resting) as well as frequently far more promptly than that.

In any case, I will certainly address as totally as I can. That’s why I’m right here!

A Note Concerning Dimensions

KEEP IN MIND: The majority of my dishes are created by weight as well as not quantity, also the fluids. Although I attempt to give you with quantity dimensions too, I urge you to purchase a kitchen area range for simplicity of gauging, precision, as well as uniformity.

This is the range I utilize, enjoy, as well as advise. If you’re not sure, please review my message regarding exactly how to utilize a food range.

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Please Note: These blog posts as well as dishes belong to the week-long occasion, #SummerDessertWeek however all point of views are 100% mine! We wish to Thank our outstanding enrollers: Dixie Crystals, Adam’s Remove, Wilton, Sugary Foods as well as Deals With Store as well as Anolon! These remarkable enrollers sent out examples as well as items to the #SummerDessertWeek blog owners to utilize in their dishes.

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