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This is a recipe for Turkish Kebab Sauce, which is used to make the famous Turkish dish, Kebabs. The sauce has many variations and can be made with beef, lamb or chicken.

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How to make chilli sauce like kebab shop

This is our version of spicy Kebab Shop Chilli Sauce. Serve it up with our Takeaway Chicken Kebab recipe, but it can be used to spice up other dishes too!

We love chilli sauce on our kebab, every kebab shop you go to seem to have a different recipe?

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Kebab Shop Chilli Sauce in a white bowl

Simple & Quick to make, ready to serve in 15 minutes!

How many chilli peppers should I use?

Adjust the number of chillies to use in your chilli sauce, to suit your taste.

We used medium spiced Morrocan chilli peppers from Morrisons as that was all they had there!

There are so many different types of chilli peppers, it’s hard to tell you how many to use because everyone has a different sensitivity to heat, but below is a rough guide!

Should I remove seeds in chilli peppers?

I always remove the seeds and white pith from the chilli peppers, once again that is optional!

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The white flesh between the seeds and the pepper is the spiciest part so many choose to leave it in, it is a matter of personal taste!

See our step by step slide show, how we made our brilliant kebab shop chilli Sauce.

The full ingredients and cooking times are on the recipe card below.

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How to make a chilli sauce like a kebab shop?

To make a chilli sauce, start by blending the red onion, shallots and chilli pepper, together in a mini food processor to make a paste.

  • Blended red onion and shallots added to the blender
  • Red and Green chilli peppers added to the blender
  • Red onions,shallot onions and chilli peppers all blended together

Next, fry the chilli paste with Sundried Tomato Puree and chopped tomatoes in a large cast-iron pan.

  • Chilli paste in a cast iron dish with sun dried tomato puree added on top
  • Tin of chopped tomatoes added to the sauce

Add garlic, sugar, and a squeeze of lemon (don’t add too much lemon, you can always add more later if needed). Bring to the boil, then simmer for 15 minutes.

  • Garlic added to sauce
  • Tablespoon of sugar added to the sauce
  • A squeeze of lemon added to the sauce

Finally, turn off the heat, add in the olive oil, parsley & season with salt & pepper.

  • Our Kebab shop chilli sauce cooking in a cast iron dish
  • Chopped coriander added to our chilli sauce

Your Kebab Shop style Chilli Sauce is ready!

Kebab Shop Chilli Sauce in a white bowl with our chicken kebab on salad in the back ground

What to serve chilli sauce with?

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As you can see, you now have a delicious Chilli Sauce, just like you get from a kebab shop/ kebab van! Perfect served up with grilled chicken or lamb.

Kebab Shop Chilli Sauce being poured onto our chicken kebab

We filled up a pitta bread with grilled chicken, salad & a generous dollop of our Kebab shop Chilli Sauce. Perfection!

Also tastes fabulous with our Takeaway Lamb Shish Kebab recipe and why not make your own Shredded Red Cabbage – Turkish Kebab Salad too!

How to store Chilli Sauce?

This recipe serves 8 people, however, if you have leftovers it can be stored in the fridge in a sealed container for 5 days.

Or can be frozen and defrosted until next time you need some chilli sauce!

Another alternative is to serve with rice and salad.

chicken kebab served on white rice with chilli sauce on top and salad on the side

Kebab shop chilli sauce is perfect served up with all types of grilled fish meat or poultry.

Kebab Shop Chilli Sauce for pin image being made and served in white dish

Check out our other recipes for more ideas.

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