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Cranberry mustard sauce is a traditional accompaniment to turkey and ham. It's also great with chicken, pork, and fish. You can make it in less than 5 minutes with ingredients you probably already have on hand!

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How to make cranberry mustard sauce
Like a honey mustard sauce made with cranberry sauce. It’s a festive dip for pretzels or glaze for meat, and a perfect use for leftover cranberry sauce! Versatility, whoa! This post is sponsored by Produce for Kids.

Cranberry Mustard Sauce, like honey mustard but made with cranberry sauce. A great dip for pretzels or glaze for chicken.

It’s always funny to me how I come up with recipes. This one had a roundabout thought process.

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I was daydreaming about this Raspberry Baked Chicken that I created for Produce for Kids. It’s such a simple but delicious recipe with chicken, fresh raspberries, basil leaves and Brie. I was thinking about how perfect it would be over the holidays because it’s got that classic red and green color-thing going on.

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Raspberry Baked Chicken

And the Brie. You really can’t have Christmas without Brie.

Then I started thinking that you could probably swap out the raspberries for cranberries to make it even more festive. I decided I needed to give it a try. Right that minute. But alas, I didn’t have any fresh cranberries. What I did have was some fresh cranberry sauce leftover from Thanksgiving (mine was this homemade recipe but a can works just as well). I decided to add some mustard to it to make it a bit tangier. And some minced onion. And salt and garlic powder. I tasted it. Mmmm. It didn’t even need any chicken, basil or Brie. It was good already.

I grabbed some pretzels and used it as a dip. Seriously good. I did a bit of tweeking. I wound up adding some honey. I also decided that the chunky texture wasn’t ideal for a pretzel dip so I put it in the blender.

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In the end, it reminded me of a honey mustard-style sauce, but made with cranberry sauce. It’s great as a dip for pretzels or cocktail wieners. And I have slathered some chicken in it and baked it up, kind of like a cranberry-mustard BBQ sauce. It’s also fantastic on turkey burgers and pork chops.

I think you’re going to love how versatile this sauce is. And how delicious and perfect for the holiday season.

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