How to make compost tea for plants

Making compost tea for plants is a great way to make your garden flourish. This simple method can be done with just about any plant, but it's best for plants that are in need of extra nutrients and water.

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How to make compost tea for plants

Since when did poop and water get so difficult?

Once I started my analysis on compost teas, I figured it might be a reasonably simple topic to sort out … Boy did I ever underestimate that one.

It’s no secret that compost is without doubt one of the greatest fertilizers you’ll be able to presumably add to your backyard. And the sky’s the restrict relating to all of the choices you may have relating to completely different types of compost piles and the elements that you need to use.

Reading: How to make compost tea for plants

Compost tea is principally a brew made out of water and completed compost (right here’s how you can make your individual compost). It has a myriad of reported advantages and I like to think about it as a pure various to the “miracle growing” merchandise offered on the gardening shops on the town. It’s a improbable, simple means to enhance your backyard soil.

Not solely does compost tea add additional vitamins to your soil, it additionally has the potential to extend the microbe inhabitants within the soil. (As a result of I’m an enormous fan of fine germs, and you have to be, too.)

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compost pile

Once you begin to find out about compost tea, you’ll rapidly be taught there are roughly 9 million completely different compost tea strategies, methods, and recipes … And that’s the place it begins to get complicated.

The most important differentiation in compost teas are the aerated or non-aerated varieties. Aerated compost tea (ACT) makes use of an digital system of some kind (often a bubbler for a fish tank, or one thing alongside these traces) to power oxygen into the brew, whereas non-aerated tea merely depends on water, compost, time, and a bucket.

As you’ll be able to think about, there’s a lot debate as to which technique is superior. Some people swear by ACT and declare it’s the solely applicable solution to brew compost tea, whereas others purpose that there isn’t any scientific analysis backing these claims.

After plenty of digging round, I’ve settled on non-aerated compost tea for my homestead, and right here’s why:

  1. Simplicity- Whereas I would be the first to confess that there are most likely advantages to ACT, I merely would not have the time so as to add one other semi-labor intensive challenge to my homestead. If gardening is your main ardour, then by all means, I encourage you to do a little analysis and turn out to be an aerated tea professional. However retaining it easy is my primary precedence proper now.
  2. Historical past- Totally different cultures have been brewing types of compost tea for hundreds of years. I’m fairly certain they didn’t have fish tank motors.
  3. Laziness- Err… I meant effectivity. 😉 Steeping and stirring sounds higher to me than babysitting an aeration system.

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As I discussed above, if you wish to pursue the ACT strategies, I feel that’s nice. However if you’re a homesteader like I’m who struggles to maintain her head above water, let’s hold it easy, we could?

Methods to Make Compost Tea

  • 5 gallon bucket
  • 1 shovel-scoop of good-quality completed compost (as you’ll be able to see, the portions listed here are super-scientific)
  • Non-chlorinated water (rain water is nice, too!)


  1. Dump the shovel-full of completed compost into the 5 gallon bucket. Fill the remainder of the best way with water. Stir vigorously, and put aside for a few week. Stir it a few times a day.
  2. If you end up prepared to make use of it, pressure the compost from the water.

straining compost tea

Methods to apply:

  • Your completed compost tea can be utilized undiluted, or if it seems very darkish, attempt diluting it 1:1 with water.
  • It could be sprayed immediately on the leaves of your crops or poured across the roots and allowed to soak into the soil (I personally want utilizing it as a soil drench). In case you are making use of your tea to a big space, it may be diluted additional to make it stretch.

Compost Tea Notes

  • Right here’s how you can make compost, when you’re new to the concept. I suppose you could possibly purchase compost for this recipe, too, however shopping for compost sounds a wee bit loopy to me. 😉
  • You too can use worm castings for do-it-yourself compost tea.
  • Some sources warn in opposition to compost tea since they’re nervous it may harbor harmful micro organism like salmonella or e.Coli 0157:H7, since these organisms reside in manure. That is why you will need to use completed compost, and never uncooked manure. Different specialists warn to not spray the foliage of a plant when you plant to devour it or its fruit instantly. Personally? I’m not too nervous about this, however I needed you to have the total story. Since I’m utilizing compost from my wholesome, grass-fed animals, as an alternative of manure from questionable sources, I really feel fully snug utilizing compost tea in my backyard. However in the long run, I’ll go away the selection as much as you.
  • As talked about above, my compost pile is a big pile of horse and cow manure that we flip with the tractor and permit to “cook” till it turns into stunning, mellow compost. You would completely use kitchen compost in your compost tea as properly.
  • You’ll be able to add different stuff to your compost tea, like kelp, molasses, and so forth, so as to add numerous vitamins to the soil when you want them. Me? Effectively, I wish to hold it easy.

Take heed to the Outdated Common On Goal podcast episode #6 on the subject All You Ever Wanted To Know About Compost Tea HERE.

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