How to make coffee with breville espresso machine

The Breville Barista Express espresso machine is a high-quality, coffee-brewing appliance that can make up to 10 cups of espresso in less than a minute. The machine comes with an array of features and accessories, including a built

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That is a straightforward, step-by-step information with images that can present you precisely find out how to use the Breville Barista Specific to make the proper cappuccino or latte!

Breville Barista Specific Ideas & Tips

The Breville Barista Specific (see it on Amazon) is ranked everywhere in the web because the “Best Home Espresso Machine“. But if you’ve never used an espresso machine like this before, it can be a bit overwhelming at first. The machine is not self-explanatory.

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But don’t worry, if you just got this espresso machine, or you are thinking about getting it, we are about to guide you step-by-step how to use the Breville Barista Express to make your very first cappuccino or latte.

Please read this post so your new machine doesn’t frustrate you!

Breville Barista Express Step #1 — Read The Manual

First things first, read the instructions for how to put together your new machine. The manual will also show you few things you need to do before you use it for the first time, like washing all the parts, installing the water filter, and flushing the machine.

After your new espresso machine is all set up and plugged in, move on to the next step:

Breville Barista Express Step #2 — Check the Water Level

Every single time before you use your new espresso machine, before you even turn it on, do a quick check of the water level. Unlike a Keurig, the Breville Barista Express does not warn you when the water level is low or you’re out of water. So to avoid burning any parts, always do a quick check of the water level.

Breville Barista Express Step #3 — Preheat the Machine

After you turn it on, this espresso machine is ready very quickly. When you turn it on, it will make a bumping / knocking noise. This is normal. When all 6 buttons are lit up, the machine is ready to use. It takes less than 30 seconds.

However, it’s better if you can let the espresso machine warm up for 10-15 minutes before you actually use it, so all the parts are nice and hot.

If the parts are too cold, it can affect the flavor of your espresso. So if you have a coffee every morning, to get the best flavor, turn on the espresso machine as soon as you wake up, then go to the bathroom, start breakfast, etc, to give it a few minutes to warm up.

Also, keep your mug on top of the machine like mine — the top of the machine is a warming tray!

Breville Barista Express Step #4 — Add the Coffee Beans

After the machine is warmed up, add the coffee beans to the “hopper”. You don’t have so as to add a specific amount, simply ensure you have “enough”. The quantity pictured above will make about 3 double-shots of espresso.

What Form Of Beans Are Greatest To Use In An Espresso Machine?

For the most effective espresso, use top quality complete beans which have been roasted lately. Attempt to discover beans which have a “roasted on” date inside every week.

The perfect taste will come between 2-10 days after the beans have been roasted. Nevertheless in the event you can’t discover one thing that latest, espresso beans will keep recent and maintain a lot of their taste till about 30 days after the roast

All the time use complete beans, by no means pre-ground. Espresso beans lose their taste and freshness rather more rapidly after you grind them.

Retailer your beans in a cool, darkish place, ideally in an air-tight container like a ziplock bag.

Breville Barista Specific Step #5 — Set the Grind Measurement and Quantity

Right here’s the place issues can begin to get a bit overwhelming. To make the proper espresso, you want the right mixture of three parts:

  • Grind measurement
  • Grind quantity
  • Tamping strain

That is principally achieved by trial and error, and it’s one thing you’ll have to alter each time you employ a brand new sort of espresso bean.

HOWEVER, it’s fairly straightforward to determine, so don’t fear! Im going that can assist you!

Grind Measurement

Set the grind measurement to five — that is the quantity Breville recommends. You most likely received’t want to vary this quantity.

Grind Quantity

That is one thing you’ll most likely want to regulate the primary few occasions. However I’ll present you a trick that can ensure you get the proper grind quantity each single time!

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For now, set the grind quantity proper within the center, on the 3 o’clock place, as pictured above.

Tips for making espresso at home

Breville Barista Specific Step #6 — Weigh the Portafilter!

See that factor on the inexperienced scale? That’s the portafilter. That’s the place the freshly floor espresso goes to go. Ensure it’s utterly dry earlier than you place any espresso in it.

  • For a single shot of espresso, you need 8-10 grams of floor espresso
  • For a double shot of espresso, you need 15-18 grams of floor espresso

In case you weigh the portafilter first, then “zero” it out, you may guarantee you’ve gotten the precise correct quantity of floor espresso each time.

Breville Barista Specific Step #7 — Grind the Espresso

When you’ve zero’d out the portafilter, place it within the “Grind Outlet”.

Press the filter measurement button to pick out what measurement espresso you need, Single or Double. On this instance we will likely be making a double shot.

Give the portafilter a fast push in, then launch, such as you’re pushing an elevator button. This can begin the grinding.

Weigh the quantity of floor espresso you bought. In case you’re making a double shot and you bought between 15-18 grams, you bought the proper quantity! You don’t want to regulate the grind quantity or add extra espresso.

In case you obtained greater than 18 grams, take out a bit espresso till you’ve gotten 18 grams, and alter the Grind Quantity to present you much less for subsequent time.

In case you obtained lower than 15 grams, you may simply add a bit bit extra. This time push in and HOLD the portafilter — don’t launch. Maintain it for a second or two till you get some extra espresso, then launch and weigh once more.

Do that till you’ve gotten between 15-18 grams, then alter the Grind Quantity to present you extra for subsequent time.

Breville Barista Specific Step #8 — Tamp the Espresso

First, use your palms to push the free espresso into the middle of the portafilter so it doesn’t spill out if you tamp it.

