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Chinese boiled eggs are a simple and delicious way to enjoy this traditional Chinese dish.

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How to make chinese boiled eggs

Chinese Soy sauce egg (卤鸡蛋) is one of the most popular street foods with the famous Chinese tea eggs. And they are commonly served with noodles, breakfast or steamed rice. And we also have another interesting version: tea leaf eggs or marbled eggs.

deluxe yang chun noodles with soy sauce eggs

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deluxe yang chun noodles with soy sauce eggs

The cooking method of flavoring ingredients, including root vegetables, meat and eggs with soy sauce and spices is named as “卤”. The marinating sauce is called “卤水”. Expect common eggs, chicken feet, chicken wings, duck feet, lotus roots and pork large intestine are extremely popular in China. It is Chinese custom to keep the marinating sauce as the older the sauce is, the better it tastes. But now, for healthy consideration, we use one time soy sauce marinating sauce.

Add soy sauce, water, sugar,vinegar and Chinese five spice powder in a small pot and simmer for 10 minutes. Set aside to cool down completely as the eggs should be soaked in cold marinating sauce.

soy sauce eggs

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Half-fill a large pot with water and bring it to boil. Add a small pinch of salt.

Lower the eggs into boiling water carefully using a ladle and slow down the fire immediately. Simmer for 6 minutes (for softer texture) or 7 minutes (for harder texture). Stir the eggs in the first two minutes.

soy sauce eggs

Transfer the eggs out to cold water and gently peel the shells after cooled down. (If you feel it is quite hard to handle, place the eggs under small running water and peel the shells.)

soy sauce eggs

soy sauce eggs

Add soft boiled eggs in the marinating sauce, soaking for overnight (12-20 hours until well salted). Transfer them out when the eggs are well salted.

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soy sauce eggs

I use smaller eggs (around 45g each) and larger eggs (55g each) and boil them for around 7 minutes in order to test the yolk texture.

Smaller soy sauce eggs (7 minutes simmering)

soy sauce eggs

larger soy sauce eggs (in 7 minutes simmering )

soy sauce eggs

soy sauce eggs

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