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how to make chicken and rice with boiled chicken | Family Cuisine

Making chicken and rice with boiled chicken is a quick and easy meal that you can make in less than 30 minutes. It's also healthy because it's low in fat and high in protein.

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How to make chicken and rice with boiled chicken

This boiled chicken and rice is a Southern staple. It’s easy, classic, and a tasty comfort dish for those chilly evenings.

My Mema always cooked this dish. I would go to the white and green counter top, shovel this into my mouth, and always ask Poppa to pass the pepper. There was no doubt there would also be served thick-sliced tomatoes and maybe some cornbread if I was lucky. Oh Memories—“MeMa”-ries!

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This dish is perfect for the soul. For added Southern flare, throw a hefty dash of ground black pepper on top.

Southern Boiled Chicken and Rice

There is nothing more comforting and more Southern than a good bowl of chicken and rice. I grew up on it, and it never failed to delight. It combines two of my favorite things…chicken and rice! There are a variety of ways to prepare the dish by changing the veggies or seasonings. Experiment until you get it just the way you like it!

How to Boil Chicken

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I’ve got a whole post on that right here, but here are the basics.

Chicken + Water + Cooking Pot + Heat = Boiled Chicken.

Of course, that’s obvious. The details are in how much, for how long, and what can be added to maximize flavor.

Once you’ve finished boiling your chicken, you can move on to the process of simmering your rice using the chicken broth. Check out the recipe card at the bottom, for detailed instructions.

boiled chicken in a pot

Can I freeze my boiled chicken and rice?

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Of course! This is the perfect “rainy day” meal.

Make sure you cool food before putting in the refrigerator and make sure food is cooled completely before freezing. This keeps your food safer (think: microbes that make you sick) and keeps the water inside the food from doing weird stuff as it freezes like drastic texture changes.

Portioning boiled chicken and rice into individual servings makes great last minute meals. It then becomes the perfect grub for someone feeling a little under the weather.

Substitutions that can work in this recipe

For such a simple recipe, substitutions can be a challenge. Get creative. These are all worth a try:

  • Post-holiday Turkey & Rice
  • Leftover-Rotisserie Chicken & Rice
  • Boiled Chicken & Grits
  • Boiled Chicken & Dumplings

Other Chicken Dinner Recipes We Love

  • Chicken pot pie with a biscuit top
  • Chicken and broccoli pasta
  • Crispy fried chicken

We hope you’ll enjoy our Boiled Chicken and Rice recipe!

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