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how to make cream of asparagus soup from scratch

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How to make cream of asparagus soup from scratch

Lotion of Asparagus Soup is so great, you’ll return for secs!

Out of right to delight in asparagus, silky smooth Asparagus Soup would certainly need to be just one of our favourites. Garlic, onions, brew, parmesan cheese and also a tip of lotion is all you require to make a thick and also velvety pot of asparagus soup. No flour required!

If you like asparagus, you will certainly enjoy this dish.

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A comforting white bowl of cream of asparagus soup garnished with cracked black pepper. Served with a silver metal spoon in the soup ready to eat!


Sautéed in a tip of butter with onions and also garlic to soften the verdant touches, after that simmered in brew till soft and also tender. Mixed till smooth and also velvety with a great kick of lotion offers you a soothing tasty lotion of asparagus soup that can be acted as an appetiser or snack.


The components listing is relatively brief for this! Asparagus, onions, garlic, brew (poultry or maintain it vegan and also utilize veggie brew), salt, pepper, parmesan cheese and also whipping cream (or enlarged lotion). It does not obtain any type of less complicated than this!

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Make it your very own and also include whatever you like: chili flakes or chili pepper for a kick of warmth, fresh dill or a press of lemon juice never ever injured any person.


Besides preference, you will certainly enjoy just how simple this lotion of asparagus soup dish is to intermingle.

  • FIRST, cut the woody finishes of your asparagus stalks and also throw out those ends.
  • CUT each stalk right into 1-inch items.
  • SAUTÉ onions and also garlic till soft and also aromatic in our preferred mix of butter and also oil.
  • ADD the asparagus to obtain every one of those flavours wed right into each various other prior to including brew.

SIMMER till your veggies are soft and also tender. Provide it a great 20 mins, after that mix. You can utilize an immersion blender or food processor to mix your soup right in the pot, OR utilize a routine blender or food processor. Simply keep in mind to quit a number of times while mixing to reveal the container and also allow the heavy steam out and also stay clear of over home heating.

Smooth asparagus soup just blended and poured back into the pot to continue simmering. A silver ladle stirs through the soup.


The charm of this lotion of asparagus soup is that you do not require any type of flour to make a roux. The veggies make it wonderful and also thick for you. As soon as you have actually blended your veggies, put the soup back right into the pot and also allow simmer, discovered. Mix in lotion and also parmesan cheese, trial run and also change salt and also pepper. Proceed simmering till enlarged to your preference.

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A white heavy based pot full of creamy asparagus soup! Garnished with fresh chopped chives and a little extra cream on top.


Garnish with fresh sliced chives or environment-friendly onions, a little additional lotion, possibly some black fractured pepper or a spray of parmesan cheese. You can also cover it with some fried diced bacon!

A thick and also velvety dish loaded with convenience.

A comforting white bowl of cream of asparagus soup garnished with cracked black pepper. Served with a silver metal spoon in the soup ready to eat!


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