Tamping Strain

Tamping strain is the one factor you actually should “trail and error” right here. You positively need extra strain than simply urgent it right down to get it even and flat, however you don’t must Hulk out on it both.

In case you don’t use sufficient tamping strain, the strain in the course of the extraction course of will likely be too low. And likewise, in the event you use an excessive amount of tamping strain, the strain in the course of the extraction course of will likely be too excessive.

My advice is to press it right down to get all of it flat, ensure that the espresso grounds are even and degree, then give it just a few further pushes to tamp down, however don’t use an excessive amount of power.

TAMPING TIP: In case you twist the tamper on the finish earlier than you pull it out, it’s going to assist maintain your grinds extra degree.

Clear all of the free grinds from the portafilter!

Make sure you wipe off all the surplus grinds from the portafilter earlier than you make your espresso! If there are any free grinds across the portafilter, it is not going to “seal” accurately.

Breville Barista Specific Step #9 — Run a cup of scorching water

Earlier than putting the portafilter into the espresso machine, press the 1-cup button to run a single cup of scorching water into your espresso mug, then dump out the water.

This can stabilize the temperature of the machine and your mug. Keep in mind if any of the components are too chilly it’s going to have an effect on the flavour of the espresso.

Breville Barista Specific Step #10 — Extract the Espresso

It’s lastly time to make the espresso! Insert the portafilter into the “Group Head”, the place it says “Insert” then flip till the portafilter is within the “Lock” place.

If you’re making a double shot, press the 2-cup button, then regulate the purple strain needle.

It is going to take just a few seconds, but when your needle will get within the gray “Espresso Range”, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You made the proper cup of espresso!!! 🙂

If the needle went underneath the vary, strive growing your tamping strain subsequent time.

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If the needle went over the vary, strive lowering your tamping strain subsequent time.

Even in the event you didn’t get the precise proper strain this time, the espresso is nonetheless going to be good, so don’t fear. It’s simply going to be even higher subsequent time!

Steaming the Milk

In case you’d wish to make a latte or cappuccino along with your newly extracted espresso, the following step is to steam and froth the milk.

Breville Barista Specific Step #11 — Fill the milk jug

This espresso machine comes with this useful milk jug. See the “V” form that the spout makes on the within of the jug? Fill the jug simply till the milk touches the underside of the V.

Opposite to the espresso machine needing all of the components to be scorching, you’ll get a richer, finer froth if each the milk and the jug are as chilly as doable. To assist with that, I retailer my jug within the freezer. You possibly can additionally retailer it within the fridge, proper subsequent to the milk!

For the milk, it’s higher to make use of a increased fats milk (like complete milk) as a substitute of skim milk.

Breville Barista Specific Step #12 — Purge the Steam Wand

Each time earlier than you employ the wand, you have to to “purge” it first. Place the wand over the drip tray, and switch the dial to “Steam”.

Nothing will occur at first, however after 10-15 seconds, water will begin to drip out, then it’s going to flip to steam. Let the steam run for just a few seconds, then flip again to Standby.

Rapidly put the wand into the milk, then flip again to steam. It’s essential to do that inside 8 seconds otherwise you’ll should purge the wand once more. You don’t need that water dripping in your milk!

Breville Barista Specific Step #13 — Steam & Froth the Milk

The 2 most essential issues to recollect to completely steam and froth the milk is Tip Place and Temperature.

Tip Place

Place tip of the wand so it’s simply underneath the floor of the milk, about 1/4th of an inch.

If the tip is simply too low, the espresso machine will make a high-pitched screeching sound.

If the tip is simply too excessive, you’ll make big bubbles and probably splash your self with milk!

Tilt the jug a bit so the milk swirls across the jug, like a whirlpool.


Maintain the deal with along with your proper hand and place your left hand on the underside of the jug. (I couldn’t do that within the image as a result of I used to be utilizing one hand to carry the digicam!)

When the underside of the jug simply begins to be too scorching / uncomfortable to the touch, the milk is prepared. Flip the dial again to standby.

You’ll be able to faucet the jug on the counter just a few occasions and swirl the milk to interrupt up any bigger bubbles.

Breville Barista Specific Step #14 — Purge the Steam Wand AGAIN

This can be crucial step of all! As quickly as you take away the milk, place the steam wand over the drip tray once more and switch the dial again to steam once more. Let steam come out of the pipe for just a few seconds to scrub out any milk that will have gotten up within the wand.

Make sure you do that each time you steam milk! In case you don’t purge the steam wand, the milk will burn and bitter and each cup of milk you make from then on will scent and style like burnt milk! Yuck! Be certain everybody who makes use of the machine is aware of to purge the steam wand after steaming the milk!

Breville Barista Specific Step #15 — Clear the Steam Wand

The ultimate step is only a little bit of cleansing.

  • Use a moist washcloth to wipe the milk off the steam wand. Do that instantly as it will likely be a lot more durable to take away if the milk dries on!
  • Wipe off any extra water and occasional grinds.
  • Empty the espresso grinds out of the portafilter, rinse, dry utterly, then place the portafilter again underneath the “Group Head” (the place it says “Insert” and “Lock”). This manner the portafilter will preheat if you activate the machine.

Straightforward Latte Artwork Hack!

Now you can begin practising your latte artwork! Or if you wish to make it look tremendous fancy with zero ability concerned, simply do just a few stripes of chocolate syrup on high and swirl with a toothpick! Serve with biscotti and also you’ll by no means get your folks to go away. You’ll be the swankiest espresso hangout within the neighborhood. 😉

Breville Barista Specific — Purchase it on Amazon!

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