How to make coffee using coffee beans

Coffee beans are roasted to remove the caffeine and make it a smoother, less bitter cup of coffee.

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How to make coffee using coffee beans
how to make coffee with whole beans

Rising up on a espresso farm within the highlands of Kenya, I all the time thought that there have been two methods of creating espresso: both brewing espresso with entire unground espresso beans or brewing with floor espresso.

I grew up watching my granny make espresso with entire beans and generally grinding the beans together with her conventional mortar and pestle. She most popular brewing with unground beans as grinding with the mortar and pestle was laborious.

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Happily for granny, all of the espresso beans got here from the espresso bushes behind her home. I used to be later to comprehend that within the ‘modern world’ virtually everybody brews espresso utilizing espresso grounds.

Are you able to make espresso with entire beans?

Sure, you may make nice espresso with entire beans with out grinding. Entire unground espresso beans take longer to brew however the espresso has much less bitterness and acidity than common espresso. You additionally use extra entire beans than when brewing with floor espresso.

The historical past of grinding espresso dates way back to the origins of espresso. A espresso grinder breaks down the espresso beans into small particles that take a shorter time to brew.

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Grinding espresso doesn’t enhance the flavors however improves how rapidly the flavors and different soluble compounds dissolve in water. What if you do not need to grind the espresso beans or you don’t have any entry to a grinder?

3 Methods of Making Espresso with Entire Espresso Beans

#1. The way to Make Espresso with Entire Beans Utilizing the Double-Boiler Methodology

What you want:

  • A big saucepan
  • A range
  • A heat-safe container reminiscent of a mug or a mason jar
  • Entire espresso beans
  • Water
  • A strainer
  • A spoon


  1. Warmth up 1 cup of filtered or bottled water in a saucepan to close boiling
  2. Add entire espresso beans to a couple of third of the mason jar or heat-safe mug
  3. Add the new water to the espresso beans within the jar/mug
  4. Add recent water into the saucepan beneath the midway line and warmth it up
  5. Place the mason jar within the saucepan to make a double-boiler
  6. Flip the warmth to medium and let the espresso beans steep within the scorching water for 45-60 minutes because the water within the saucepan continues to boil. Stir the espresso sometimes
  7. Flip the range off and take away the mason jar from the pot utilizing a fabric or a pair of tongs
  8. Pressure the espresso get pleasure from it

#2. The way to Make Espresso with Entire Beans by Steeping

What you want: an insulated container (journey mug) with a lid, espresso beans, boiling water


  1. Measure espresso beans to a couple of third of the insulated container
  2. Add the boiling water to about two-thirds of the insulated container
  3. Let the water sit for about 30 seconds for the temperature to drop barely
  4. Add the espresso beans, cowl the container with the lid and shake it for the espresso beans to soak within the water
  5. Relaxation the container for about one hour and shake it sometimes
  6. Pressure the espresso to an empty cup and luxuriate in your espresso

#3. How my Grandma Made Espresso With Entire Espresso Beans In a Light Simmer

My grandma had a conventional earthen pot that she used just for brewing espresso. Amazingly, she by no means used a measuring software for the espresso beans. A palmful of entire beans was sufficient to brew a cup of espresso.

Granny would begin by including one and a half cup of water to the earthen pot and heating it up. Then, she would add a palmful of unground espresso beans and take away the wooden from the hearth to extinguish the flames, and depart solely the red-hot charcoal to decelerate the simmer.

The espresso would proceed heating and brewing for about half-hour after which she would take away the pot from the hearth and use a cork straw to pressure the espresso.

Ought to You Make Espresso With Entire Espresso Beans?

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Brewing espresso with entire beans not solely makes an amazing cup of espresso however can be a superb hack once you don’t have the entry to a espresso grinder or a espresso maker. The situations the place you possibly can brew espresso with entire beans with out grinding embody

  • once you neglect to pack a grinder in your tenting journey
  • once you by chance purchase entire espresso beans otherwise you obtain unground beans as a present, merely brew them entire as a substitute of grinding with an inefficient grinder that yields inconsistent grounds
  • vacationers who generally discover themselves in cities the place solely entire espresso beans can be found don’t have to agonize about shopping for a grinder for the short-term go to
  • making espresso with unground espresso beans could be a enjoyable strategy to experiment with alternative ways of brewing espresso. Some individuals really get to love this technique higher than utilizing floor espresso

Brewing espresso with unground espresso beans may very well be a greater means of creating espresso than grinding the beans with blade grinders and blenders that chop the espresso beans all the way down to inconsistent sizes – some superfine and others coarsely floor.

Inconsistent grind sizes have an effect on the flavour of the espresso because the extraction is unbalanced throughout the espresso grounds. Entire bean espresso is more likely to be brisker and extra flavorful and fragrant than pre-ground espresso as espresso grounds lose their unstable compounds a lot sooner than entire beans.

Disadvantages of Making Espresso with Entire Beans

  1. It takes a very long time to brew the espresso and the strategy is just not splendid if you find yourself pressed for time. The beans steep for about an hour to yield flavorful espresso
  2. Makes use of extra espresso beans than when brewing espresso with grounds. That is an inefficient means of utilizing espresso beans and is expensive in the long term particularly for individuals who drink a number of espresso


You may make espresso with entire beans however the espresso takes longer to brew. Entire espresso beans have much less floor space than floor espresso therefore you want extra espresso beans and an extended brew time to make an amazing cup of espresso.

Brewing your espresso with entire espresso beans is a wonderful selection once you don’t have a espresso grinder. Additionally, entire beans could make higher espresso than grinding with blade grinders that yield inconsistent espresso grounds.

Brewing espresso with entire unground espresso beans could be expensive in the long term because of the bigger portions of espresso beans that you simply use to brew a cup of espresso.

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