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This is a dish that my family loves to make on the weekends. It's super easy and it tastes great!

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How to make corn fried rice

Sweet corn rice or corn fried rice recipe using very few ingredients. Sweet corn in this recipe lends a good sweet aroma to the rice that is unique. This fried rice is made without any sauce or vinegar. It also gets a good flavor from the extra virgin olive oil, fresh pepper powder, capsicum apart from sweet corn.

You can also add soya sauce, vinegar or any one of them, if you like. Since I made it for the kids’ I prefer not to use soya sauce.

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This sweet corn fried rice is made often for the kids’ school box as it is quick to make. It has also been one of the most demanded for the kids’ parties. A good snack or paneer dish with this rice will be loved by most kids.

To make this fried rice, you can use fresh or frozen corn. I use organic frozen corn.


1. Cook rice until al dente. Cool it.

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2. If using corn on the cob, boil the corn until tender. I prefer to use frozen corn.

How to make sweet corn fried rice

3. Heat oil and saute garlic until it begins to smell good.

4. Add sliced onions and chili. You can also use spring onions whites. If making for kids skip chilli or deseed and use .

5. Fry until the onions turn lightly golden.

6. Add corn, capsicum and saute until the capsicum and corn are slightly tender.

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7. Add fresh herbs. Coriander, celery or mint go well. Just a handful add aroma to the rice. Saute until it begins to smell good. If you wish to use sauce, add half tsp each of soya sauce and vinegar now.

8. Add cooled rice, pepper powder, salt and more olive oil if desired.

9. If making for the lunch box, i suggest do not fry. Rice may turn hard. Just mix it. If making it to use right away, you can fry for 1 to 2 minutes.

Serve sweet corn fried rice with or without any side.

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Sweet corn fried rice recipe

Sweet corn rice recipe | Sweet corn fried rice

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