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Caramel sauce is a combination of sugar and water that, when heated, produces a rich and thick liquid. It has a slightly burnt flavor with an intense sweetness.

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How to make caramel sauce with heavy cream

This Caramel Sauce is a very easy one to make – and it’s my favorite homemade caramel! I love the flavor you get from caramel that’s made with brown sugar. And this version doesn’t burn as easily!

Looking for more homemade caramel recipes? Try this Easy Homemade Caramel made with regular sugar, or this Easy Salted Caramel recipe!

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Collage of a spoon scooping caramel sauce from a mason jar

Easy Brown Sugar Caramel Sauce

Fall is quickly approaching and I’ve been enjoying some seriously nice weather recently. We have a little outdoor area at the building where I work. I can sit in the shade and work and the last few days have been beautiful – almost chilly. It’s totally getting me in the mood for fall and all the flavors that fall brings – especially apple!

And caramel is the perfect pair for apple, don’t you agree? You can totally expect to see this caramel sauce coming up in a few upcoming posts. I’m pumped. Caramel is absolutely one of those things I can’t get enough of.

A spoon drizzling caramel sauce into a green and purple stacked bowl set

How to Make Brown Sugar Caramel Sauce

And like I said, this caramel sauce is fairly easy to make. You only need 3 ingredients – butter, heavy cream and brown sugar. The flavor of this version of caramel sauce is sweeter than some with the use of brown sugar – which you know is how I like my sweets. 🙂

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You basically melt everything, bring it to a boil, then let it cool. Easy, right?

A spoon in a mason jar of caramel sauce Overhead view of a spoon drizzling caramel sauce into a green and purple stacked bowl set

The Best Caramel – Not too Thick, Not too Thin

One of the things I like to know about my caramel sauce is what the consistency is like at different temperatures. When warm, this sauce is thinner, but still thick enough to be perfect for drizzling on ice cream and other desserts. At room temperature, it’s thick, but not hard. If you grab a spoonful, it won’t drip everywhere. It stays right on the spoon. And of course, when it’s cold, it’s very firm. Like, hard to even get a spoon into it firm. And the longer you let your caramel boil, the thicker the sauce will end up being. I recommend the 3 minute mark, as noted in the recipe.

All of that might seem obvious, but it’s still something I like to know. 🙂

Overhead view of a mason jar of caramel sauce Overhead view of a mason jar of thickened caramel sauce

So this weekend is a three day weekend – gotta love those! We’ll be celebrating Labor Day with the family in town. West Virginia University is playing Alabama in their first football game of the season on Saturday and we will be going with my parents and some other family and friends. My dad played football for WVU, so any time they play nearby, he makes sure he’s there.

We’ve got all kinds of WVU paraphernalia ready to go and I’ve been tasked with making some festive treats, so I’ll be getting on that tonight.

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What are you doing for the holiday? I hope you have something fun planned!

Certainly if you like caramel, feel free to go ahead and make this caramel sauce. You can store it in the fridge in preparation for a tasty recipe I’ll be sharing next week. Get ready, cuz the hubs has declared it my best EVER! Quite the statement. 🙂

A spoon drizzling caramel sauce into a mason jar

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Recipe slightly modified from Pioneer Woman’s Easy Caramel Sauce.

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