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how to make chinese porridge congee to cure a cold

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How to make chinese porridge congee to cure a cold


Typically called hsi-fan or rice water, congee is consumed throughout China as a morning meal food. It is a slim gruel or tough including a handful of rice simmered in 5 to 6 times the quantity of water. Although rice is one of the most typical grain for congees, millet, spelt or various other grains are occasionally utilized. Prepare the rice and also water with each other in a protected pot for 4 to 6 hrs on cozy, or utilize the most affordable fire feasible; a crockpot functions effectively for congees. It is much better to utilize excessive water than inadequate, and also the longer the congee chefs, the a lot more effective it ends up being.

Recovering Feature

This straightforward rice soup is quickly absorbed and also taken in, tonifies the blood and also qi, balances the food digestion and also is demulcent, and also beneficial. It is likewise helpful for raising a nursing mom’s supply of milk. The fluid can be stressed from the gruel to consume as a supplement for babies and also for severe problems.

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Various other restorative homes might be included in the congee by food preparation suitable veggies, grains, natural herbs or meats in with the rice water. Considering that rice itself reinforces the Spleen-Pancreas digestion centre, various other foods included in a rice congee come to be better taken in, and also their homes are consequently boosted. Listed here are a few of the a lot more typical rice based congees and also their certain results.

Winter Congee Recipe : Chinese Medicine Living

  • Aduki Bean – Diuretic, medicinal for edema and also gout pain
  • Carrot – Digestion help, gets rid of unwanted gas
  • Celery – Air conditioning in summer season, profits the huge intestinal tract
  • Water Chestnut – Air conditioning to viscera, advantages digestion body organs
  • Duck or Carp Brew – Lowers edema and also swelling
  • Fennel – balances the tummy, eliminates gas, treatments rupture
  • Ginger – heating and also disinfectant to viscera, utilized for lacking cool digestion weak point: looseness of the bowels, anorexia nervosa, throwing up and also acid indigestion
  • Leek – heating to viscera, helpful for persistent looseness of the bowels
  • Mustard – Expels phlegm, gets rid of tummy blockage
  • Black Pepper – eliminates gas, advised for discomfort in bowels
  • Poppy Seed – soothes throwing up and also profits the huge intestinal tract
  • Purslane – detoxes, advised for rheumatism and also swellings (phlegm)
  • Radish – Digestant, profits the diaphragm
  • Pickled Radish – advantages food digestion and also blood
  • Taro Origin – nourishing, help the tummy, develops blood

Congee Dish

Usage 1 1/2 mugs of raw rice, unless you currently have actually some prepared rice in your refrigerator. You’ll need to prolong the cooking time to 1-1/2 to 2 hrs with raw rice, yet you will certainly be compensated with a dish of tasty benefits that is comforting both emotionally and also literally. There are numerous points that you can contribute to congee that include both flavour and also appearance to the last meal. You can describe the checklist over or see what you have in the refrigerator and also be imaginative!

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Time: Concerning 1 hr

Makes: 4 portions


Winter Congee Recipe : Chinese Medicine Living

  • 2 mugs prepared white rice
  • 5 mugs water
  • 1/2 extra pound hen bones or 2 hen upper legs
  • 3, 1/4-inch-thick pieces fresh ginger
  • 1 plump clove garlic, wrecked
  • 1 eco-friendly onion, linked right into a knot
  • 1/4 of an entire yellow or red onion
  • Soy sauce, salt, and also white pepper to preference
  • Sesame oil and/or kecap peanut for showering (optional)


  • Shredded hen (from the upper legs over or leftovers)
  • Environment-friendly onions, cut
  • Fried garlic
  • Fried shallots

Winter Congee Recipe : Chinese Medicine Living


  1. In a tool pot, integrate the rice, water, hen bones, ginger, garlic, eco-friendly onion, onion and also offer an outrage high warmth. Skim any kind of residue or foam that increases to the surface area.
  2. Lower warmth to reduced and also cover. Simmer for 1 hr, mixing sometimes to ensure that the rice does not adhere to all-time low of pot and also melt.
  3. If making use of hen upper legs, eliminate them after 20 mins and also remove the meat and also shred or slice. Establish the meat apart and also return the bones to the pot. Continue food preparation for an additional 40 mins approximately.
  4. When the rice grains are puffy and also the mix is as thick as oat meal, the congee prepares. If it obtains also thick, include even more water. If it’s also slim, prepare it up until it gets to the preferred level of smoothness and also density.
  5. Get rid of the bones, ginger, garlic, eco-friendly onion and also onion. Include soy sauce, salt, and also white pepper to preference.
  6. Ladle right into private bowls, drizzle with sesame oil, and also garnish as preferred.

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Winter Congee Recipe : Chinese Medicine Living

Winter Months Congee Dish for Colds & & Influenza: Chinese Medication Living

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If you would certainly such as a downloadable details sheet that will certainly inform you everything about just how to reside in consistency with the Winter in Chinese Medication, you can discover it right here – The Winter in Chinese Medication.

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