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Quick pickles are a quick and easy way to preserve vegetables. They can be eaten as a snack or in a salad, and they're super delicious!

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How to make chinese quick pickles

There’s nothing more satisfying than making quick pickled Asian vegetables…unless it’s opening the refrigerator and enjoying some of the pickled vegetables! They’re so delicious and easy to make, you’ll be making them over and over!

The best quick pickled Asian vegetables recipe Last week when I was thinking of what to make for dinner, I knew I wanted to include something with Asian flavors. The recipes I was looking at all included kimchi (which is salted and fermented vegetables) which my hubby is not that big a fan of. I thought back to when I made Korean beef bbq tacos with quick pickled cucumbers and how easy it was to make the cucumbers.

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How to make quick pickled Asian vegetablesSo I decided to try my hand at making some quick pickled Asian vegetables. The end result was seriously nothing short of amazing!

Easy and delicious quick pickled vegetablesThe next day when I was making dinner (a Korean inspired ground turkey and rice bowl that I’ll be sharing soon) I posted a picture of the pickled veggies to my Instagram/Snapchat – username: Sweetphi – stories and asked if anyone wanted to see the recipe. I was so surprised by how many people responded right away with YES, they wanted the recipe, so no question I had to make them again and share the recipe here.

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How to make the best quick pickled vegetablesThese quick pickled Asian vegetables are truly awesome, all you do is make the liquid, chop up vegetables – I used carrots, cucumbers, red onion and jalapeno, but you could definitely add in some daikon or other radishes – and then put the vegetables in a jar (my favorite is using these weck jars (like these – I use them ALL the time), but a mason jar would work great too) and 24 hours later, vioa, you have yourself some quick pickles!! In the picture above, the two left jars are the new ones I made, and the jar on the right is a jar that had been in the fridge for 4 days.

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These are the easiest quick item to make to add a quick hit of Asian flavor to your meal. Quick pickled Asian vegetables!

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