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Chuy's Boom Boom Sauce is a spicy sauce that you can dip your fries into, or use as a dip for your nachos. It's made with mayonnaise, ketchup, garlic, and cayenne pepper.

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How to make chuy’s boom boom sauce

Reposted with Updated photos & perfected Recipe on July 9th 2020

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Last year while visiting family in Texas, for the first time I visited a well known Tex-mex restaurant there called Chuy’s. I was told about their very popular and in demand Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Sauce. I being an avid lover of spicy food went ahead and ordered it.

To my great surprise, it was one of the best green enchilada sauce I had ever encountered. I usually prefer red enchilada sauce as usually green enchilada sauces are super tangy at places and it kind of takes away the flavor. Things taste good when in right proportion. But not here as it was very well balanced. A perfect tangy-creamy-spicy combo. Things could not have been better.

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There I resolved to try making it once back home but as life has it, months went by and I totally forgot about it.

We got busy with moving, took a trip to India, came back and still I had no memories of it. While visiting our family in Florida, I was told about some versions of the recipe available online. Ronak’s mom even made it for us but I still forgot to write down the recipe or for that matter look at what site she used for recipe.

Few days ago while brainstorming for creating posts, I stumbled upon enchilada sauce recipes and all I wanted to eat was Chuy’s famous spicy-tangy green enchiladas. If you are still wondering about Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Sauce, that’s the name they sell these enchiladas by. Funny name, right?!

Now since I had no recipe or notes, I did a bit of research and found few places sharing the recipe.

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Here, I made some of my own changes but I was myself surprised with the results. One of the best enchilada sauces I have made up to date and so simple. It comes together in less than 30 minutes flat and totally from scratch apart from the green chiles which come from Mexico and hard to find fresh here.

I will seriously suggest you to go ahead and make this sauce this weekend. I made it again and am planning to use it for quinoa enchilada sauce bake this week. You can use this sauce for enchiladas, for quinoa bake, for tacos, for lasagna and what not!


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