Jamaican beetroot juice recipe

Chukandar juice is a traditional Kashmiri drink made from Boiled Rice, Milk, and Sugar.

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How to make chukandar juice

Learn how to make beetroot juice juice the Jamaican way. Have beetroot juice two juice two ways. Simple recipe!

Jamaican beetroot juice, with and without milk

There are two ways that Jamaican beetroot juice is normally made, one sweeten with milk and the other flavoured with ginger, lime and sugar. Your beetroot juice options just multiplied and both ways taste great.

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I never liked vegetables growing up but for some reason when my grandmother made vegetable drinks I always love the taste.

Whether is was carrot, pumpkin, breadfruit or tomato, I would drink the juice but hated to eat the vegetables. But as an adult I love my vegetable both ways!

How To Make Beetroot Juice

Jamaican beetroot drink is very easy to make, without milk, all you need is a few beetroot, lime juice, ginger, water and a sweetener. When my grandmother use to make this drink she would blend all the ingredients together but with advance technology, I now use a juicer.

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There is a difference in taste between my grandmother beetroot juice and how I make the drink, because I do not have to add water when I use a juicer, which makes the beetroot more potent in my drink.

Even though I usually use a juicer to make my beetroot drink without milk, I am sharing my grandmother’s method for this recipe.

I think Jamaican beetroot juice with milk is my favourite out o the two. As a child my grandmother would leave the bits in the juice and I loved chewing on the beetroot bits.

I remembered my grandmother cooking the beetroot before using it to make the drink even though she wouldn’t when she was making carrot and beetroot juice.

I tried making the drink from both cooked and uncooked beetroot and I like the taste and texture when the beetroot is uncooked.

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But for this recipe I tried my grandmother’s method and cooked the beetroot first.

There are many reasons apart from the great taste to try beetroot juice, it is a great source for fibre, iron and a number of vitamins. Other health benefits includes improving digestion, reducing blood pressure and lower the risk of diabetes.

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