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This is a great dish for those who love deep fried food, but want to avoid the fat and calories.

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How to make deep fried cheeseburgers

A deep-fried In-N-Out cheese burger sits on a red plate in front of the classic palm tree In-N-Out soda cup.

Did we fry an In-N-Out Burger?

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And I am not sorry. Not one bit.

A close up of a fried In-N-Out Burger that

Last week the Internet exploded when someone deep fried a McDonald’s Big Mac. I thought, “Great idea, but who wants to eat McDonald’s??” Then I had the single greatest idea I’ve ever had: “What if I fried a double double from In-N-Out?” Janette and I immediately decided to find out.

I was a little skeptical at first, but the panko fried up beautifully and the cheese inside somehow became even more melty and delicious than before!

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10/10 Would fry an In-N-Out Burger again.

A double double burger from In-N-Out with no vegetables, just cheese.

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